BBC Admits Anglosphere Destabilized Libya
By Staff News & Analysis - January 19, 2012

Inside story of the UK's secret mission to beat Gaddafi … British efforts to help topple Colonel Gaddafi were not limited to air strikes. On the ground − and on the quiet − special forces soldiers were blending in with rebel fighters. This is the previously untold account of the crucial part they played. The British campaign to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi's regime had its public face − with aircraft dropping bombs, or Royal Navy ships appearing in Libyan waters, but it also had a secret aspect … In the end, though, British special forces were deployed on the ground in order to help the UK's allies − the Libyan revolutionaries often called the National Transitional Council or NTC. Those with a knowledge of the programme insist "they did a tremendous job" and contributed to the final collapse of the Gaddafi regime.. – BBC Newsnight

Dominant Social Theme: Well … we Brits did play a role in destabilizing Gaddafi, after all. We're admitting it now because success has many fathers, and we want to make sure we're one of them. We can't run an economy or sustain a world empire but we sure as heck can kill people, even top people, if we want to destabilize their regimes. Word up, eh!

Free-Market Analysis: And thus the Brits crow … again. Or to put it more precisely, the Anglosphere power elite that is apparently behind much of this weary world's destruction and bloodshed.

Why do they "allow" the release of this article on a functionary media of their own control (the BBC)? Because "they" are interested in ensuring that developing country politicos get the message. The Brits are back and if you don't listen to 'em, you could find yourself dead and lying in a meat freezer for three or four days until your body is dumped in the desert in an unmarked grave.

The message couldn't be clearer. A New World Order is headed your way. And you'd better cooperate. The warning has been sent.

That was the reason as well, in our view, for all the Gaddafi videos that were floating around the Internet. Western culture – under the Anglosphere's fierce gaze – has evolved into an environment where even mothers taking pictures of their children can be seen as evidence of pedophilia.

But the Gaddafi videos – of his murder and potential buggery – and the murders of his sons and other kin deluged the 'Net for weeks. In an environment where even a curse word is often bleeped out and one person striking another can be seen as "excessive violence," the Gaddafi videos stood in marked contrast.

Here you could see Gaddafi, over and over, in a pool of blood while his full execution was plotted. And later on you could see him lying dead in a meat locker. The Western press was suddenly NOT shy about exposing these images. Funny thing, eh?

Of course not. The Anglosphere, in our view, is desperate. The Internet Reformation we've written about for nearly a decade is perhaps proceeding full force. They don't know what to do. It's a process, not an episode, but their toolbox only provides remedies for episodic break-outs of freedom. Those can be controlled.

But under the fierce, pitiless gaze of the Internet, freedom keeps coming and coming … Information keeps leaking out in dribs and drabs. It's like death by water-torture. How do you handle that? Well … they've started to murder people at the highest level. They're actively deposing heads of state throughout the developing world. That seems to be one solution, though not a very effective one, in our view.

We're not supposed to know about this – or write about it, of course. But in this case, it's okay. The great central banking families that run the Anglosphere decided to "come clean" about Gaddafi. For reasons that may or may not be fully clear, they've decided to "own" the coup.

This is not the case in Tunisia, Egypt or the Ivory Coast where the Anglosphere was apparently equally involved. The alternative media has done a great job in exposing what's really going on, of course. AYM, the CIA and state-sponsored "youth movement," has trained thousands of young people in the arcane arts of state destabilization – and these activities have been reported on at length.

It's a big false-flag operation, indeed. Get ahead of the Internet by fomenting "color revolutions" that seem to be inspired by it but actually are not. The AYM movement has even spread to the US itself, where the power elite has attempted to harness the Internet in support of its goals of determined misdirection.

OWS and other groups like them have specific signatures, in fact. They are not interested in getting rid of the current authoritarian system. They are simply interested in making things better, in getting "their fair share." Central banking for the most part – the elite's central tool of oppression – is hardly mentioned.

There are other signatures. One hallmark of these apparent false-flag movements is the inevitable vocabulary of "transparency." The idea is that "democracy" must become "transparent" in order to benefit "the people."

Of course, modern democracies are run by the power elite exercising their power behind the scenes via the central banks they control. This power elite has access apparently to hundreds of trillions of dollars at this point and they have used this money to build an authoritarian matrix around the world.

Focus on transparency and you might feel better for a while. But it will leave the real power structure virtually unchecked. Government is a necessity for the power elite, which rules via mercantilism. Whether the government is "transparent" or not, makes no difference to them. Which is why they back it, and float it as an anodyne to "corruption."

No, they don't care. Change government – especially big government – as you choose, and the elites will still prosper. Media, think tanks, universities, political establishments – every aspect of society is permeated by their globalist viewpoint. Transparency will make little or no difference.

In fact, it all worked very well right up until the advent of the Internet. It is the Internet Reformation that has educated us about this vast – unfathomable – project of the elites. And what has been revealed is breathtaking.

In the past several hundred years, certainly since modern central banking took hold, the hold of the elites on the world's formal conversation has increased to nearly unimaginable proportions.

The 20th century was the worst of times for people's understanding of their manipulation. But in the 21st century the Internet has allowed a free-flow of truthful information that has explained (for people who can stand to look) what's actually taking place.

And the great central banking families are going out of their collective mind. For 100 years or more they were careful about the public face of their merciless manipulations. But now they don't seem to care anymore. They're casting the proverbial "caution to the wind."

SOPA, the Internet censorship bill that was supposed to be passed in the US, is failing. That's just one tiny example of a setback. There's the EU itself that is coming apart, global warming that's increasingly discredited, even the War on Terror itself that's not working as intended.

The elite methodology, unfortunately, is war and more war. But in between wars they sink literally trillions into fixed methodologies of control. Think, dear reader, of the amount of time and money that has gone into building a seamless Western matrix of political, media and military facilities that will act in concert to promote power-elite memes.

It is these dominant social themes that the elites have relied upon to ensure that the people of the world voluntarily create the New World Order that the top men so ardently seek. But these fear-based promotions are foundering. Their globalist receptacles are increasingly seen as fruitless and incompetent.

Think … if you had invested several generations of your family's lives and wealth into building a one-world paradigm – only to see it virtually undone in a decade wouldn't you feel frustrated?

Make no mistake, please. The Internet WAS a mistake. The elites are rich beyond contemplation but they are not supermen. They are not, in our view, even overly intelligent. DARPA created the Internet so that military planning could be shared more efficiently between various players of the military-industrial complex.

But the elites apparently DID NOT see the advent of the personal computer, nor how DARPA's tiny facility would be utilized to create a network that would connect billions. It is what FA Hayek called "spontaneous order." It is the free market itself, which the elites are always fighting, that has dealt what may be a death blow to the current one-world conspiracy.

Secrecy was always their best weapon. How does one build a New World Order when those who are supposed to build it don't want it and are aware they are signing their own death warrant – or at least their children's – if they construct it?

And so they lash out. They've done so in the past. After the advent of the Gutenberg Press (the last time an information-revolution sabotaged power elite control) the very "hounds of Hell" were unleashed. Wars were started – such as the Peasant Wars in Germany – that went on and on for decades without cease. Sound familiar?

What is most interesting is that these wars gradually came to a halt with the signing of the Treaty of Westphalia in the mid-1600s. The wars had been so costly and destabilizing that the elites were apparently forced to conclude them – though the Gutenberg Press's destabilizing influence was felt far longer, in our view.

What does the Treaty of Westphalia have to do with today? Here is some food for thought: The Treaty of Westphalia was essentially undone in 2005, when the top countries of the West voted for something called "responsibility to protect" – R2P – which not only authorizes but virtually demands that countries invade other countries when civilians are seen at risk.

R2P was passed virtually without controversy – or even comment – within the mainstream press. There was a good deal more fuss when, say, Brittany Spears shaved off her hair. But R2P overturned a basic tenet of Western civilization – and the ultimate result was two weeks of videos of Muammar Gaddafi dead and splayed out in a meat locker.

No, folks, the methods of control don't change. Right now, the elites have turned to violence and authoritarianism to try to damp the effects of what we call the Internet Reformation. But from what we can tell, it didn't work the first time, and there's no reason to think it will work now.

People won't voluntarily obey just because they might end up dead, buggered and dumped into an unmarked desert grave. Violence, long-term, is not a relevant solution to social control. It can work for a while but eventually, belief systems need to be inculcated. The best slaves are the ones who don't know they are enslaved. Otherwise, long-term, it doesn't have the requisite impact.

Right now, apparently, the Anglosphere power elite is in full cry. They've forgotten – or at least not internalized – what their ancestors knew and understood. Force is not the solution to an information-revolution. One cannot stop the ocean with a gun. Or keep the desert sand from shifting by building a prison.

The Anglosphere can attempt to intimidate politicians and strongmen the world over but we would argue that it won't work any better than it did after the Gutenberg Press came about. Then, the power structure of Britain was overthrown, the Catholic Church was rent, the fabric of religion itself was reconfigured by numerous schisms, the New World was discovered and populated.

After Thoughts

The Anglosphere didn't really regain full control until the 20th century, from what we can tell. And now 100 years later it seems to be happening all over again. What a nightmare!