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You Can Accomplish More Than You Think In Two Years. Here’s How, Step by Step
By The Daily Bell Staff - May 09, 2018

Steph and Matt hated the cold, hated the crowds, and hated their corporate work. But they lived in denselypopulated, and often frigid, Massachusetts. They worked 9-5 Monday through Friday, and were lucky to get three weeks off per year. And to top it all off, high Massachusetts taxes took a big chunk of their earnings.

Enough was enough. They would find a way to move somewhere warm and rural, where they could live off the land and keep what they earned.

When they told their friends and family the plan, most thought it was just a dream.

“Ah, winter is rolling in, and it’s really getting to them this year. It will blow over when spring comes.”

But they were serious.

Did they just up and move, quit their jobs, and embark on a doomed adventure that would leave them in a bind when their money ran out?

No. They planned and they prepared.

They gritted their teeth through two more winters. They grinned and bore two more years of the corporate grind, complete with traffic, lines, and noise.

And then they moved to Florida where they now live on a ten-acre mini-farm. They are both self- employed. The biggest crowd they have to deal with consists of chickens and goats.

“Eventually” is a bad word. Steph and Matt didn’t free themselves by saying they would eventually move away, or someday they would work from home. They were specific.

Where will you be two years from now? Will you be living under the same laws that drive you crazy and drain your wallet? Will you be working for the same company you hate? Will you be living in your hometown, in a location you hate, or maybe with your parents still? Will you be wasting time with drinking acquaintances? Or serving a sentence you don’t deserve on some fundraising committee?

Or will you stop being a slave to your surroundings, and live the life of freedom you dream?

The thing about freedom is that no one can hand it to you. And even if they could, other people’s idea of freedom might not match yours.

The Daily Bell offers a free guide on how to craft a two-year plan to take back your individual freedom. By the end of reading the step by step paper, you will understand how to identify the specific barriers that stop you from feeling free. You will have the tools to make a plan to overcome these obstacles. And you will know exactly what steps you need to take to get there.

When you are done reading the paper, you will clearly see that freedom is truly within grasp.

But just as important as the plan of action is the philosophy behind it.

Freedom is not something you need to vote for, or get a majority to agree on. Freedom is not a waiting game, nor is it impossible to gain in your lifetime.

With the proper attitude, planning, and preparation, you can take the necessary actions to free yourself in two years. In this paper, we show you how.

Two years is plenty long enough to plan, prepare, and execute. But it is also short enough to see light at the end of the tunnel.

If you don’t feel free, you won’t be happy. That’s not just hot air. Studies confirm it.

Why does freedom make people happy?

Being free means living your life as you see fit. It literally means doing what makes you happy, regardless of what the government, society, media, or peers think.

Freedom means you have the ability to act in your own best interests. Freedom is insurance that you won’t be constrained in a way that hurts you. You need the freedom to react under bad circumstances. Preparing your life in order to be insulated from those constraints is essential to freedom, happiness, and the security that brings.

The political establishment is milking you dry. They view you as a cash cow on their tax farm. You need political freedom to say goodbye to their corrals, and keep what you produce.

Technology is rapidly changing the economy and job opportunities. You need financial freedom to avoid being dragged down by a sinking corporation or collapsing market.

The media is manipulative, controlling the lens through which society views the world. You need the freedom of mind to avoid the influence of their fear and the negative attitudes the media has programmed in your peers.

All three of these necessary freedoms intertwine. Financial freedom gives your more insurance against government action. Political freedom gives you the dexterity to avoid being crushed by crashing economies. And freedom of mind gives you the ability to make the right financial and political decisions, even when society says you are crazy or paranoid to do so.

You should incorporate all three elements into your two-year plan. But the most important type of freedom depends on your particular situation, and desires. That is the first thing you need to be specific about.

What exactly is keeping you from being free?

The key is knowing that you can be free without changing entire political or social structures.

Being specific helps avoid that trap. It’s tempting to say, “I can’t be free because of the government.” But more likely, it is only a couple specific things about the government that impact your life. The rest is just an overwhelming feeling of helplessness, reinforced by the media and your fellow citizens.

Steph and Matt went from a state that had some of the highest taxes in the country, to one without an income tax. Their property taxes were cut in half, despite having 40 times the amount of land and the same size house as before. Massachusetts is restrictive when it comes to guns; now they can shoot in their own backyard.

And they are just one example. Those are some freedoms that they valued, but there are 49 other choices within the United States alone (and don’t forget Puerto Rico) that might better align with your ideas about freedom. And don’t rule out some of the 194 other countries on earth either!

The guide isn’t about voting, revolution, or sit-ins. This is about doing what is best for you to become the happiest person you can be. This is about building a life by your own design, and refusing to accept the limitations and obligations foisted on you by governments, corporations, and mainstream society.

You can take yourself from a place where you don’t feel free to a place where you are liberated—in two years.

It is true that “free” is a relative term. Changes are incremental. The point is improvement. It doesn’t matter where you are in life, or how old you are. You can make changes starting right now that will put you in a situation in two years that seems like an unrealistic dream today.

Remember, a two-year plan can and should be a step in the right direction, not a final destination.

When Steph and Matt moved to Florida, Matt still had to work full time at a job he didn’t like. So they formed another two-year plan. One year and nine months later, he quit his job.

He had been learning a new skill during that time, and building a side business. He now has an Ebay store. He sells things he finds at yard sales and thrift stores.

But again, he didn’t just up and quit his job and try his hand at something totally unknown to him. He worked hard to gain a new skill. It took up time after work that he would rather have spent with his wife and a beer on the back deck. But the effort paid off. He freed himself in one more way. He gained more skills and financial independence. His income is now subject to his own hard work, and not his employer.

During that time Steph was working hard to free herself further as well. Incrementally, over the course of the next two years, she added a large garden, chickens for eggs, and dairy goats to their minifarm. Now they are less dependent on other people for their food supply. They gave themselves a little more security and independence.

In life, there is no ultimate destination, but there MUST be checkpoints and accomplishments along the way. We are not promising the moon with our guide, we are providing lift-off.

And you should be happy about that. Anyone promising the moon is a liar.

The truth is that you can’t just snap your fingers and be free as the wind. But you can identify the specific things that keep you “enslaved” and eliminate them one by one.

The power is in you, but it is easy to get overwhelmed. This should not be a scary experience, it should be an exciting one that awakens the inner drive to make things happen in your own life.

It should be a liberating journey. Along the way you will discover for yourself what it really means to be free.

This article is the introduction to The Daily Bell’s free guide, How to Form a Two-Year Plan to Free Yourself. Click here to receive your free guide in your inbox right now.

Tell us in the comments what you have freed yourself from over the last two years, or what you plan to be free of two years from now!

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