Will America disappear into the Sands of Time?
By Joe David - July 12, 2022

Dinesh D’Souza’s film, 2000 Mules, documenting the 2020 U.S. presidential election, was released this spring and the response from America’s political swamp was predictable. Because of the significant promotion and interest in the video, the mainstream media (MSM) couldn’t easily ignore the documentary, as they normally do with whatever contradicts the MSM and the Democrats’ narrative.

In this case, they addressed the matter as best as they could. They attacked and by attacking tried to cancel it.

Associated Press (AP), one of America’s leading news sources, launched its attack by wiring hundreds of news outlets across the country to announce officially its opinion. This encouraged others in the “respected” media to echo its views.

And they did it in true yellow-journalism style, dripping with disdain.

Fortunately, the MSM’s attack wasn’t as successful as they had hoped. The interest in the movie was too strong to cancel. Decent and thinking Americans had caught on to what was being done to the country, and they flocked to the theatre and/or bought the video in large numbers to collect the facts contributing to the wide-spread voter irregularities.

Producing this film wasn’t easy. Members of the “respected” government agencies made this certain by concealing revealing information from both the public and the filmmakers. Despite this handicap, the film producers still pulled together enough data of a suspicious nature exposing “mules” in action stuffing boxes with their fraudulent ballots. This made it difficult for the author of the hit piece, AP’s Ali Swenson, from discouraging interest in the movie.

After a preliminary and an innocent opening to her article, she immediately mounts an attack. In her second paragraph she announces exactly where she is heading by releasing, for the benefit of her supporters, the magic word. Trump!

Praised by former President Donald Trump as exposing “great election fraud,” the movie, called 2000 Mules, paints an ominous picture suggesting Democrat-aligned ballot ‘mules’ were supposedly paid to illegally collect and drop off ballots in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Ms. Swenson then adds emphatically for slow learners who might miss the point: “the movie doesn’t prove it.”

After slipping Trump’s name into her argument and emphatically denying the visual evidence seen in the movie, she then resorts to a popular journalistic technique; she provides the opinion of named and unnamed “experts” of no real consequence who support her position.

By Ms. Swenson using her “superior” knowledge to hammer her point, she hoped to disclaim the visual evidence (in the video) and side-track attention by focusing on an arguable position – claiming GPS cell phone information to identify the specific location of ballot stuffers is a flawed source. Those who have used such cell phone locators know differently. Many of them depend on GPS units to move them about cities quickly. Ms. Swenson’s argument against the reliability of such GPS locators – as well as her imagined behavior of the mules stuffing voter boxes – just doesn’t seem to stick.

Although we don’t know the political party of those stuffing the boxes (as filmed by government sources), what we do know from watching the video is that this activity was seriously irregular. No one drops ballots late at night, wearing latex gloves, then takes photos of their actions. The only sensible explanation is that they wore the gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints, and they had photographs taken – to provide evidence that they had dropped the ballots to qualify for any reimbursement due them for their efforts.

The only way to settle this matter (and it is a very important matter to settle) would be to do a thorough and impartial investigation of voter fraud. This must be done by a reliable government agency to avoid a repeat in the future, and the results of the investigation must lead to punishing those guilty of the crime. This needs to be done, not in a Kangaroo Court, but in a court of law by due process.

Political loyalty these days seems to supersede Constitution Law, and MSM and major government agencies are doing everything in their power to guarantee this. They are doing this by contributing to cheap headlines long before a thorough and honest investigation can be fairly conducted. It is exemplified by the “Russia, Russia” hoax against Trump and the political lynching of those attending the 2021 January 6th “uprising” at the Capitol.

Sadly, America has fallen from its perch, and it has cracked open. The vultures are circling her carcass and preparing to descend.

The question remains: Will America disappear into the sands of time like other great nations, or will she rise up like the mythical Phoenix triumphantly?

Those who want a balanced opinion of the documentary should read Politique Republic. Copies of the video can be purchased through Amazon and the Salemnow Store.


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