The World Is Running Out of Water … Again
By Staff News & Analysis - March 16, 2012

Climate, food pressures require rethink on water: U.N. …The world's water supply is being strained by climate change and the growing food, energy and sanitary needs of a fast- growing population, according to a United Nations study that calls for a radical rethink of policies to manage competing claims. "Freshwater is not being used sustainably," UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova said in a statement. "Accurate information remains disparate, and management is fragmented … the future is increasingly uncertain and risks are set to deepen." It says that demand from agriculture, which already sucks up around 70 percent of freshwater used globally, is likely to rise by at least 19 percent by 2050 as the world's population swells an estimated 2 billion people to 9 billion. Reuters

Dominant Social Theme: Let's just kill ourselves now. We've got almost nothing and whatever we do have is just going away.

Free-Market Analysis: Another day, another elite scarcity meme. Once you know how the elites are operating, it becomes almost ludicrously easy to spot the propaganda.

We do it all the time … as a kind of public service, though goodness knows there are plenty of others within the alternative media – an even outside of it – that can do the same thing.

But it is our brief. What we are dedicated to reporting. We just pointed out a "rare earth" scam the other day, and we've regularly pointed out the nonsense regarding the "Peak Oil" dominant social theme. When it comes to water scarcity themes, you can see one of our articles here: Water Scarcity Promotion Begins?

The mechanism itself is drearily familiar by now. The UN – perhaps the most monstrously corrupt institution in the world – musters spokespeople to declaim on this, that or the other "crisis." Then a "forum" is announced. attended by big thinkers from around the world. In this case, the world's imminent lack of water will be "debated at the World Water Forum, which starts in the French city of Marseille on Monday."

Sheesh. We didn't even know there WAS a World Water Forum. And why bother to debate it? We know what the outcome will be. The "nations of the world" shall solemnly agree about this crisis and authorize the UN to "do something " about it.

This is a bit like authorizing a stone to compete in a marathon, but never mind. The press releases shall go out, the articles shall be distributed. People shall be informed that they have yet one more thing to worry about. And that the UN … is on the case! Thank goodness. Here's some more from the Reuters article, excerpted above:

A "silent revolution" has taken place underground, the report warns, as the amount of water sucked from below the surface has tripled in the past 50 years, removing a buffer against drought. And just as demand increases, supply in many regions is likely to shrink because of changed rainfall patterns, greater droughts, melting glaciers and altered river flows, it says.

"Climate change will drastically affect food production in South Asia and Southern Africa between now and 2030," the report says. "By 2070, water stress will also be felt in central and southern Europe."

Asia is home to 60 percent of the world's population but only around a third of water resources, it points out. A separate water study by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) released last week forecast world water demand would rise by 55 percent by 2050, with more than 40 percent of the global population likely to live in water basins facing water stress.

Are you scared yet? The UN is nothing if not consistent. You are scheduled to die in the dark of starvation and dehydration. This is your future. There is no option unless the big brains at the UN figure out a way to save you.

And thank goodness for them! The article informs us that, "With limited supply, policymakers will have to better manage the competing demands of farmers, energy producers and humans demanding drinking water and sanitation."

Thank goodness for the bureaucrats. They are on the case, or getting there anyway. Their absence has made things difficult. "The lack of interaction between the diverse communities of users, decision makers and isolated water managers has caused serious degradation of the water resource."

We didn't realize this! The problem is not water per se but COORDINATION between "users and decision makers." So … even if you FIND water, apparently you won't know how to drink it without the help of a "water manager." This is what the power elites think of you.

For make no mistake, all of these scarcity memes are likely organized by a tiny cabal of elite families (so it seems) that want to run the world via global governance. These scarcity memes are designed to frighten middle classes into giving up power and wealth to global utilities like the UN. Their hugely capitalized, dedicated (propagandistic) facilities such as Tavistock churn them out.

Yes, it's OBVIOUSLY propaganda. One reason we know is that it is always absurdly easy to find countervailing trends. It took us about a minute of Internet searching to find this recent press release: "Desalination Set to Become an Integral Part of South Africa's Water Resources Says TechSci Research." Here's an excerpt:

According to a recently published report by TechSci Research "South Africa Desalination Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2017" South Africa water desalination market is all set to grow at CAGR of 28% for next five years. Recent developments in the market are taking place in the form of new plants being set up by the municipalities and this trend will follow for a long time as the Desalination market in South Africa is still a niche market. Moreover the technological advances in the Desalination industry is forecasted to give a much awaited thrust to this market in South Africa.

"South Africa desalination market is at its nascent stage where the government has recently started encouraging it for meeting fresh water demand in the country. It is forecasted that number of plants in South Africa will triple by 2017," said Karan Chechi, Research Director at TechSci Research a global research based management consulting firm.

Characterized by periodical and ongoing droughts coupled with the growing water needs of the inhabitants and the other industrial and agricultural consumers, South Africa has very little to further leverage on its existing water resources and more so when they too are limited …

"South Africa Desalination Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2017" gives a detailed and unprejudiced overview on the Desalination market in South Africa. The report has critically evaluated all the aspects related to water market and helps the reader to get a complete overview on the latest trends and the market potential of the technology of Desalination in South Africa.

Now, we are not claiming that desalinization is the absolute cure for water shortages, such as they may be. The point is that human ingenuity is as boundless as the "problems" that the elites and the UN constantly discover.

As we have often pointed out, Thomas Malthus became aware that Britain was due to starve in the latter 1700s as a result of eroding farm land and exploding population. It never happened, of course. As people discovered there was too little food, they grew more of it.

This is, in fact, one reason why Austrian, free-market economics has been suppressed by the elites in the 20th century and why the mainstream STILL doesn't mention it. The concept of human action, wonderfully presented by Ludwig von Mises, makes us aware that the "human action" of the INDIVIDUAL is the determinant for successful living.

After Thoughts

You are NOT dependent on UN bureaucrats – or even on your local government – for your survival. You CAN make your own way, in concert with your family and like-minded individuals. And you'll never find a press release from the UN about THAT.