Alleged N.K. Nuclear Activity – How Do They Know?
By Daily Bell Staff - June 09, 2016

Reports: North Korea Recycling Plutonium to Make Nuclear Bombs … An unnamed U.S. official has confirmed to Reuters that evidence indicates North Korea has begun to once again produce plutonium fuel, a key ingredient in nuclear weapons. North Korea’s communist government appears to be reprocessing plutonium that has spent its radioactive energy in use at the Yongbyon nuclear facility. The rehabilitation process makes it possible to use the plutonium in a nuclear bomb.  -Breitbart

More nuclear tensions reported by US officials. Do reporters ever try to find out the truth?

Why does the Western mainstream simply parrot what it’s been told when it comes to technological issues?

Real reporting on technology – space exploration and nuclear war in particular – is moribund.

What the Pentagon says, reporters write. What NASA tells them, reporters write. Even the alternative media is guilty of this.

But we would like to know where the evidence is. We wrote about some of our questions HERE.

For instance, the bombing patterns of Hiroshima and Nagasaki resemble fire bombing.

Go see for yourself. The “atomic bombs” wiped out wooden buildings but left the stone ones standing.

US videos of 1950s nuclear tests are obvious fakes. And why doesn’t the US test its nuclear devices anymore? Once there were hundreds of tests. Not now.

Where does the smoke and the mushroom cloud come from?


An a-bomb explosion will not produce a mushroom stem + dirty cloud. An a-bomb explosion shall, if it works, just produce pure energy – light/heat – in a FLASH.

Makes sense to us. Of course we don’t trust the Heiwaco info either. But the text certainly raises questions.


So in the end it was agreed that sudden compression of Uranium metal atoms to twice normal density would initiate the a-bomb detonation that would last a few nano-seconds without any testing.

Of course with a fast, free neutron in between! That little thing -a fast, free neutron – will start fissioning billions of compressed metal atoms releasing energy and more fast, free neutrons. 

An a-bomb explodes! But you cannot compress an atom or a piece of metal by a collision. It just bounces.

We don’t know much about nuclear explosions. But why does compressing metal atoms to twice their density set off explosions that can destroy much of the world?

How is it that the US government discovered atomic bombs and sent men to the moon in a period of only 30 years? These constitute the most miraculous decades in the history of mankind.

But such miraculous competence is fleeting. Some fifty years later, the US government couldn’t manage to put together a health-care website.

What about the moon landings? Why did NASA destroy the original videos to save money? That’s a bit like discovering the Holy Grail and then discarding it to save space.

And what about this astronaut – who seems to rise up on the moon without using his legs. (See the three-minute mark.)

Why does the lunar rover have such a strong resemblance to a World War II jeep?

We take no positions. We have questions. Questions that should be asked of the authorities that constantly issue unsupported yet authoritative-sounding statements.


“They take the spent fuel from the 5 megawatt reactor at Yongbyon and let it cool and then take it to the reprocessing facility, and that’s where they’ve obtained the plutonium for their previous nuclear tests. “So they are repeating that process,” the unnamed official told Reuters …

The official noted poignantly that “everything in North Korea is a cause for concern.”  This report follows rumblings from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that North Korea may be looking to continue developing their nuclear weapons arsenal.

In a stern statement, IAEA chief Yukiya Amano condemned North Korea this week for showing “no indication that it is willing to comply with the Security Council resolution adopted in response to its nuclear test earlier this year.”

What nuclear tests? And what is a reprocessing facility? And why does it need plutonium? And how do Western observers know that North Korea has set off nuclear bombs to begin with?

Because the ground shook? Couldn’t someone use a lot of TNT to mimic the same effect?

Are we to be convinced about these issues – especially nuclear weapons – because officials around the world accept them and comment on them confidently.

We were told vaccines were effective, but now a lot of them seem to be ineffective or even dangerous.

Almost all countries seem to accept the hoax of global warming and are prepared to suck carbon out of the air and bury it. Talk about futility.

Almost all countries have installed monopoly central banking even though there is plenty of evidence that the constant debasement of currency generates recessions and depressions.

In other words, just because countries and officials around the world seem to be in agreement doesn’t mean that agreement guarantees the truth.

People often agree on things that are not true.

In this Internet era it has become increasingly obvious that some of what was accepted in the 20th century is either questionable or obviously false.

Conclusion: So what’s true? Gold and silver? Owning and farming your own land? Trusting what you can see, hear, feel and touch? Yes, perhaps. Suspect the rest.

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