How Merkel’s Germany Helped Build the Nationalism She Now Warns Against
By Daily Bell Staff - May 16, 2016

Merkel warns of return to nationalism unless EU protects borders  … German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday urged European leaders to protect EU borders or risk a “return to nationalism” as the continent battles its worst migration crisis since World War II.  – Yahoo

Merkel and other Eurocrats are worried about a degeneration of Europe. The idea is that until Europe pulled together as one entity, its quarrelsome nation-states fought one another regularly, culminating in world wars.

But this is a misreading of history. For at least the past 500 years and probably longer, Western elites have been behind the wars that Merkel warns about.

Germany itself formalized colonialism with the Berlin Conference of 1884-1885 attended by Western powers.

In fact, the twin motors of modern colonialism and nationalism were Britain’s Cecil Rhodes and German chancellor Otto von Bismarck. Both of these individuals were backed by the monetary elites of their day.

The colonialism that generated today’s nationalism around the world is often portrayed as an uncontrollable surge of Western greed.

But colonialism, certainly in its later stages, was carefully controlled and guided.

At one point, the British colonial empire stretched around the world. It has been portrayed as a political empire but in fact it was a mercantilist, banking empire.

Whether in Africa, South America and Asia, the idea was to build nation states that could later be regionalized into the blocks of world government.

The United Nations and European Union in particular have been advanced as an antidote to bellicose nationalism, just as Merkel suggests. But the wars blamed on nationalism were ones that set in motion by the same elites now promotion globalism.

Words can hardly describe what the European Union will become if it manages to grow unimpeded.

The union’s corruption and insularity, combined with the arrogance of its leaders, is a recipe for the worst kind of authoritarianism.

The best description is that of George Orwell whose vision of the future was a boot stamping on the human face over and over again.

No wonder up to half of countries in the EU now have active Brexit-like movements calling for referendums to leave the union.

This discontent is a direct result of Brussels’s dysfunctional leadership that has thrown the southern half of Europe into an ongoing depression.

In fact, Brussels foisted the euro on European nation-states to create the current EU disaster and force a deeper political union.

The misinformation and manipulations never cease.

The Yahoo article (above) mentions Merkel will be one of more than 50 leaders to participate in the first “world humanitarian summit” in Istanbul toward the end of May.

It is ironic that this summit is being held in Turkey at the same time that the Turkish leader is trying to expand his dictatorship by throwing journalists in jail right and left.

Regarding the meeting, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is quoted as saying, “we will not accept the erosion of humanity which we see in the world today.”

Mr. Ban [noted] that the leaders’ segment will be an opportunity to discuss the five core responsibilities of his Agenda for Humanity.

The five core aims are: political leadership to prevent and end conflict; uphold the norms that safeguard humanity; leave no one behind; change people’s lives – from delivering aid to ending need; and invest in humanity.

These goals are all-encompassing. They are part of the larger UN agenda that envisions instruction and control of every part of human existence, including, most recently the seas (under the UN’s just-promulgated 2030 agenda).

From 500 years of colonialism and nationalism to today’s regionalism and the formation of “unions” around the world, including in Africa, Asia and South America, the goal of incipient globalism remains the same.

The vast wars of the 20th century were pre-planned and prosecuted by those who profited from the chaos and bloodshed. They were blamed on the very nationalism and colonialism that their founders had created in the first place.

Conclusion: The internationalism of leaders like Merkel and Ban are simply part of an ongoing strategy of elite manipulation. Those who let themselves be lulled by the rhetoric, or begin to believe it, will be horrified by the outcome.

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