Hillary’s ‘Historic Win’ Makes Things Worse, Not Better  
By Daily Bell Staff - June 09, 2016

How Hillary Clinton’s historic win changes the game for girls … So many girls for so long were told — overtly and subtly — what they could and could not be … Regardless of party persuasion, Hillary Clinton’s victory is the definition of historic: She became the first female presidential nominee of a major political party. -CNN

Portions of the mainstream media are celebrating Hillary’s apparent winning of the Democratic presidential nomination.

Hillary may still be indicted and have to give up the nomination but the FBI’s slowness in investigating her email scandal (and bringing charges) has made it harder to remove her.

She is now the presumptive nominee of the Democratic party. She is no longer a candidate.

Removing her would be a historical first and would have a tremendous resonance, beyond what it would have had previously.

She still may be indicted. She still may have to step down. But this looks at least a little bit less likely now.

Certainly Hillary and her supporters would claim that she was being attacked for her gender, not for her actions.

And the “historic” nature of her current position would lend some credence to that accusation, even though fundamentally there would be no truth to it.

There is, in fact, no meaningful truth to any positive claims regarding Hillary’s victory.

The woman’s movement itself is divisive. There’s plenty of evidence that it was promulgated by the same elite banking fraternity that has created other divisive social movements.

The idea is always to divide, manipulate and conquer.

We can see – and have reported on – the paradigm that is being readied in the 21st century. It is one that emphasizes corporatism and elevates multinational companies above nation states.

These multinationals and their affiliates will be dominated by technocrats, men and women of facile intellect who have proven adept at mastering modern, academic curricula.

The technocratic paradigm is a utilitarian one. It includes, especially, the use of local and regional wars to expand power.

The paradigm is built on lies. The structure of authority is created by dominant social themes – propaganda emphasizing scarcity and the necessity for large regulatory enterprises – to construct solutions.

Problems include global warming, terrorism and economic malfunction. But humans are not responsible for global warming, if it exists.

The war on terror is basically an invention of Western intelligence organizations such as the CIA, Mossad and MI6.

The current “greater depression” is directly attributable to the world’s monopoly central banking economy and its endless, ruinous debasement of currency.

Hillary Clinton, and people like her, are enablers.

Her assumption of the office of presidency, if it occurs, will take place because she can be counted on to support the current agenda.

Her reign will feature more wars, more economic ruin and a continued draining away of Western power and prosperity.

She will enhance globalism.  She will continue to destroy Western civilization.

Those who support her are supporting the further destruction of their families, their children’s future and their culture.

Hillary, if made president, will continue Obama’s policies. And Obama himself is a globalist.

There are many personal and professional accusations that can be leveled at Hillary and her husband. These range from murder and rape to Libyan and Syrian genocide.

But the personal issues, bad as they may be, are not nearly so important as her agenda.

She is a believer in international regulatory authority and in using violence in order to achieve “one world” goals.  The result of the currently planned globalism is to be the further implementation of fascist authoritarianism ending in genocide.

The famous Georgia Guidestones indicate that the ideal population worldwide is in the area of 500 million. That means billions must be removed.

Conclusion: Hillary becoming president? There will be more wars, less economic prosperity and the gradual, continual erosion of freedom and further blossoming of fascism. And then worse and worse …

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