Stop Clinging to False Hope and Face Reality
By Anthony Wile - August 20, 2011

All week long we have been witnessing a breakdown in global markets, or perhaps better stated – general public confidence. Gee, why would that be, we wonder? Why is it that the general public is not so easily convinced that all will be okay? Where is the usual confidence in their elected and non-elected leaders who've been given license to run the world, practically speaking?

Well, we don't want to be the ones who say, "We told you so," but we did. And besides our publishing efforts here at the Daily Bell, we have been trying our best to help spread the word as it relates to the oncoming financial hurricane (Hurricane Reality) for more than ten years now. Has it helped? Absolutely, for some. But as Jim Rogers often says, "I keep on talking about the same issues but no one seems to listen." We can relate to that sentiment.

However, for the most part – despite the ridicule, both public and private – I feel that there has been ample opportunity for people to educate themselves and take personal responsibility rather than wait for their elected or non-elected leaders to solve the very problems they themselves have caused. For anyone to believe they truly care and desire to do anything other than tighten the grip of their rule is foolhardy at best.

Everyone is complicit to some degree, but perhaps it is the people themselves, those being ruled, who are most to blame for the circumstances in which we all now find ourselves to varying degrees. Surely the American majority's willingness to shun the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights has enabled the "power seekers" to regulate and dominate virtually every aspect of an individual's life. For without the consent of the larger body, the rulers would have no power with which to abuse.

But as it is today, the greater mass of voters is still busy watching "Dancing with the Stars" and "American Idol." The vast majority of youth care not of real issues; rather they are focused on increasing the number of new "friends" who sign on to their Facebook accounts, or are busy discussing what Lady Gaga ate for dinner or some similar nonsense. It is a shame that people have fallen out of touch with the act of thinking and being responsible for their own lives.

Along with the decline of thought, we also have the decline of respect and moral dignity. This is not uncommon as societies near the end of their "run" as empires. It appears the American experiment is surely nearing that point in history. In fact, a quick look around America today leaves one rather uninspired when it comes to the "mental tone" underlying people's actions.

Clearly the state derives increased power by maintaining a dumbed-down population (mindless subservient slaves) who are not supposed to be capable of critical thinking. For if individuals are taught how to think, which enables them to question, where does the line stop? To encourage questioning would be self-defeating for international money power, which dominates the world today. So public schools are factories of misinformation designed to create obedient little "repeaters" who blindly run around echoing whatever is the latest sound bite with which they have been mentally injected by the "official sources" who provide the stimulation. And sadly, it works.

Just think back to the last US presidential election and those hundreds of thousands of people gathered in "worship" of their newly found prophet – Barack Obama. Gustave Le Bon would not have been surprised. Here is a rather famous quote from the 19th Century author who had personally witnessed the "crowd mentality," as the French Revolution unfolded:

"Crowds are somewhat like the sphinx of ancient fable: It is necessary to arrive at a solution of the problems offered by their psychology or to resign ourselves to being devoured by them."

Yet another wise observation from Le Bon:

"The unreal has about as much influence on them (crowds) as the real."

And here is exactly what we find when facing the reality of the situation as it presently stands – the crowd is a dumbed-down majority who are entirely dislocated from reality. The majority has long ago given up on accepting personal responsibility for taking care of their own lives, let alone those of their immediate family members. And the more the majority turns to the State for solutions, the more they commit themselves to a life that was never free and truly never really lived at all.

The "rulers" have replaced any sense of traditional spirituality and family values with an international state religion called "democracy." And it is centralized democracy – or "regulatory democracy" as it should correctly be labeled, which is a failed concept – that further empowers the power elite, for it lives and breathes, in fact thrives, on the naivete of the masses. It is the dominant social theme of today's version of democracy that is perhaps the most widely accepted and destructive meme of all.

As H. L. Mencken once said, "Democracy is only a dream: it should be put in the same category as Arcadia, Santa Claus, and Heaven."

Here is another quote, this one from Joseph Sobran, that seems quite apropo: "Democracy has proved only that the best way to gain power over people is to assure the people that they are ruling themselves. Once they believe that, they make wonderfully submissive slaves."

To think that a political philosophy (religion?) has become so adopted by the masses that they are willing to endorse the murder of millions of people around the world who stand in the way of international money power's desire to implement it in their countries is nothing short of awful. And it is ironic that the leading enforcer on the front line of this "spread" is the one country whose Founding Fathers stood tall against centralized rule and warned of the disastrous effects for societies that neglect the natural rights of the individual.

As the world turns, America's military-industrial complex is busily enforcing the globalist agenda by jamming democracy down the throats of anyone who stands in their way – with the barrel of a gun if necessary – despite the fact that the country is financially bust.

And of course, the United Nations, an elitist institution of the highest order, provides cover for the world's "bad boy enforcer" by passing resolution after resolution that create the necessary "impression" for the Western "voters" so as to garner their emotional support as the targeted nations' leaders are readied for dismissal. We see it everywhere – Tavistock Institute, the Council on Foreign Relations, and all the mainstream media outlets – they unanimously join together in chorus to sing the tunes that collectivize the blind support of the masses.

Murder is murder. It doesn't matter whether the person is white, back, yellow or red. We are all human beings with individual needs, hopes and desires. Any philosophy or belief system that enables people to commit atrocities based on the "ends justifies the means" principle is one that ultimately empowers a totalitarian regime in which all forms of freedom are repressed. And that is what the current Anglosphere "rulers" are working diligently to achieve.

However, the issue in focus as I began this editorial is where I will now return – the financial turmoil that has the world in a state of shock. Why is this happening? What is happening? Why now? What can the leaders do?

Simply put, there is a race going on, one that most people do not see and never will even know existed. They, the "mass of voters," will for the most part remain caught up in the illusion – the one that absolves them of personal responsibility and grants the State power over their lives, the belief that "others" really care. They will continue to turn for salvation to the very hands that have them enslaved. They are the fools who support centralized government power and regulatory democracy – and believe in their state-granted "rights."

But there is a growing legion of people who are becoming enlightened as to the way the "great game" is being played. They are waking up one by one to see that there is an international money elite who have been striving for global governance. And as they shake off their slumber they begin to see the very sophisticated edifices that have been constructed to create and maintain a grip over the minds of the masses so as to advance their efforts. It is the power of understanding – made possible by an as yet unregulated medium of mass communication, the Internet – that is threatening the elite's agenda.

And so, with the Internet Reformation working its societal shifting magic, the power elite are racing to bring together the remaining nations of the world under their "religion." Time is critical for them as the knowledge revolution – one we believe caught them by surprise – is working faster than most anticipated. Thus the never ending wars and threats of new ones that all seem to target nations that as of yet do not have in place Western puppets to go along with a global unification process.

Of course, it isn't sold this way to the general public – at least not via mainstream media sources, naturally. But take even a brief trip around the Internet and you will quickly find sites like ours where the blatant reality of the situation, at least as we see it, exists in black and white. And as more and more people are faced with this "reality" they are employing human action to try and get out of harm's way, at least financially if not physically, too.

Think about it for a minute. When the Gutenberg Press was invented back in the mid-15th Century, it took a couple hundred years before its societal shifting impact had really taken root. Today, unlike the printed book or pamphlet, bits and bytes travel in seconds throughout the world. And it is those tiny packets of unregulated information that are so devastating to the plans of international money power and which are moving this reformation along at lightning speed.

All of a sudden people are understanding the rot at the base of their monetary systems. They can see the game is rigged, and not on behalf of those who believe in democracy but those who are selling the dream. People can see that the newspapers and mainstream media broadcasts are pure propaganda that utilizes the Hegelian dialectic to create an illusion of democratic debate – when in fact all it is doing is constraining the discussion in order to arrive at pre-determined conclusions. People can now see the outright lies that spew forth from the mouths of the puppet leaders who pretend to run the State.

In essence, the Internet Reformation is destroying public confidence in the structural edifices that have been established by the elite. It is not just financial, but the whole apparatus that is losing "voters."

This is what is causing Hurricane Reality to build up even more momentum and destructive power as it spins above the Western world. That great invisible hand of nature holds the reins of its power to regulate change in the cruelest of ways when truth is stranger than fiction.

We see no way for confidence to be lifted or maintained in the current international system of regulatory democracy and global economic enslavement via central banking and fiat money. Nor do we think it should be. It is a poisonous global Ponzi scheme. Why would anyone want to save that – other than those most benefited by it?

However, until this great battle runs its course, there will undoubtedly be even greater turmoil around the world – both financially and militarily. Free-thinking individuals must decide for themselves how best to confront the decline of false hope and the rising barometer of reality. In the words of the late Harry Browne, people need to learn how to "Live Free in an Unfree World."

Perhaps one day in the not too distant future a new age will dawn – one in which, after experiencing much pain, we can grow forward a society that flourishes on the celebration of the individual rather than the State. Until then the masses of the world are sadly getting exactly what they deserve. Will their leaders someday face reality, too?