The Rise of Public Health and ‘Green’ Police: Securitization Theory
By Ben Bartee - September 28, 2022

Policing has come a long way since the days of good ole boy Barney Fife.

Once upon a time, cops were tasked primarily with things like catching murderers and rapists and protecting property.

They were always used, of course, whenever necessary, to protect state interests – but, then again, the state’s interests weren’t always so obviously nefarious and illegitimate as they are today.

Law enforcement’s purview expansion is explained in large part by securitization theory.

As a result of the this process, peculiar new breeds of law enforcement – Public Health© officers and green police – have sprung up throughout the West.

Securitization theory: the advent of new security threats

The basic premise of securitization theory in political science is that, given the opportunity, a state will endlessly concoct new security “threats” as a justification to exercise greater power outside of the constraints of the normal political process:

“Securitisation theory shows us that national security policy is not a natural given, but carefully designated by politicians and decision-makers. According to securitisation theory, political issues are constituted as extreme security issues to be dealt with urgently when they have been labelled as ‘dangerous’… by a ‘securitising actor’ who has the social and institutional power to move the issue ‘beyond politics’.”

The process, in a nutshell, works like this:

  • The government identifies a new existential “threat,” either legitimate or overblown, either naturally occurring or cynically engineered by the state itself.
  • The corporate media and corporate state stoke fear about the threat into the hearts and minds of a gullible public
  • In the fog of panic, the state slyly provisions itself with new authority and resources to combat the threat, thereby increasing its power

The threats change, but whether “domestic terrorism,” COVID-19, or climate change, the process largely remains the same.

Once you download the blueprint for the securitization process, analyzing the state’s actions in real-time becomes as easy as reading lines off a script.

COVID-19 gets reframed as a ‘national security issue’

The average pre-9/11 American wouldn’t have believed that a trumped-up flu could ever be conceived as a “national security threat.”

But, 9/11 changed everything. Securitization became routine.

The corporate state’s apparatuses, like the Rand Corporation, were ready to pounce on the new COVID-19 Public Health© emergency and cast it as a “national security” issue. Here the Rand Corporation likens COVID-19 hysteria to World War II:

“COVID-19 is the greatest threat to the United States to materialize in over a century. To put it into perspective, World War II, which many consider to have been an existential threat, claimed an average of 9,000 American lives per month… And when the safety of the nation is endangered, the situation becomes a matter of national security and it should be treated as such. “

America used to go to war with Nazis; now it goes to war against microbes and climate.

Security issues require securitizing actors – enforcement mechanisms to counter the threat. Hence the Public Health© officer. Hence biomedical martial law.

The rise of the Public Health© officer

Meet the biomedical state’s new frontline enforcer: the Public Health© officer.

This miserable creature is here to ensure you take your shots, wear your mask, and, most importantly, shut your mouth.

He is granted full enforcement power and broad jurisdiction to enforce Public Health© orders, such as:

  • “Curfew – regulates times during which a person is required to stay indoors.”
  • “Social distancing – maintaining distance between people to avoid the spread of disease.”
  • “Quarantine – restricts the movement of people who show symptoms or are potentially infected by a disease.”
  • Self-quarantine – the voluntary act of putting oneself in quarantine.”*
  • “Isolation – separates sick people from those who are not.”
  • “Shelter-in-place (stay at home) – requires individuals stay in a safe, non-public location (home) except for essential activities and work, until told otherwise”

(*Somehow, “self-quarantine” is both voluntary and enforceable by a Public Health© officer if you won’t do it yourself.)

Here’s one in action:

Here, the masked, portly Canadian Public Health© officer detains a pair of overpolite Canadian travelers, confiscates their passports and demands proof of vaccination for “noncompliance” with COVID protocols. He cites the broad power granted in the Canadian Quarantine Act as the source of his authority.

Is the robot police dog here with a mounted RPG for the vaxxed, or unvaxxed?

Let’s consider the pertinent points:

A.) The corporate state controls the police.

B.) The corporate state – from Australia to Canada to Great Britain — insists on vaccine mandates and have enforced draconian lockdowns for years.

C.) We’ve seen the hell they’ve unleashed on anti-mandate protesters worldwide using actual flesh-and-bones dogs.

Seems like a recipe for more of the same, just with robots instead of Rover.

How long until the RPG dog gets sicced on you?

Welcome to Techno-Hell.

The Public Health© Officer’s Successor: ‘Green Police’

France recently created a legion of “green police” brigades to combat climate change offenders:

“Gérald Darmanin, who serves as France’s Minister of the Interior, has announced that he aims to create 3,000 posts for new ‘green police’ officials, a move that he has deemed necessary in the face to tackle climate change.”

European and North American “green police” will enforce increasingly common North Korea-tier curtailing of basic human dignity, like forcing shop owners to turn off their lights at night and limiting heating and air conditioning.

‘Just following orders’: no dice

“Just following orders” is the oldest, lamest excuse for government goons to excuse their aberrant behavior – one that didn’t save the Nazi camp guards at Nuremberg, and won’t this time either if we don’t allow it.

We’re long overdue for Nuremberg II, which should be a pillar of every opposition candidate’s platform.

As for individual action, get free with the parallel economy.

Ben Bartee is an independent Bangkok-based American journalist with opposable thumbs. Follow his stuff via Armageddon Prose and/or Substack, Patreon, Gab, and Twitter.

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