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Liberal stronghold falls in Toronto by-election: Trudeau in big trouble
By - June 25, 2024

A Liberal stronghold for thirty years and one of the ridings that helped squeak out a minority government for Trudeau in the last election, swung Conservative in last night’s Toronto-St. Pauls by-election.  This is most certainly a sign of things to come in the next general election, scheduled for late 2025.


Tallying the votes went into overtime after the polls closed, thanks to a ballot with nearly 80 candidates (many of them protest efforts).

The junior party in Canada’s ruling Liberal-Marxist coalition government, the NDP – also cratered.

The rabble voted the wrong way, despite Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland delivering a “basket of deporables” pep talk ahead of the polling:

But it’s not stopping the lunatic left from hoping for a miracle in the next election: namely an official merger between the Liberal and NDP parties to cement a far-left agenda hold over Canada forever.

There’s a lot of Liberal/NDP copage happening on Twitter right now…

The Daily Bell’s prediction

Is that the Canadian Liberal party is headed for a 1993-style blow-out, and will lose their status as a political party in the House of Commons: in 1993, the Mulroney Era Progressive Conservative Party was destroyed, going from 156 seats, to just 2.

We further predict that Justin Trudeau will not lead the party into the next election, because Trudeau is at his core, a coward – and the prospect of being at the helm as his party is ejected from Canadian politics for decades will be too humiliating for him to bear.

In other news, this photo from Game 7 of the Stanley Cup series looks to have been faked…


But the sentiment certainly isn’t.

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