Vaccine debate heats up over HPV and Gardasil
By Daily Bell Staff - February 23, 2016

HPV Sharply Reduced in Teenage Girls Following Vaccine, Study Says …The vaccine for human papillomavirus, a cause of cervical cancer, has proved effective, but immunization rates remain low … A vaccine introduced a decade ago to combat the sexually transmitted virus that causes cervical cancer has already reduced the virus’s prevalence in teenage girls by almost two-thirds, federal researchers said Monday. – New York Times

The vaccine debate continues. As we can see above, the mainstream media energetically reports on positive studies with alacrity. But the negatives are growing too.

At stake is a portion of the credibility and viability of the pharmaceutical industry and its supporting facilities including various government agencies along with Wall Street participants and shareholders.

Vaccines may not provide Big Pharma with most of its profits, but they do offer it tremendous, positive PR. Vaccines give the pharmaceutical industry, in concert with government, enormous, almost unparalleled reach and power over people’s bodies.

The larger industry itself is one of the most profitable on earth. In the US alone, the pharmaceuticals market generates something like $300 billion a year and is concentrated among approximately ten companies with profit margins in the area of 30 percent.

But the industry remains under attack on a number of fronts – over generic drugs, patents, mood-disorder remedies and various drugs such as anti-psychotics. The vaccine controversy is certainly one of the most high-profile trouble spots.

Big Pharma just lost an ally on the Supreme Court. In 2011, recently departed Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, wrote the majority opinion supporting the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act.

Under the Act, pharmaceutical companies are exempt from lawsuits involving vaccine injury. Instead, a federal court hears the cases and decides on the damages.

Arguments over vaccines are in a sense arguments over the future of medicine itself and the participants that will profit from it and control it.

At its broadest point, two forces are arrayed: Age-old naturopathy that treats the whole body with a variety of health-producing therapies and modern allopathy that treats the body discreetly with individual remedies.

A prominent current battleground is the HPV vaccine. Detractors claim the vaccine is actually deadly in some cases. Proponents – as we can see from the Times article above – believe the HPV vaccine is a boon to girls and soon to boys as well.

The Times article goes on to provide information about the availability of the vaccine and then makes the following point:

… In the United States, the vaccine is largely optional. “Multiple studies have shown the importance of a strong provider recommendation for increasing vaccination coverage,” said Dr. Lauri E. Markowitz, a medical epidemiologist at the National Center for Immunizations and Respiratory Diseases, a division of the C.D.C., who led the research for the latest study.

But studies show that many primary care providers either do not recommend the vaccine to parents and patients or do so halfheartedly.

Nonetheless, local, state and federal authorities are making increasing efforts to implement vaccines – and to find out what portion of the population is against them.

Natural Blaze recently reported on an effort in Colorado to utilize vaccines to create statewide lists of anti-vaccine families:

Red Alert! Colorado Health Department Is Trying To Hijack Vaccine Exemptions HB 1164, introduced by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), attempting to hijack control of vaccine exemptions.

… Currently, vaccine exemption information is collected by the individual schools. However, this bill would force all families in the state seeking vaccine exemptions to submit sensitive, personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI) directly to the department. –Natural Blaze

Natural Blaze predicted that efforts like this, along with systems already in place, would be used to “harass those who have chosen to delay or decline vaccines.”

This is not a myth. Public Law No. 111-148 gives the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) authorization to create “vaccination squads” in local communities and seek out unvaccinated children.

As skepticism has grown, the medical profession has begun to spawn detractors. Sott.Net recently posted an article claiming that WHO itself was manipulating vaccine data to support more positive outcomes.

In an open letter to the head of the World Health Organization, Dr. Sing Hang Lee, MD, the director of the Milford Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory in Milford, Connecticut, claims members of the WHO’s Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety (GACVS) deliberately manipulated scientific data relating to the safety of HPV vaccines Gardasil and Cervarix.

The letter states that the e-mails, obtained via a Freedom of Information request, clearly demonstrate members of the GAVCS, the CDC and the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare knew before the February 26, 2014 Tokyo public hearing that one of their own experts showed scientific evidence that HPV vaccination does increase cytokines, including tumor necrosis factor (TNF), particularly at the injection site compared to other vaccines.

… Compared to all other vaccines in the U.S. vaccination schedule, Gardasil alone is associated with 61% of all serious adverse reactions (including 63.8% of all deaths and 81.2% cases of permanent disability) in females younger than 30 years of age.

According to a recent report at Activist Post, autism “has now skyrocketed to one in 45 in the US.”

The article, “Vaccines, Dead Doctors, And Depopulation,” cites reports that “a government epidemiologist admitted he and his cohorts massaged and omitted data in a study to hide a huge increase in autism following MMR vaccination.”

Disturbingly, the article relates that doctors (perhaps 12) continuing to study the MMR vaccine are “turning up dead around the country under mysterious circumstances.”

One of the more high-profile murders was that of Dr. James Bradstreet, whose body was discovered floating in a North Carolina river, a single gunshot wound to his chest (via Natural News) …

Bradstreet, a renowned physician known for his skepticism of immunizations (particularly the MMR vaccine), and his progressive autism research, was raided by the FDA one week before his mysterious death.

Historical research is increasingly coming to the fore that further widens and deepens the debate. Natural News recently reported that “Historical data show vaccines didn’t conquer infectious disease after all.”

The article cites a book published in 2013 and now getting increased attention by Dr. Suzanne Humphries, “a conventional doctor turned holistic health consultant and author of Dissolving Illusions.”

From the article:

Vaccinations didn’t stop disease — it was declining long BEFORE vaccinations were even developed … The data she brings forth details how measles epidemics occurred every two years in the 1800s in the United States and England, but that during the last century, measles incidents “dropped remarkably in Europe.”

… As for whooping cough vaccine, the following is noted: Because whooping cough was once a devastating disease in a large proportion of children, a campaign to develop a vaccine was under-taken, but not until after deaths had already fallen to historic lows in the 1940s.

From its peak in the 1800s, whooping cough deaths had declined by more than 99 percent before a vaccine was in wide-spread use.

Increasingly, anti-vaccine studies and reports circulate alongside more positive coverage. Just recently, anti-vaccine websites unearthed a 1991 study entitled, “Adverse Effects of Pertussis and Rubella Vaccines.” The study linked central nervous system disorders and spasms to these vaccines.

At one level this is an investment story that could have a significant impact on pharmaceutical businesses. On another level, the current vaccine debate could influence the growing movement toward naturopathy and natural healing therapies that go back hundreds and even thousands of years.

Conclusion: The pharmaceutical industry has been trying to put this debate to bed for well over a decade now. But like other such Internet-inspired controversies (central banking comes to mind) it is only increasing in size and vehemence. It’s an evolution of the larger Internet Reformation and very likely one that is not going away.