WATCH: Brutal COVID Authoritarian Insists on ‘a Little Grace and Forgiveness’ For Lockdowns and Mandates
By Ben Bartee - November 11, 2023

Originally published via NO COLLEGE MANDATES:

The “pandemic amnesty” narrative emerged almost a year or so ago to the day.

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At the time, evidence of the criminality of the Public Health™ and pharmaceutical in developing experimental gene therapies marketed as “vaccines” and then enforcing brutal, siege-style lockdowns and mandates on the population with the explicit aim of enforcing “compliance” by taking them was mounting. Denialism — which had been the predominate strategy up until that point — was no longer viable.

“Amnesty” has more or less been the company line for Branch COVIDians to modern day, as echoed by devotee Scott Galloway on Bill Maher’s show recently (featuring, by the way, disgraced former New York governor Andrew Cuomo, who should be rotting in prison for his COVID crimes instead of being rehabilitated in corporate state media.


“A leading academic at New York University wants amnesty for people who pushed lockdown policies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Marketing professor Scott Galloway made the comment during an appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher this week. He claims those who supported lockdown protocols did not fully understand the consequences of such decisions.

‘I wanted a harsher lockdown policy. In retrospect, I was wrong,’ Galloway said. ‘The damage to kids from keeping them out of school longer was greater than the risk.’…

Galloway continued, saying that policymakers were ill-informed about the coronavirus. Therefore, he said, these individuals should not be held accountable for the outcomes of their decisions.

‘We were all operating with imperfect information and we were doing our best,’ Galloway said, eliciting applause from the studio audience. ‘Let’s bring a little bit of grace and forgiveness amid the s— show that was Covid.’”

This is quite a change of tune for Galloway. Compare his current take to what he wrote back in 2021 in an op-ed titled “Half of America has its head up its ass. It’s time for a vaccine mandate.”

Via Insider:

“I was planning on writing about edtech startups and Section4. However, I can’t focus on anything but my disappointment — disdain really — in the lack of leadership at a federal level (Biden) and the voluntary manslaughter at a state level (DeSantis)…

Enough already. Federal law should require any citizen who wants to cash a government check, use public transport, or enter a place of business to show proof of vaccination.” 

Galloway was unironically calling Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ refusal to enforce vaxx mandates “voluntary manslaughter” when, if anything, we know in retrospect he was saving lives. That’s how hyperbolic and unhinged the rhetoric got from Branch COVIDians like Galloway.

So, to answer, Galloway’s halfhearted, entitled plea for forgiveness absent any real mea culpa or offered means by which to remedy his sins, the answer from me is “no dice.”

First of all, the Public Health™ bureaucrats were not “doing their best” on behalf of the American public that pays their salaries. They were doing what was in the best interest of their pharmaceutical industry sponsors and their lackeys in the media, who held the economy and society hostage through terror and government lockdowns until the public relented and accepted the jab.

As just one example, Anthony Fauci admitted to repeatedly moving the “herd immunity” goalpost in terms of how many Americans had to be injected before the economy could re-open not based on science or public interest but based on how high he could ratchet up the percentage while maintaining political viability – until finally admitting (after the shots had been distributed) that “herd immunity” for a constantly mutating coronavirus was always a pipe dream.

These were not honest mistakes; they were lies, disseminated intentionally, in the service of promoting whatever narrative du jour. The Public Health™ bureaucrats were lying – and people died and had their livelihoods destroyed based on those lies.

The second problem here is that there has been no accountability whatsoever – for COVID Warlord Anthony Fauci or the Pfizer executives who knowingly engaged in fraud to get their emergency use authorization all the way down to the lowliest county-level Public Health™ bureaucrat.

No one has been made to pay a price, either criminal or civil, for what they did. Anthony Fauci, like his co-conspirator Andrew Cuomo, should be rotting in prison on RICO convictions – and thankful he lives in a country that rarely executes the death penalty – but instead is allowed to run wild in “retirement,” still influencing government policy and making an obscene amount of money from speaking engagements.

The talking point surrounding the recent October 7th attack by Hamas is that, with the 1,400+ civilian death toll, it´s “equal to X 9/11’s” in proportion to Israel’s smaller population.

But, if we’re going with such comparisons to 9/11, how does the death toll from COVID-19 – from the initial release of the virus (developed using U.S. taxpayer dollars that Fauci funneled to the Chinese government through EcoHealth Alliance) and also from the devastating economic and mental health toll of the lockdowns combined with the vaxx mandates – factor into this formula?

Is it 1,000 9/11’s?

Is it 10,000?

And why are the victims of the brutal COVID-19 Public Health™ regime – who outnumber any act of terror in recent memory by orders of magnitude — not treated with the same reverence and concern as victims of biomedical terrorism?

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All of the people who were in the actual decision-making positions of authority who enforced pseudoscientific, authoritarian, transparently immoral vaxx/masking/lockdown mandates must be prosecuted – to exact punishment for what they did and to serve as a deterrent against future overreaches, both of which are recognized as legitimate functions of the criminal justice system.

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