Reward Yourself: Invest in Freedom
By Anthony Wile - September 13, 2013

As you know, The Daily Bell is returning – under the umbrella of a new boutique, free-market oriented venture capital firm I recently launched, High Alert Investment Management Ltd. In mid-October, we'll launch the exciting new Daily Bell, and we'll unveil it first at the High Alert Investment Conference.

More on this conference later, but for now I'll just mention there are still a few spots left for accredited investors, which have been going quickly. In addition to the new Daily Bell unveiling, we'll have the first copies of a limited edition of my new book, Freedom Investing.

Back to the Bell … It will be the same Daily Bell you've come to know over the years but with one significant difference. It will be more focused on trends that matter from a wealth and investment standpoint.

The website you see here will analyze dominant social themes and trends as it has in the past but these trends will be focused on investment oriented areas that will provide you, the reader, with insights into how the West's – and the world's – economy is directed and manipulated, and how you can profit from the trends we analyze.

This has specific investment implications. Of course, if someone invented technology that could desalinate water, turning seawater into quality drinking water, I wouldn't scoff. I'd suggest that's a good investment.

Now, I can hear you exclaim, "What? But why, Anthony? You've said the 'water scarcity meme' is a power elite dominant social theme intended to scare middle classes into accepting government solutions." Indeed, I have written that. However, there is a distinction between the fear-mongering, hyperbolic global water shortage meme and the fact that in certain locations there is, indeed, a lack of clean, healthy drinking water.

Many places on the planet can benefit from good drinking water. One must separate issues like this to make an investing decision that is based on 1) profitability and 2) one's moral compass. I will not invest in technology or infrastructure that promotes or supports the global water scarcity meme. I will, on the other hand, invest in and support technology that I see as beneficial in solving a specific problem (assuming the business fundamentals are strong, of course).

Some things may appear on the surface to be leveraged to a trend, but not necessarily to a dominant social trend. We'll invest based on the value that the solution brings to the market. We will be on top of trends, monitor as best we can our place in the overall business cycle and be on top of anything that might disrupt it. This is the kind of analysis you'll begin to see more at The Daily Bell.

Our Strategy …

Our focus has always been the Internet and its impact on the way people understand their world. One example of an area where people's knowledge has increased dramatically has to do with "natural" or "whole" food. This is also known as "organic," and is in fact not a manufactured trend but an organic one that has become more powerful as people have come to better understand the nutritional lack of Western, consumer foodstuffs.

The Daily Bell will focus on these sorts of trends whenever they arise, clarifying the distinction between manufactured trends and organic ones, generally speaking. The organic food trend is one that I would get involved in because I believe in the value of it as something inherently good for people, driven by people's education and knowledge rather than government and corporate media-driven hyperbole.

Another organic trend is the growing preference of people for gold and silver versus fiat (paper) money. These are two trends supported by what we call the Internet Reformation.

Thus, the 'eat organic' trend, especially, is what I would call a counter-trend, meaning a trend that is not manufactured by the State. And I like this counter-trend so I intend to support it and invest in it with the intention of generating revenue/earnings from it.

In addition, I believe general awareness on this topic will continue to grow as people increasingly turn away from corporate media as their source of factual information – thanks again, in large part, to the Internet Reformation – and that awareness will lead to continuing growth in the demand for healthy choices in foods.

Let's examine the global warming trend. At The Daily Bell, I won't waste time looking for companies and opportunities involved with it. I can't stomach it, personally, but as always, I leave it up to you. I will repeat my bottom line when it comes to investing decisions: Every individual has his or her own moral compass that should direct all the decisions in life, investing and otherwise.

Check your compass … If you are interested in making money, and your compass says "go," then feel free to do so. I will suggest you should find ways to leverage yourself to a specific trend if you see a profit in it. Just don't expect me to tell you how to do so if I am not in support of it ethically.

My decision-making process is aligned with things I believe in. As another example, you'll never find me capitalizing on the West's military-industrial complex, no matter how profitable it is for some. I have no intention of generating wealth from warmongering and if you want to do so, you'll have to look elsewhere.

Regarding The Daily Bell …

When it comes to The Daily Bell, nothing about this strategy runs counter to what we have been doing previously. We're a publication focused on analyzing elite manipulations and supporting ways that we can create a better and more vibrant civil society where people can live peaceably and seek personal and communal freedom.


Look for elaboration on how Daily Bell trends can be converted into wealth based on investment analyses of areas of interest that do not directly support the current, authoritarian Leviathan.

I have mentioned several of these trends above, trends that have arisen spontaneously because of people's interest in them as a way of counteracting the larger manipulations to which they are subject, in areas like nutrition and investing.

But there are many more such trends that we will be analyzing within an "actionable" format. We will find opportunities – and companies – that we can support and that will, in turn, provide us with the success we seek from an investment perspective.

These are opportunities that I will be personally involved in and will be organizing for others via various investment methodologies. Those who want to participate will receive the benefit of our analyses and, I am confident, will be rewarded for their participation.

Ethically-oriented investing is a growing trend, but when you examine it, you often find that those involved are touting antidotes to "climate change" or attempting to drum up interest for various "green energy" solutions that either are ineffective or depend on a good deal of official support to be viable.

There is little or no involvement by the mainstream investment community in freedom-oriented opportunities because mainstream investing has been taken over by the elites and has been converted to support of globalist memes. The antidotes – the solutions we will be suggesting henceforth in an organized way – are the "organic" themes that people have developed by themselves to counteract such manipulative trends.

See You at Our High Alert Investment Conference

We will be discussing these organic trends at our upcoming conference in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and if you are an accredited investor I would urge you to travel there for the kick-off of our new information-and-investment model. In addition to unveiling the new Daily Bell we'll be revealing at least one great idea we have decided to fund and support with value-added services. We are sure you'll find it both profitable and rewarding.

The idea of providing you with freedom-oriented, ethical investment opportunities is one that I am very attracted to. In fact, it is a logical outgrowth of our trend-centric approach to the analysis of elite manipulations that we have pioneered. I hope you will travel with me on this journey and support the great ideas we identify.

It all starts at the High Alert Investment Conference being held this October 16 to 19 in the majestic highlands of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia at the secluded Keltic Lodge Resort & Spa.

See you there!