How Trump Keeps the Government on Your Mind
By Joe Jarvis - October 09, 2017

Trump is the counter-punch to political correctness.

He is the answer to what the left has long tried to shove down American throats. That is, belligerent tolerance, single-minded diversity, and the PC policing of our thoughts.

People were energized to get out and show publicly that they reject that mind and social control.

Trump captured that reflexive energy. That energy could have swelled the ranks of individualists refusing to be pigeon-holed into two political camps. It could have seen people turn off their tv’s, engage locally instead, and opt out of the political saga. We could have all just walked away, and made the societal change through the accumulation of individual action.

But what happened instead was the large swath of people rightfully pissed off at politically correct oppression played right into the hands of the controllers. They shouted back.

That is how these political movements can spiral out of control. Each side is reacting to crazier and crazier words and actions from the other side.

The Government Won’t Be Ignored

I don’t mean the government is trying to make everyone comply with all their laws. I mean they want to be on the forefront of every American’s mind, every day. They want to be melded into the fabric of every American breath.

Trump was a genius move to make everyone pay attention on a daily basis. His unwavering presence represents the government’s intrusion into your daily life. Not physically, but mentally.

With the exception of the mailman, when was the last time you actually saw a federal official in daily life? I see local and state police. Sometimes I am forced to deal with state motor vehicle departments. A state Fish and Wildlife Officer gave me a warning for not having a whistle while kayaking.

But it is certainly not every day I see someone from the IRS, EPA, FBI, State Department, a politician, or a federal judge. In fact, I have never seen agents of some of those departments. Maybe I am lucky, but I suspect most of their presence in our lives is largely on tv, and in the news. I have certainly heard about plenty of ridiculous EPA action. I know if I want to avoid meeting an IRS agent I need to pay them protection money.

Obama was boring by comparison to Trump. Sure, he roiled the right. But the typical consumer only tuned in to government affairs to offer their pavlovian approval when the Supreme Court struck down gay marriage, or to nod their head in agreement with “common sense” gun laws.

But Trump hits every facet of the market. Of course, there are the obvious demographics: the people who love him, and the people who hate him. They will pay attention no matter what.

Then there are the people who mildly supported Trump, who then suddenly do a double take when he backs off one of his hard-lined causes. Trump suddenly says he will consider allowing Dreamers to stay in the country, or compromise on a healthcare bill. This also alerts the low attention people who have thrown their hat in the “hate Trump” ring but aren’t really political junkies.

Then there are the Trolls who think everything Trump does is hilarious, like provoking a nuclear war. And on the opposite end, there are the people who are horrified by his lack of diplomacy and twitter rants. Others cannot help but click on the interesting political headlines. He said what? This can’t be real. The political headlines were so mundane under Obama.

Even people uninterested in politics are inundated with the circus it has become. They can’t help but think about the government on a daily basis. It is thrust into their faces, with the same fervor political correct censorship was shoved down their throats.

And finally, the largest demographic Trump has brought to the political drama industry is from his reality tv universe. These people are consumers of popular culture. They now get to be a part of the reality tv show, because it is all about America. They get to be part of the drama! The voting isn’t about American Idols, it is a real game of thrones.

Last Ditch Effort or Final Solution?

Box office sales are crumbling. Cable subscriptions are collapsing. Hollywood has always been the driver of cultural dogma. But now they are being challenged. Not only are Netflix and Amazon competing, but also peer-produced content on Youtube and Vimeo.

Sports entertainment is also starting to realize they cannot necessarily weather the pushback to their political propaganda.

Facebook may have a stranglehold on data now, but their monopoly is far from permanent. It is already waning among younger demographics.

In such an economy, where giants can rise and fall so easily, what are the controllers of society to do?

Throw the Trump card.

Trump is meant to increase the presence of the federal government in your daily life. If not physically, mentally. Maybe he scares you, maybe he makes you laugh, or makes you cry. Perhaps you cheer him on, or maybe you curse him. But he is the ultimate tool of the elite to make sure the government stays on your mind.

So there is only one question left.

Is this the government’s final and desperate attempt to stay relevant while their power fades? Is this all they have left to stir things up and cause some trouble, just to make sure their presence remains, like a washed-up pop star desperate for attention?

Or is it more sinister? Is Trump the final action to solidify their power over the masses? Does he represent the final piece of the puzzle to bring everyone and everything into their sphere of control, starting with the mind? Is he the perfect man to cause enough problems so as to require the government to stick around and solve them?

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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