More Moon Travel? Protect Yourself From Eroding Public Trust
By Daily Bell Staff - June 10, 2016

Why it’s time to go back to the Moon … It’s more than a stepping stone to Mars … Mars is an extremely popular destination right now. Putting people on the Red Planet has been the big goal for NASA since 2010, and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has made it very clear that his company is going to try to start a Martian colony as early as 2024. – The Verge

We recently wrote about Elon Musk and his plans to go to Mars. You can see that article here.

But according to this Verge article, NASA is considering going back to the moon first.

This is surely an expanded, elite dominant social theme.

NASA and the US government derive tremendous benefits from NASA’s supposed leadership in space exploration.

Fegov is seen as corrupt and incompetent on almost every front.

Some four percent of US citizens believe Congress is highly trustworthy. The numbers aren’t that much better for the judiciary or even the executive branch.

But NASA looms as a competent, ground-breaking entity that has performed miraculous acts.


NASA has been in a weird stasis since the cancellation of the Shuttle program in 2011, relying on Russia to transport its astronauts. It needs a big project, sooner rather than later, to remind the world of what can be accomplished in space.

Fortunately, a return to the Moon is more likely if the attitude in Congress is any indication. At the recent hearings of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, representatives have been very critical of NASA’s Mars initiative, attacking the Mars plan on both clarity and cost. Getting to Mars is likely to take hundreds of billions of dollars, and NASA’s current budget just isn’t going to cut it.

NASA has been focusing on an “asteroid redirect mission.” But it is not “popular.” Hence, Congress is going to defund it and encourage NASA to return to the moon.

Obama wanted NASA to concentrate on an asteroid mission. The idea was reaching an asteroid would involve technology that could then take the US to Mars.

Obama nixed another moon flight, saying “we’ve been there before.”

Presumably a new president will be more accommodating.

Of course, moon skeptics will think all this talk is merely a prelude to an additional, prolonged deception.

These skeptics increasingly believe the entire space program is a hoax.

Such individuals don’t believe there is an international space station aloft. They don’t even believe in satellites.

Or the Hubble space telescope.

A continuation of NASA’s “fictional” accomplishments does two things.

First, it allows NASA to control any significant efforts at space travel. These efforts supposedly would reveal NASA frauds.

Second, NASA’s continued presence and non-existent accomplishments bolster the idea of government competence.

There is not much government does, or does well. But somehow the US government has managed to create a full-fledged space program that took man to the moon.

Space skeptics may also be skeptical of US nuclear programs, as we have been documenting.

Modern media practices aggravate skepticism. What reporters are told by the Pentagon or NASA is what they report.

No one in the formal media challenges these narratives.

Yet Youtube is filled with debunking videos, questioning NASA accomplishments in sometimes excruciating detail.

Some of the skepticism seems credible.

Here’s an astronaut on the moon getting up without using his legs. (See two-minute mark.)

Here’s an article comparing the initial Lunar Rover to a jeep.

NASA defenders often point out that hundreds of thousands of individuals would have to be party to a NASA moon hoax.

But thanks to the Internet, we’ve seen that large-scale deceptions can indeed be developed and maintained.

The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention has been covering up evidence for years showing that vaccines cause autism.

And there is plenty of evidence that global warming is a worldwide hoax but the UN continues to host gigantic meetings to combat it.

Monopoly central banking causes ruinous currency debasement but the system is nonetheless ubiquitous and has defenders despite its obvious destructiveness.

If sufficient pressure is applied, people will fall in line and promote untruths en masse.

The Internet has been helpful in exposing this sort of falsity. But such revelations are discouraging.

Increasingly, one can begin to make a case that almost nothing is true.

Every single area of knowledge from nuclear physics to space travel to various kinds of medical science are infected by fakery.

There’s lots of evidence for instance that gravitational physics is incorrect. That the fundamental force of the universe is electromagnetism.

Some would maintain that Nikols Tesla was replaced by Albert Einstein for public relations purposes, and to mislead people about gravitational physics.

Meanwhile, skepticism about NASA “progress” continues and grows.

The larger US cultural consensus as regards the nation’s goals and accomplishments is falling apart. This is taking place in areas of politics, science, even in the military.

It is dangerous to the civil structure but it is rarely commented on in depth.

Conclusion: You ought to be aware. The implacable eroding of public trust has significant ramifications. And it will not be reversed any time soon.