Morally bankrupt MSM can’t even admit it was an assassination attempt
Innocent bystander and shooter killed during loud popping noises incident at Trump rally. A few years back, during the #FreedomConvoy,[...]
Naughty NATO Plans on Fibbing Themselves into the “Free World”
Written by Matt Morgan, Editor at The Daily Bell:   (source: Evan Vucci/AP)   Naughty NATO members met in Washington[...]
Danger, Will Robinson! You’re Old like the Rest of America.
"I cannot accept that course of action." ~ Robot B-9, Lost in Space   Written by Bryan Lutz, Editor at[...]
Trudeau Sends $500M to Ukraine While CAF Families at Local Food Banks Double
Written by Matt Morgan, Editor at The Daily Bell: (Source: Epoch Times)     While Zelenskyy and the Ukrainian army[...]
Bloodlines, Bloodshed, and Bleeding Bank Accounts in Socialist Canada
  Written by Matt Morgan, Editor at The Daily Bell.com:   Every world-changing communist has the bravado of man with[...]
Canada’s “climate change” envoy racked up over $250,000 in luxury travel expenses
In August 2022, the Libreral government appointed Catherine Stewart as Canada's "Ambassador For Climate Change". In the words of Justin[...]
Babylon Bee “Orange Man: Good” Prediction Comes True
As the Babylon Bee does, it makes unusually outrageous humour seem possible.   On May 14, 2024, the Bee published[...]
Culture Acquired, Unexpected Lessons Learned in Machu Picchu, Pt. III
Somehow, at some point in the 20th century, the narrative emerged in the self-flagellating West that American tourists are the worst.
After Leftist Lobbying, German Bank Kills AfD Donation Account
Canada yesterday; Germany today; the whole of the West tomorrow.
Techno-Hell: ‘The Matrix’ + ‘A Clockwork Orange’ Is Here
The dystopian sci-fi literature most analogous to current and future events is hard to suss out.
The SCOTUS Chevron Decision: Pros and Cons
Originally posted on Mises.org: Many people who appreciate free markets are hailing the recent Chevron decision. Striking down Chevron curtails[...]
Emails Reveal: Biden Regime Groomer Pressured Industry to Abandon Age Limits For Child Trannification
LGBTQ™ Propaganda Roundup: Nip/tucking the latest social engineering fisted from on high upon the American public.
Cringe: Kamala Jive-Talks in Communion With Ethnic Brethren
The Karamel-uh entity recently appeared for a bit of tried-and-true condescending to the blacks
The Sunbelt Republic: What If Texas and Florida Seceded?
Originally spotted via @WallStreetSilver was this short Tik-Tok of what a "Sunbelt Republic" would look like if Texas and Florida seceded[...]
Bird Flu Terror: Raw Milk Targeted
The stage is increasingly set for a crackdown on raw dairy suppliers.
Bird Flu Propaganda: Terror Rising Pt. III
(continued from Pt. I, Pt. II)
Bird Flu Propaganda: Terror Rising Pt. II
The WHO is the epicenter of the bird flu PCR hustle.
Biden Regime Operatives Stalk Journalist, Block Interviews With Voters at Campaign Stop
The Most Transparent Administration in History™ is hounding journalists.
“Next Man Up!” – A Defiant Steve Bannon Reports to Prison
Steve Bannon reported to Danbury Federal Correction Institute in Connecticut today. In keeping with his typical panache, Bannon livestreamed his[...]
The Coca Leaf: Misunderstood, Shortchanged, Feared
It’s the Edward Scissorhands of botanicals.