How Stress Makes you Sick, and Easier to Control
By Joe Jarvis - January 31, 2018

Stress will kill you. Most people know this intuitively. Stress weakens your immune system. Stress allows your body to be more easily controlled by pathogens.

A recent study compared two sets of mice. One set had a certain stress receptor cell, and one set did not. Normal mice exposed to stress had a higher rate of disease than mice exposed to stress who lacked the stress receptor cell. This held true for both psychological and physiological stress.

Mental and physical stress caused the same harmful reaction in the cells and led to disease. The cells trigger allergic reactions which cause inflammation. This can lead to heart disease, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, and lupus. But it also weakens the immune system’s ability to fight off things like common colds and flu.

Think about it. Don’t you always seem to get sick at the worst time? You have a big meeting, presentation, or event coming up. Maybe you are getting ready for a vacation, stressed about flying, traveling, or making sure you get everything done before leaving.

Psychological stress makes it easier for germs and viruses to harm you, to control your cells in the way that benefits them.

The Government is a Virus

Viruses take over a cell and use it to replicate themselves. They cannot reproduce on their own without infecting and taking over a host cell.

The government does the same thing. It cannot fund itself. It has to take over productive businesses, and generate “revenue” based on taxation. The more a government infects a society the sicker it gets, the harder it is to fight off the disease. Venezuela’s virus is killing it. Estonia’s virus is manageable, perhaps even trending towards a cure!

The government induces stress in you by design. The mainstream media helps them. Your infected peers help them.

When you’re stressed about terrorism, the government wants more power in the name of security, and the virus grows.

When you’re stressed about poverty, the government wants more power in the name of equality, and the virus grows.

When you’re stressed about the environment, healthcare, immigration, and the economy, that opens up vast opportunities for the government to insert and grow itself, at your expense.

The government embeds itself based on the amount of stress, taking advantage of fear and weakness to take hold.

Being stressed about government overreach does the same. And there is a difference between being concerned and stressed. We should absolutely be concerned about government oppression. But to let it add stress to our daily lives actually increases their control over us.

It gives them the opportunity to play into our fears when they control online discourse. It helps them paralyze us with inaction by making resistance seem futile.

Strategy for Health is the Same

The best solution is to find ways to control your own mind and reduce stress levels internally.

Germs and viruses exist, there is nothing you can do about that. Yes, you can wash your hands, clean the house, and avoid sick people. That helps. But stress gives the virus the opportunity to attack, and embed itself in your cells.

Government exists, there is nothing immediate that you can do about that. You can strategize to legally reduce the tax bill and you can avoid the most oppressive jurisdictions. That helps. But the government’s psychological tricks give them the opportunity to get inside you and take control.

First and foremost, you’ve got to get rid of the stress that the government depends on.

This doesn’t mean ignore all the typical ways to stay healthy.

I don’t run out and get antibiotics for a cold because I am concerned about drug-resistant bacteria. And some responses to the government only feed the problem. I also don’t lock myself in a bubble to avoid any contact with germs. Avoiding all government is equally impossible. To attempt it would place me in a bubble and prevent me from experiencing things about the world that I enjoy.

So yes, I am going to wash my hands, avoid government when I can, eat antiviral and antibacterial food, and continue my efforts to fight against the worst government abuses.

But I am also going to take a deep breath, calm my mind, and let the stress melt away.

If there is one thing I refuse to allow the government to infect, it is my mind.

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