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Daily Bell Helps Blow Up Wall Street Protest Via Drudge, Prison Planet and Google

Despite their honest intentions, many of the Occupy Wall Street protesters are being suckered into a trap and calling for the very "solutions" that are part of the financial elite's agenda to torpedo the American middle class – higher taxes and more big government. – Prison Planet lede via Drudge Report

Dominant Social Theme: It's all Wall Street's fault. Government needs to write the wrongs of capitalism.

Free-Market Analysis: Has Internet alternative news come of age? Is the Internet Reformation gathering power like a gale force wind? Just as it was during the era of the Gutenberg Press 500 years ago, the change-making of information technology is implacably turning the elite power-conversation upside down.

The latest evidence is in, thanks to Prison Planet, the Drudge Report and Google (see article excerpt above). The Internet is a great echo chamber, What has now been stated on websites such as Drudge, which reaches tens of millions, will resonate with increasing vitality on Google and elsewhere and give rise to yet further evolutions of truth telling. The human hive mind is at work. It is unstoppable. The elites, so powerful in the 20th century, are seemingly on the wrong side of history in the 21st.

In fact, history is not dead but very much alive. Its new paradigm is evident for those who care to look. It is one, as we have often pointed out, featuring a conflict between information technology and elite dominant social themes that seek to push middle classes into surrendering power and wealth to globalist institutions that they themselves control (UN, WHO IMF, BIS, etc.)

Within this context, DB's elves and affiliated others are honored to have played a small role. Yesterday, Anthony Wile's editorial "Blaming Wall Street Is Wrong" was used, in part, as a basis for a story written by Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars and Prison Planet and then featured as the "lede" on the Drudge Report, which sets the news agenda for the West's major, mainstream media.

The proximate cause of the Infowars article, as well, was a video by journalist Adam Kokesh who interviewed protesters in Washington DC and showed clearly the fascist ideology that motivates the so-called "left." Kokesh is a libertarian activist and talk radio host who is perhaps best known for organizing "dance ins" at the Thomas Jefferson monument in Washington DC after the US judiciary banned such activities. He's a former United States Marine Corps Corporal and veteran of the Iraq War.

Using only a video camera and the power of the Internet (see today's featured video), Kokesh interviewed young people involved with the Occupy Wall Street protests and teased out the fundamental contradiction in the logic concerning these protests. Several of the protestors endorsed government force to implement their agendas of additional funding for higher education and other issues important to them.

In the 20th century, Kokesh's report would have cost millions to produce and broadcast – and would not have aired at all. In the 21st century it was created for almost nothing and has now reached millions, brilliantly disseminating a fundamentally subversive message of freedom and truth.

Prison Planet's Infowars article featuring Kokesh's report generously credits DB's editorial, "Blaming Wall Street Is Wrong," for verbalizing parts of the mechanism of the elite's promotional propaganda. Such analysis, rarely presented in depth during the 20th century (and almost never within the context of an ongoing elite promotion), is in our view now an expanding meme of 21st-century alternative news reporting. Here's some more from the Prison Planet/Infowars article:

The ignorance displayed ... knows no bounds. The protesters just don't get it. They are calling for the government to use force to impose their ideas, all in the name of bringing down corporations who they don't realize have completely bought off government regulators. Corporations and government enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship – getting one to regulate the other is asinine and only hurts smaller businesses who are legitimately trying to compete in a free market economy that barely exists.

The zeal for totalitarian government amongst some of the "protesters" is shocking. One sign being carried around read, "A government is an entity which holds the monopolistic right to initiate force," which seems a little ironic when protesters complain about being physically assaulted by police in the same breath.

One woman interviewed by Kokesh also announces her intention to help Obama to capture a second term. How can a self-proclaimed Occupy Wall Street protester simultaneously support the man whose 2008 campaign was bankrolled by Wall Street, whose 2012 campaign is reliant on Wall Street to an even greater extent, and whose cabinet was filled with Wall Street operatives?

Something is very wrong with this picture ... the majority of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators are advocating "solutions" which the very elite they claim to be protesting against also want should set alarm bells ringing ...

As Anthony Wile writes, the protesters are being completely misdirected by their socialist/communist leaders. The real center of financial control is the Federal Reserve and the City of London, and yet ideologue Michael Moore said earlier this week that "ending capitalism" was more important than dealing with the Fed.

Alex Jones himself, in a brand new tour bus, now intends to target protests where they should be aimed – at the monstrous lie of central banking and its apologists, or so he has announced. This would be another historical first, as momentous as impaling a vampire on a stake of ash.

In focusing on the protests, it should be noted that they are not monolithic and include at least some who understand that the nexus of the problem is much larger than Wall Street, even though Wall Street is PART of the problem. But targeting Wall Street, essentially a  transactional mechanism, is not only easy, it is convenient for the powers-that-be who operate Wall Street and do not want their OWN roles revealed. 

Who are these powers? We write about them all the time, along with others in the alternative media. They are basically the Anglosphere's great central banking families and their political, religious, corporate and military enablers. These entities and individuals have fought for over a century to ensure their central-banking led economy is not challenged and that blame for its genocidal destruction is continually aimed at the private sector – Wall Street, capitalism, etc. They have gotten away with it until now. But the tides of history are shifting.

Individuals like Lew Rockwell and Congressman Ron Paul and many others have explained clearly what central banking is and how the engine of Western Money Power grinds down middle classes and ends up impoverishing everyone. The notion of regulatory capture – how large companies use regulation to stifle competition and build bastardized monopolies – has become far more widespread.

The term Money Power, so popular in the 1900s, has made a comeback in the 21st century. Where it was once whispered in fear, it is now a more common part of the vocabulary of those who seek to explain the genocidal dysfunction of the West, its endless wars and impoverishment and how these elements are perpetuated and elaborated.

Price fixing, as any Western economist will tell you, doesn't work, and central banks fix the price of money every hour, every minute. The result is a murderous system that demands most of the world's billions live on something like a dollar a day, struggling to survive and watching their children subside into hopelessness and starvation.

By design! With malice aforethought! The elites believe there are too many people on the planet and that culling is their responsibility. This is not an idle supposition. They write about it all the time. Google "Bilderbergs" or Club of Rome" and "population control" and see for yourself.

History is not a tableau of "great men" acting on their instincts and intellect. The modern era has been one of directed history in which the great Anglo-American central banking families have used so-called leaders like puppets putting to work their vast money power to organize every aspect of history and culture for centralization and control.

Churchill, Stalin, Mao, Roosevelt – evidence increasingly emerging on the Internet shows that these individuals were picked for their roles and placed in their positions of power with malicious care. Was any of what occurred in the 20th century accidental? Or were the building blocks of world government set in place by shadowy men who never, ever revealed their carefully accumulated influence?

The goal, it seems, remains what it was – one government, one central bank, one army and one judicial system. The power over the globe and its peoples implied by this unspeakable vision, if one is wiling to accept and internalize it, is almost infinitely destructive. The concept reeks of genocide; its message, advertised by signage such as the Georgia Guidestones, is powered by the agony of billions.

It is an evil concept, a Satanic perspective pursued by an intergenerational familial elite that has been implementing this latest global conspiracy for maybe 300 years. The 20th century represented the apex of this effort, when mainstream religious, military and media dominance was at its height, and mind control and elite promotions were unchallengeable.

The turning point, of course, has nothing to do, especially, with the Daily Bell editorial, (or even with Kokesh or Alex Jones or Matt Drudge – courageous and evidently brilliant as they are). These are expressions of far more powerful and fundamental changes that we believe are reshaping our world and times. Human history is about slow, tectonic movements of culture, instinct and technology. Great forces seem to be changing our world and its "civilization" as we write.

Editor's Note: Optimistic news ... Reports of some protests aimed at central banks have been posted. The Wall Street Journal reports that, "Inspired by the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in New York, some 100 people gathered Sunday outside the Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago to protest inequities in the nation's financial system." There was a larger anti-Fed protest in Boston, Activist Post reports. Overseas protests are planned as well. Hopefully, the focus on central banking will gradually replace or at least expand the attention being paid to "Wall Street" and its greedy bankers. One could rid the globe collectively of every single financial firm and "greedy (non-central) bankers and the world would march serenely on, with central bank controllers simply replacing what was lost. It is the monetary mechanism ITSELF and the control of the families that run them (and their enablers) that must be extinguished, not its affiliated enterprises, which for the most part merely do the "grunt" work. 


It is true, however, that people can leverage these trends if they wish. Increasingly the alternative media gives voice to these truths. "Blaming Wall Street Is Wrong" was, for instance, a modest, if possibly timely, editorial. Alex Jones, Matt Drudge, Adam Kokesh and a million bloggers and website writers – and then hundreds of millions and even billions more – offer persuasive explanations of how the world really works in real time. A spectre haunts the world and its elites  ...

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