Babylon Bee “Orange Man: Good” Prediction Comes True
By - July 06, 2024

As the Babylon Bee does, it makes unusually outrageous humour seem possible.


On May 14, 2024, the Bee published this gem on



The satirical article inside had Biden rambling on about his desperate re-election ambitions.


Desperate enough to look and sound a lot like his competitor.


“…Make the United States Superb A Second Time, folks! MUSSAST!”

At publishing time, the Biden campaign was also preparing to have the president begin insulting his opponents on social media and give them humorous nicknames as part of its new strategy to differentiate Biden from Trump by trying to be like Trump.”


It appears as though Biden’s handlers took a page out of the Trump campaign,  while dismissing calls from the leftist media to “re-invigorate” Biden via AI. 


Instead, they’ve embraced Trump’s life-giving spray tan secret to Bernie(Biden) from the White House morgue…


And took a page from the Babylon Bee’s prediction only six weeks earlier.


Observant Twitter followers caught on the same night.


Since then, a domino of memes have come crashing through the internet rendering what was once demeaning ad hominem attack, useless.


Newsweek reports:


Joe Biden’s ‘Spray Tan’ Sparks Avalanche of Memes, Jokes

“Joe Biden’s recent appearance with a summer tan that recalls Donald Trump’s signature orange hue has sparked a deluge of jokes and memes on social media. The president continues navigating uncertain waters after his debate performance last week.

“Biden using Trump’s spray tan,” wrote one user on X, formerly Twitter. “Pumpkin Joe,” wrote another on the social-media platform, sharing an image of Joe Biden next to a frame from Star Wars showing character Obi-Wan Kenobi (interpreted by actor Ewan McGregor) saying: “You have become the very thing you swore to destroy”—a clear reference to Trump’s orange glow.”

The message is clear for all.
Sorry, Biden…
The Babylon Bee was right.
Oranges are from Florida.
And Orange Man: Good.