Anti-Meat Propaganda Roundup: Drinking Milk Is ‘Unsettling’ and Racist
By Ben Bartee - April 19, 2023

As I have previously documented at The Daily Bell, one of the major ongoing projects of the technocrat globalists at the WEF is to force the peasants to swap meat for mealworms, ostensibly for the sake of combatting “climate change.”

Enriching Bill Gates, angel investor in synthetic “lab-grown meat” product Impossible Burger, is an ancillary benefit. (Gates has invested $75 million in the vegan lab meat industry.)

The likes of Bill Gates, the corporate media would have us believe, are sent from heaven to correct our abhorrent behavior.

To sell the mealworms to the public, the overlords saturate the corporate media with vegan propaganda. Their campaigns rely alternately on appeals to morality or health, depending on which tact suits them at the time.

Vegan surgeon recommends veganism (shocker)

Via Insider:

“A heart surgeon who was a Seventh-day Adventist, a faith that encourages vegetarianism… described his experiences operating on patients who ate a plant-based diet, noting that their arteries were healthy and pliable. In contrast, he observed that the arteries of meat-eaters were so clogged with plaque from cholesterol build-up, the doctor said they felt ‘crunchy.”

The main problem with a lot of vegan discourse is that evangelists work backward from their philosophical (or in this case religious) moral stances to collect scientific evidence to support their conclusions.

In this article, the doctor doesn’t even provide any actual clinical data that might inform his position, instead vaguely citing the subjective aesthetic feel of patients’ arteries while he performs surgery on them.

CNN instructs pet owners to feed them insects for climate change

In addition to degenerate humans polluting the atmosphere with their meat-eating ways, CNN also wants to emphasize that:

pets play a significant role in the climate crisis… Their meat-heavy diet is the biggest contributor to their carbon pawprints, which requires an abundance of energy, land and water to produce. And the production of pet food emits huge amounts of planet-warming gases.”

“Come take your Gates-slop, Rover. It’s dinnertime.”

Climate experts understand that dogs and cats love eating asparagus, just like polar bears can’t swim according to Al Gore (they can swim for hundreds of miles, here in reality). Respect the Science™.

The media is littered with accounts of vegan evangelists murdering their cats with vegan diets, weakening their little heart muscles until they give out.

If Earth Goddess Gaia desires one thing above all, it’s kittens sacrificed at her altar. Killing Mittens for the Earth is loving, and liberal.

Does Bill Gates’ Lab Meat Cause Cancer?

While the self-satisfied techno-slaves are busy saving the Earth with Bill Gates’ Impossible Burger, they may well be giving themselves cancer in the process.

Via Bloomberg:

“The big honking asterisk is that normal meat cells don’t just keep dividing forever. To get the cell cultures to grow at rates big enough to power a business, several companies, including the big three, are quietly using what are called immortalised cells, something most people have never eaten intentionally. Immortalised cells are a staple of medical research, but they are, technically speaking, pre-cancerous and can be, in some cases, fully cancerous.”

In addition to dead kittens, cancer is also loving and liberal.

Laughable anti-meat propaganda study finds stupendous athletic advantage for vegans! – funded by various vendors of vegan products and services such as Rise of the Vegan, Fit Vegan Coaching, and Plant Perfection Foods – plucked a ridiculous 115-year-old study out of obscurity in an attempt to prove that veganism promotes superior athletic performance.


How many deep knee bends can you do? One meat-eating athlete did more than 1,000, with the group as a whole averaging 383, but the plant-eating athletes creamed them, averaging 927. Even the sedentary vegetarians performed better than the meat-eating athletes; they averaged 535 deep knee bends.”

The study is flawed and essentially worthless for many reasons. Chief among them is the fact that it only included 49 participants. It relied solely on self-reporting. It also failed to account in any way whatsoever for protein intake, age of participants, their underlying health status, etc.

Vice demonizes dairy consumers: ‘Unsettling’

Vice “Culture Editor” Daisy Jones got the call that milk drinkers were to be smeared, so she got to work hallucinating a scene that (probably) never happened at a UK music festival.

Via Vice:

“I was at Glastonbury last month, waiting for Diana Ross, when I spotted a grown man queuing up for somewhere called The Milk Stand. He propped his elbow against the bar, rubbed his goatee and went, “Just a carton of milk for me please, mate.” It was 28 degrees outside. And just as the opening chords of “I’m Coming Out” begun, I could see him out the corner of my eye, guzzling milk, little streams of white liquid cascading down his chin. And I thought: ‘Sorry? Are you okay?”

Jones goes on to compare dairy consumption to drinking semen:

“Why are you, as an adult, drinking white liquid which was made inside a body? And, worse, why are you drinking the white body liquid of cows specifically? You know what other liquids fit within that category? C** and discharge.”

It’s true that humans are the only animals that consume dairy post-infancy. But it’s also true that humans have been consuming dairy for literally six thousand years. We’ve been at it so long that we developed adult digestive enzymes to break down the lactose.

In its ongoing vegan jihad, VICE previously, predictably declared that “milk has been nefariously co-opted and transformed into the preeminent symbol of both Neo-Nazis and the ‘alt-right.'”

Yep, even milk is racist!

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