Fiscal Cliff Austerity: Just Another Meme Designed to Steal What is Yours
By Ron Holland - December 01, 2012

"Since a politician never believes what he says, he is quite surprised to be taken at his word." – Charles De Gaulle

In my home country, the United States, we are watching the German and EU austerity demands destroy economies, social structures and entire nations all to protect the leading banking elites and their profits. In 2013 the false meme of austerity is also coming to the United States. Leading GOP politicians are now announcing plans to break their No Tax pledges just as we warned they would. After all, the word and honor of all but a very few senators and house members means nothing once election season ends.

Of course, common sense tells us that all governments need to spend and borrow less but they never will. After all, the long running recession/depression of the West means less tax revenue to governments because the taxable income of individual citizens is down dramatically.

The austerity meme is the false crisis solution being propagandized by the power elite in order to build public support for benefit cuts and wealth confiscation. This fake austerity solution sounds reasonable but it isn't because governments will continue to spend and borrow. They plan to make up the difference by cutting government services and programs and increasing taxes to draconian confiscatory levels.

Equal Opportunity For Once

While the top echelons of government bureaucrats just like the privileged big business corporate elites will be exempt except for minor personal tax increases, the burden will as always fall on the poor and middle classes.

The only good news is throughout the West many low- and middle-level government employees and bureaucrats will finally get a bitter taste of what they have been dishing out to those of us in the productive private sector for decades. There are few new jobs available in the private sector and private industry will seldom hire ex-government employees, for obvious reasons.

This means those on the government dole, whether working, on welfare programs or in unions, will do anything to keep their checks coming. Therefore, as part of the "necessary" austerity measures their generous healthcare and retirement plans can be cut, as well as salaries, as most of these wards of the state will still vote for the big government parties. They have no other alternatives. Thus, their core constituency status will remain while they now take their turn being screwed.

Simply watch what is happening to benefits, healthcare and retirement benefits in Greece, Italy and Spain and you'll see the future in the United States.

Benefit Theft

Many in the US will find themselves increasingly "means tested" out of their promised and guaranteed Social Security benefits and forced back into permanent life-long contributions.

Austerity is just another word for nothing left to lose to the government. It will end when your wealth, benefits and assets are gone. This false meme will be replaced with another once all of the available wealth, income and gold can be taken and your promised benefits cut to whatever degree possible short of generating violence and revolution.

Therefore, any supposed credibility in the success of politically enforced austerity is just another excuse to get more of your hard earned dollars. Like democracy, global warming and Keynesian economics, this is just another scam meme to con you out of personal wealth and liberties.