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James Jaeger on Gun Control, Nikola Tesla and the Inevitability of the Internet Reformation
By Anthony Wile - January 06, 2013

Introduction: James Jaeger is an award-winning filmmaker who co-founded Matrix Productions, which has partnered with Cornerstone Entertainment to produce a series of political documentaries. One of the first was "Fiat Empire" about the Federal Reserve System, featuring Congressman Ron Paul, which garnered a Telly Award and went viral as the #1 film on the Internet for six months. Matrix Productions continues to develop, produce and market motion pictures. Currently in production is "Molon Labe."

Daily Bell: Last time we spoke to you about your film, "SPOiLER." We may repeat some questions but please bear with us. Tell us what it was about and how it was received.

James Jaeger: "SPOiLER – How a Third Political Party Could Win" was a little bit of a disappointment in that no third political party DID win. So here we are, right back in the "DemoPublican" soup, as Nelson Hultberg, inspiration for "SPOiLER," might say. Nevertheless, we anticipated this would happen so we stuffed the movie full of incredible interviews that are valid no matter who's in the White House. In short, "SPOiLER" explores the political, economic and philosophical ethos of the past 98 years for insights into the debt-driven, welfare-warfare state and ways Americans can get back to a constitutional republic. Pat Buchanan, Edwin Vieira Jr., G. Edward Griffin, Pastor Chuck Baldwin, Peter Lillback, Jack Rooney and others do an excellent job making the case.

Daily Bell: Back up and give readers a sense of your history and how you came to be a freedom-oriented filmmaker.

James Jaeger: I grew up near Valley Forge Park on the Mainline, 20 miles east of Philadelphia, the birthplace of our nation. Living in the environment of the Founders, there is an ever-present memory of the sacrifices they made to get this nation started. I also have some of this memory in my DNA, as I am an eighth-generation American and members of my early family served in the first Continental Congress. One of my ancestors, Francis Lightfoot Lee of Virginia, was a signer of the Declaration and our co-producer, Henrietta M. Jaeger, is the current president of The National Society of Colonial Dames (17th Century Penn's Grant). It thus literally makes my blood boil when I see rogue politicians, usurpers and tyrants infiltrate our government and attempt to corrupt our Constitution with old world principles such as socialism, Marxism, fascist central planning, fiat currency, oligarchy and Keynesian economics, that have never worked.

Daily Bell: How has your work been received generally of late? Can you still walk down the streets of Hollywood?

James Jaeger: You must be referring to my involvement with the Film Industry Reform Movement and my co-founding partner, entertainment-securities attorney, John W. Cones. Unfortunately, Hollywood still returns my calls. I say unfortunately because nothing seems to happen for decades even when they call. Of late I am bugging one of the top executives at Warner Bros to see the wisdom in placing her current Tesla project into turnaround and having a look at OUR current Tesla project, "TESLA – The Poet of Electricity."

Daily Bell: Are you sensing an upswing in attention? Are your movies making money?

James Jaeger: I don't make the political films to make money and any money they generate goes back into the production of new public service films. I make these films mainly to bug the s–t out of people that hate the Constitution. Interestingly, the stats for our little YouTube exhibition site at OriginalIntentDoc started out at about 20 screenings of our movies per day but are now over 15,000 screenings per day. Yes, these films ARE getting out, to the horror of some. People are tuning in to watch "SPOiLER," "Fiat Empire," "Original Intent," "Cultural Marxism" and "Corporate Fascism," all at that site for free. And some are even tuning in to watch a feature I made while working in Hollywood, "Snapshot Blues" starring Penthouse Pet, Monique Gabrielle.

Daily Bell: Remind our readers about Matrix.

James Jaeger: I was working with cinematographer-director, Lee Garmes and B. Jackson Mahon (Errol Flynn's producer and manager) when I was in Hollywood. Both of them inspired and helped me start Matrix Productions. The company DBA was filed as Matrix, one x, but my then-girlfriend talked me into using two x's, so Matrix productions became Matrixx Productions. But since we don't produce porn it really makes no sense to have double x's. Maybe my ex-girlfriend was thinking of next trying to talk us into shooting porn. Who knows what's in the minds of some LA chicks? At any rate, we incorporated Matrixx Productions in 1990 as Matrixx Entertainment Corporation and we now have 52 stockholders that b–ch and moan whenever I screw up.

Daily Bell: Remind our readers about some of your other work including "Original Intent" and your breakthrough film, "Fiat Empire."

James Jaeger: In between features we often produce a number of smaller films. These films are often public service films to promote art shows (like "In Liquid"), new talents, musical bands, antique auctions, fundraisers and historical associations and events. You can see many of them at our Matrix Entertainment Short Documentaries channel at YouTube and your readers can follow our production assembly line on all the films at MatrixxProductions.net.

Daily Bell: Remind us of the costs involved of making political documentaries. This seems an ideal field for you.

James Jaeger: Documentaries are built in the editing room. As such they are mainly made of THOUGHT rather than MONEY. The simplest form of documentary is the "home movie." Many of us make them so we know they can be produced for as little as $5, virtually the cost of the video tape. On the other hand, the average Hollywood feature costs about $115 million today. This includes both the production and marketing budget. Filmmaker Michael Moore, the left-wing darling, spent $140,000 to make the anti-corporation "Roger and Me," $3 million to make the anti-Second Amendment movie, "Bowling for Columbine," $6 million to make the anti-Bush movie, "Fahrenheit 9/11," $9 million to make the pro-ObamaCare movie, "Sicko" and $20 million to make the anti-capitalism movie, "Capitalism: A Love Story." I only need between $20,000 and $95,000 to make my libertarian-conservative films. Since I can make these public service documentaries so inexpensively I often wonder why conservatives don't jump at the chance to get multiple films into simultaneous production. If it takes an average of $7 million for each one of Michael Moore's left-wing movies we can make 70 conservative-libertarian movies for every one Moore makes. That said, I am deeply grateful to the handful of conservatives and libertarians who have broken the mold and helped support my films. For such "concerned citizens" I have great respect. Thank you. As for the rest: They will get what's coming to them if we lose this battle.

Daily Bell: You called this the golden age of documentary films. Still feel that way?

James Jaeger: With the advent of the Non-Linear Editing system, the manipulation of vast quantities of film and video tape is now at the hands of any moron who can type or use a mouse. This brings out a lot of trash-documentaries and such documentaries are all over places like Netflix and Blockbuster. But on the vast Internet at large there constantly emerge works of such brilliance that mainstream media execs and globalists can only cower and run in horror. By the way, there is something MORE on the movie horizon. Not only does this continue to be the Golden Age of Documentaries, but the Golden Age of Video-on-Demand TV Series, as well. One has to but watch the "Breaking Bad" series, the British "Sherlock Holmes" series and/or the "Doctor Who" series to know what I am talking about. Video-on-demand over the Internet makes possible the CONTINUOUS AND UNINTERRUPTED, COMMERCIAL-FREE screening of a long-form TV series. "Breaking Bad" is 5 seasons of about 14 episodes each. To watch something like "Breaking Bad" under any other conditions is PURE, frustrating insanity. And those who have actually watched it know exactly what I mean.

Daily Bell: Give us an update on Hollywood, which just had a banner year. How's that possible?

James Jaeger: I just renewed my subscription to the Hollywood Reporter after a hiatus of about 25 years. In short, I have no idea what the freak Hollywood is up to these days, but after digesting Reporter and several other mags such as American Cinematographer, I will be back up to speed. One thing that's different in Hollywood is the studios have stopped reporting production-marketing budgets as of 2007. So that should tell us something. Maybe the studios – given the crappy fiat/Fed-infested economy we have been in in the past X decades – are getting ready to launder drug money to survive. Keeping the public in the dark as to budgets could serve this purpose nicely. Sony Pictures's execs have not only been producing "Breaking Bad" but possibly learning from its writers. But one thing that can be said about Hollywood: It has taught the rest of the world's industries how to "creative account." Now almost every major corporation operates no differently than the plot to Fatal Subtraction, the book about Art Buchwald v. Paramount Pictures.

Daily Bell: The Internet continues to make distribution progress against Hollywood. Explain how that's working.


James Jaeger: The movie addict can now get 1080p HD over the broadband Internet, just as the 1995 Matrixx Internet Distribution Business Plan approximated. This means the MPAA studio/distributors are no longer the only distribution hubs. Of course, they are trying to get their pet congressmen to pass all manner of anti-Internet "laws," such as SOPA, PIPA and CISPA, to regain control. If they ever DO get control of the Internet, the only thing free men and women will be able to do is deploy peer-to-peer, self-repairing, amorphous networks. This would be a totally independent network that would have no service charges or monthly fees. It would NOT depend on or run over the Internet, World Wide Web, Telnet, FTP, WAIS, microwaves, RF, satellite or ANY of the current – HIGHLY REGULATED AND GLOBAL GOVERNMENT-SUPPRESSED – networks in the world. (See the Kurzweil AI Forums for a complete description of the potential.)

Daily Bell: Where does the industry go from here? Where do you go from here?

James Jaeger: I think the movie industry is dead. The age of looking at shadows on a wall is over. The new entertainment age that's emerging is virtual reality, a "place" where one gets to not only LOOK at shadows but PLAY with them. Since the Lumiere brothers' projector popularized movies as mass entertainment around 1895 audiences have watched virtually every plot human beings can dream up in a given reality. James Cameron gave us a glimpse of the first movie that was believable and seamless 3D. My mentor, Lee Garmes, produced and directed the very first 3D movie ("Hannah Lee"), but that 3D didn't have computers and laser technology. Next are headset personal movie theaters and later the image will be painted directly onto the retina by lasers. Among these advances we will see photo-realistic actors, much better than the ones that first appeared in "Final Fantasy."

Note the studios have suppressed this technology as they suppressed the technology of large cheap plasma screens. Why? It will put them out of business. Anyone in the movie business with even one (1) technically-oriented brain cell knows that competition (people like me) will soon be able to completely animate feature motion pictures with any set, location, vehicle, prop, special effect OR star we want for very modest budgets. We have already started this process on our "Ecospheres" project. When my mentor shot the first movie to use mazda lights (the forerunner to incandescent lights) on the set, when he shot the first 70mm widescreen feature ("The Big Fisherman") and produced the first feature shot entirely on videotape ("Why?"), some called him crazy prior to each accomplishment. Before Lee passed away, I interviewed him on some of this. There's a link to the interview on my page about Lee at Mecfilms.com.

As for me, I would like to make some documentaries on subjects that are socially taboo. I have three such films in mind but they would probably have to be made in reasonable secrecy. This is not my normal way of doing things, as the donor-funding of my political documentaries depends on briefing everyone every step of the way. Yes, you can watch every step of the long, tedious progress of producing a documentary, like "Molon Labe," my current film on the Second Amendment (at www.molon.us). So the taboo films I would like to make would have to be co-funded by me, our company and maybe one or two other partners that agreed they should be made, and would make them with no fanfare. NO these films are NOT whistle-blowing films on any government activities or secrets, so any DHS agents reading this can go back to eating their donuts.

Daily Bell: These days the elites are having trouble with their wars and with influencing society generally, in our view, thanks to the Internet. Do you see this erosion of credibility affecting Hollywood?

James Jaeger: I have your editor's book, High Alert, and feel he's spot on with his analysis of the Internet Reformation. In this book Anthony Wile explicates the impact of the new technology and compares it to the Gutenberg press. This press ushered in an Age of Enlightenment. I would say when many brains can be networked together – by books or computers – you get a supercomputing entity. The power elite, with their wet-dreams of centralized, top-down control, hate the idea of distributed intelligence. But when you network millions or billions of people together with emails, discussion forums, websites, blogs, FTP servers and video-on-demand you get what is know in AI computer science as a "global brain." This global brain depends on distributed intelligence rather than one centralized supercomputer the power elite is probably trying to build in some billion-dollar garage or basement.

Since the Hollywood-based US motion picture industry – in conspiracy with the New York-based mainstream media – is always working to indoctrinate the public with anti-Constitutional themes, pro-gun regulation themes, anti-religion themes, pro-gay/lesbian themes, anti-family themes, pro-Marxist themes, anti-free market themes, the Internet serves to counter all these agenda-driven themes. As John Cones points out in his many works, movies reflect their makers and since over 75 percent of the top executives at the studios are "politically liberal, not-very-religious, Jewish males of European heritage," the movies that get green-lit reflect mainly this demographic's views on reality. And readers, PLEASE don't call me anti-Semitic for quoting John. I love Jews and feel they had a perfect right to establish the movie industry in Hollywood because Edison and his trust attorneys back East were a suppressive and greedy bunch. We are trying to tell part of this story in "TESLA – The Poet of Electricity" if anyone will listen to what I'm saying here.

Daily Bell: You keep forging ahead. Any times you have doubted or regretted your path?

James Jaeger: I'm sure if Hollywood studios had given me the budget ($500,000 to $10 million ) for even one of the 153 films I wrote, developed or optioned for them on spec, my attitude would be different. The fact is: I am no different than millions of other filmmakers and artists out there. The Copyright Cartel (as Max Keiser calls them) consisting of the movie and record studios scoop up all these artists and extort more than 98 percent of the cash flow in contracts of adhesion. It's so bad, agents have been demanding up-front fees or gross participation for their name talents equal to the sum of money they predict the studio will steal through cross-collateralization and/or creative accounting. So I don't regret my path because look at all the great material Hollywood provides for a filmmaker who's a black sheep in the tribe.

Daily Bell: Where is the freedom movement headed in America? Have you seen it evolve in the past year?

James Jaeger: Well, if you ask some – such as Jack and Margy Flynn – the freedom movement is headed nowhere. I am more optimistic. I feel all this global chaos and violence is good. When ORDER goes in, CHAOS blows off. All that's happening is the chaos and violence visited upon the World's People by the Globalists and their Power Elite is blowing off, meaning their centralized command world must crumble before the new metaphysical Age of Distributed Intelligence can blossom. This is in process now. People are talking with each other and realizing how infinite the universe is yet how f–ked they are. See my movie project that failed at Jaegerresearchinstitute.org/articles/globalization3. People these days are also discussing WHO is responsible and HOW to handle them. Those responsible are simple to identify. They are the people and entities that profit from war and weapons. The people and entities that profit from fiat currency. The people and entities that suppress art and beauty. They are the people and entities that abuse science and technology. They are the ones that abuse the biosphere. They are the people and entities that keep endless secrets and use governmental force to coerce and accomplish nefarious ends.

Daily Bell: Were you disappointed about what happened to Ron Paul?

James Jaeger: When we were making "SPOiLER" I tried as hard as I could to get him into the show. In a letter to me he said he wasn't going to run third-party and so did Jeff Deist, his chief of staff. True to form, he kept his word. He didn't want to be in a movie about third parties, as that would tease his fans and constituents. Dr. Paul also knew that if he ran third-party he would have received much less media attention. Thus, to get his vision of a more libertarian-conservative world out, he had no choice but to hang with the idiots in the GOP. Watch "SPOiLER" for more on that.

Daily Bell: Did he have a chance to win the election? What happened?

James Jaeger: I have maintained in various articles and in "SPOiLER" that Ron Paul COULD have won had he gone third-party. He could have taken 12 percent of the Republican vote, 15 percent of the Independents and 11 percent of the Democrats, giving him 38 percent, enough to win the presidency in a three-man race. This probable-fact seemed to terrify political strategists such as Karl Rove and Ed Rollins. In the end, I don't think Ron Paul wanted to be Prez anyway. When I met with him last month for the "Molon Labe" interview, I asked him what he's going to do now. He said he was going to continue with his program of educating people on the Constitution. I would say this means a major TV show is on the horizon.

Daily Bell: What will Obama do now?

James Jaeger: Obama is basically an actor working for his masters at the Council on Foreign Relations. His mission will be to continue the fine work started by George Bush and Bill Clinton, both also actors with CFR Productions. The plot of their productions is always the same: Socialize the US, disarm it, wire-tap it, milk it for taxes and debt service, dumb it down, push more power to the corps, disenfranchise the states and the poor, encourage non-European immigration under the Immigration Act of 1965, jail pot users, build the military-industrial complex, push DHS and use the War of Terror to "justify" it all.

Daily Bell: Are you worried about being targeted as a terrorist?

James Jaeger: I have actually never thought about it. Well, if I ever disappear I hope The Daily Bell will say something. You will be able to tell if I disappear because the incessant emails will stop.

Daily Bell: Could you be?

James Jaeger: My understanding of a terrorist is someone who uses violence and force to cause change – you know, the daily work of a government. I, on the other hand, believe reason, movies and love do a better job helping people understand the world and choosing directions. Anyway, I'm sure they'll come for the elves at The Daily Bell long before they come for me. 🙂

Daily Bell: Is the system irreparably broken?

James Jaeger: No. All we need to do is enact term limits and revitalize the militia and things will start to self-repair. See my article at Jaegerresearchinstitute.org/articles/term_limits.htm if you don't know what I mean.

Daily Bell: Tell us about your new movie, "Molon Labe." It's about the Second Amendment?

James Jaeger: History has demonstrated time and again that, to the degree citizens are unarmed, government suppression and tyranny are inevitable. The Founders of the United States knew these lessons well. This is why the US Constitution not only grants American citizens the "right to keep and bear arms" – but the DUTY to be well-organized as state militias reporting to their respective governors. But this duty, as well as the militia, is often misunderstood. As a result, a "gun-control lobby" has been steadily eroding the original intent of the Founders by passing illegal gun control "laws," funding a standing global army and destroying the 300-year-old militia system established by WE THE PEOPLE.

"Molon Labe" – inspired by The Sword and Sovereignty by Edwin Vieira, Jr., explores the "power of the sword" and how it guarantees Americans' freedom.

Daily Bell: Who are you interviewing?

James Jaeger: We have so far interviewed Ron Paul and G. Edward Griffin. A clip of Dr. Paul's interview is available here. We are interviewing Stewart Rhodes (founder of www.OathKeepers.org) and Chuck Baldwin (www.ChuckBaldwinLive.com) on January 8th and others shortly after. The others slated for interview are Patrick J. Buchanan, Jesse Ventura, Ed Asner, Larry Pratt, Alex Jones, Sheriff Mack, CDR. David R. Gillie, Jack Rooney, Edwin Vieira Jr. and Catherine Austin Fitts. We also have on "Molon Labe" a very able and productive producer unit this time. I really appreciate the incredible work and support our associate producers, Diana Zoppa, Elias Alias, Carol Snyder and Brian Rockey, have given this production. I also wish to mention Dan Happel, who has been wonderfully supportive on all the films and who is one of our most treasured executive producers.

Daily Bell: How's it coming? When will it be out?

James Jaeger: Given this movie is inspired by, if not based on, the works of Edwin Vieira, Jr. (a multi-talented genius with four degrees from Harvard) and has Ron Paul and G. Edward Griffin (both needing no introduction) already in it, I would say it's coming along great! We have veteran radio star Kris Chandler back to narrate and his narration of "Molon Labe" couldn't be finer. We are planning an update for "Fiat Empire" (the "power of the purse") taking it from 59 minutes to at least 110 minutes. Since Kris did "Fiat Empire" and now "Molon Labe" (the "power of the sword"), we will have narration consistency for a two-punch series on both of these vital powers WE THE PEOPLE must always maintain.

The amount of time it will take to finish "Molon Labe" will be a function of how much money we have to work with. As it stands now, it should be finished in about 12 months. However, if donations come in sufficiently, we could get this film done in 6 months, or even 3 months if the full budget of $96,000 is funded. Approximately $35,000 of the budget has been funded to date. See www.molon.us/donate if you want to help.

Daily Bell: Will you send us a trailer?

James Jaeger: Sure, I'd be happy to. We already have a short pre-production trailer up at our YouTube channel for your readers who may be pressed for time. And if The Daily Bell is interested in sponsoring the world premiere for "Molon Labe" as it did for "SPOiLER," just let me know.

Daily Bell: What did you think of the Sandy Hook shootings?

James Jaeger: The same thing I think every time there's a shooting: I bet the parents of those dead kids wish THEY were present with THEIR GUNS. Of course, if Piers Morgan were a parent present at Sandy Hook, he probably would have just stood there – even if he had a gun.

Daily Bell: Why is there always so much confusion over these shootings and who the shooter is?

James Jaeger: Well, some say there are more than the advertized number of shooters, hence these mass shootings are false-flag ops. I don't know. I haven't studied this enough but I will say this: The attack that happened on 9-11 may very well have been a false-flag op. The producers of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth are continuing to bring salient questions and theories to light, and they even have Ed Asner on one of the latest shows. If 9-11 were eventually proven to have been a false-flag op, it could totally ruin the credibility of the federal government. I think WE THE PEOPLE would then have to hold a Continental Congress and re-boot the US government under a possible 2.0 version of the US Constitution. It certainly doesn't have to come to this if concerned citizens better apply the principles in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence and oust the rogues that are trying to destroy the Middle Class and corrupt the American Dream.

Daily Bell: It's almost as if the powers-that-be WANT confusion.

James Jaeger: Confusion is always risky. In the fog, one never knows who will emerge with the knife. I would say the powers-that-be HAVE confusion, not necessarily WANT confusion, for what they really want is CONTROL. Control and confusion are antithetical conditions. But this confusion, as I mentioned earlier, is probably good. It's simply a new level of order establishing itself out of chaos. The "global brain" is at work, designing the future. It's technically impossible to comprehend the future because no human-level brain – or even a nation of humans – can compute that number of factors like an emergent global consciousness can. Given this, I am optimistic and certain the naves of scarcity will eventually be replaced by the abundance being created now by exponentially-expanding technology. All we have to do is keep the button-wielding psychopaths in government away from the public treasury and remedy the monetary system with a competing, non-fiat currency.

Daily Bell: What's your conclusion? Is gun control necessary for a peaceful society?

James Jaeger: Yes. The Old West was a very peaceful place. The only places everyone gets mass-murdered are in these "gun-free zones." Most everyone in Switzerland is required to train and "bear" a gun, like the militia conceived by the US Framers. The gun-control lobby, however, simply wants to disarm everyone. Every time there's another mass killing they use it to "justify" FEWER guns rather than MORE guns. Frankly, I agree with them in theory: Fewer, even NO guns, would be optimum. But is this really practical? In order for the "fewer guns" theory to work you have to disarm not only PEOPLE but also GOVERNMENTS. You can't have one CLASS (of anything) monopolizing lethal weapons. There are probably just as many psychopaths in government (with far bigger weapons) as there are in the general population. In fact, since government generally attracts well-meaning power-freaks, you can bet there are probably more psychopaths in government than the general population. This is why every would-be government employee, from congressmen and presidents to office workers and military recruits, should probably be given some sort of psychological evaluation before being sworn in. This is approaching the topic of one of my "taboo" movies. Ideally, other than hunting for food, THE ONLY PURPOSE FOR A WEAPON IS TO DESTROY ANOTHER WEAPON.

Daily Bell: Will the US experience fuller gun control? Is that dangerous?

James Jaeger: The Constitution addresses arms and the role of the militia in four distinct places, the Second Amendment being the most famous. As our new movie, "Molon Labe," will explain, "gun control" is actually illegal per the Constitution, the highest law in the land. The Supreme Court's decision in Norton v. Shelby County reminds us that "an unconstitutional act is not a law; it imposes no duties; it is, in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed." Thus, any regulations or "laws" asking citizens to disarm themselves, or facilitate their disarmament, violates the legal intent of the Constitution, for the intent of the Constitution is that the citizens be armed as part of their state Militia. Not only that but as we explore in the movie, the Constitution expects all able-bodied citizens between certain ages to be AS armed AS the general government. This is NOT to instigate some new Lexington or Concord, but to ensure WE THE PEOPLE have a sufficient deterrent to any federal army or navy going rogue under tyrannical influence. History and Lord Acton show that tyranny inevitably develops in any and all governments, given enough time. See the movie, "Innocents Betrayed" if you don't believe me. The only protection against such inevitability is the distributed force of an armed citizenry to balance the central-planned force of a general government. This is one of the great NEW ideas that gave birth to the American Republic, an idea never grasped in the "Old World" where people like Piers Morgan are surrounded by eight crumbling empires, their citizens having practiced policies of "good" gun-control.

Daily Bell: What's the state of liberty generally in the US? Is the Constitution still salvageable?

James Jaeger: As long as WE THE PEOPLE maintain the "power of the sword" the Constitution is secure. To this end we have some 80 million gun owners with some 330 guns in the nation. As we say in the movie, "If America ever reached the point where Congress, or some police-state agency created to do the dirty work, demands WE THE PEOPLE 'turn in our arms,' the only appropriate response for patriots who will not accept slavery would be 'molon labe' – COME AND GET THEM, as Leonides, the Spartan King, bellowed to the Persian envoy at the battle of Thermopylae in 350 BC."

Daily Bell: Update our viewers on where they can find your movies and how they can access them.

James Jaeger: All of our movies are up on YouTube for free or you can get them on higher quality, advertisement-free DVD. To watch them for free go to YouTube.com/OriginalIntentDoc and to get DVDs go to www.MoviePubs.Net. Reality Zone, News With Views and World Net Daily also carry our DVDs. I really wish I could find an ethical, patriotic distributor to mass-market these movies, one that wouldn't try to usurp the DVD manufacturing function (as they all usually try to do).

Daily Bell: Before we forget, update us further on Tesla. That's in the works as well.

James Jaeger: Again, our Tesla film is called "TESLA – The Poet of Electricity" and its website is at www.PoetOfElectricity.com. The screenplay depicts the REAL story of Nikola Tesla, the story that explains how Thomas Edison and J. P. Morgan screwed Tesla. To this very day, you can bet Warner Bros. and the other studios do business with J. P. Morgan's banks and even Edison's company, General Electric, which incidentally owns RCA , hence NBC is a partner with Universal Studios. Whether Hollywood finances the TESLA project or not makes little difference. We will eventually produce it independently. One of the advantages of this is it will cost $50 million less. We won't have to hire a Ridley Scott to direct it and we won't have to pay studio overhead to a bunch of executives that just sit around and say "no." I would be glad to direct an independent production of TESLA, as I wrote the screenplay and who really knows the story and characters better? The Tesla Science Foundation, the largest Tesla Society in the world, has reviewed and endorsed the screenplay and assured me that there are at least 100 million scientists and fans around the world that are interested in, if not mad about, Nikola Tesla. Given a $5 ticket sale to 100 million people, that's $500 million to the independent production company that tells the studios to go f–k themselves. So hopefully, I will soon NOT be able to walk down even Hollywood Boulevard.

Daily Bell: Tell us more about Tesla and why he is worthy of a documentary.

James Jaeger: On June 21, 1943, in case #369, the US Supreme Court ruled that Nikola Tesla had invented radio because his 4-tuned circuits were not only essential but predated all relevant patents of Marconi and his corporate co-conspirators, as the movie goes into. In 1960, The International Commission for Electrical Engineering recognized Nikola Tesla posthumously by designating the "tesla" as the unit of magnetic induction. Thus, Nikola Tesla officially joined the ranks of the world's most outstanding scientists, among which are Watt, Volta, Ampere, Coulomb, Joule, Faraday, Kelvn and Newton, all of whom also enjoy having had a "unit" named after them. Today, the world uses 18 trillion watts of electrical power each year, most of this energy generated on the 60-cycle Tesla standard. By the year 2100, the world will use over 200 trillion watts per year and be on its way to a Class II Civilization, a civilization that is exploring and colonizing the solar system.

Daily Bell: Did JP Morgan really hold him back. Was Edison really a scheming son-of-a-gun?

James Jaeger: The movie goes into the romantic relationship between J.P. Morgan's daughter, Anne, and Nikola Tesla. We see what really motivated Morgan to pull the financial plug on Tesla and help Thomas Edison form General Electric. In short, "TESLA – The Poet of Electricity" debunks establishment history.

Daily Bell: Is it true that many of Tesla's secrets are still hidden and not revealed? What might they be?

James Jaeger: I am working with a licensed private detective on a second Tesla movie now. This movie will speculate on what happened at Tesla's death and who has his inventions to this very day. From the 4th to the 7th of January 2013, Nikola Lonchar, president of the Tesla Science Foundation, is having a Tesla conference in New York at the New Yorker Hotel, the last place Tesla lived before his death. I am supposed to speak at the conference about the film project. See TeslaScienceFoundation.org if you wish to attend or see videos of the conference.

Daily Bell: Any last points you want to make?

James Jaeger: I appreciate The Daily Bell giving me the opportunity to discuss the state of the nation and the films. I hope your readers will get a copy of Edwin Vieira's new 2,250-page book, The Sword and Sovereignty and visit the "Molon Labe" site at Molon.us/donate with a view towards helping us get this important film done sooner rather than later. Think about it. We can get this film out to millions of people BEFORE we are disarmed or AFTER we're disarmed. Which do you think will be easier?

Daily Bell: Thanks for sitting down with us.

James Jaeger: You are welcome.

After Thoughts

We appreciate James Jaeger's efforts at enlightening people about what's going on. The idea of doing a documentary on guns and gun control is a timely one because of the terrible shootings in Colorado and Connecticut. In fact, it is past time.

A documentary on Nikola Tesla is also long overdue. It is very interesting that Mr. Jaeger hints that personal animosity motivated JP Morgan, apparently having to do with a relationship between Tesla and his daughter. So much of history was lost in the 20th century and now, thanks to what we call the Internet Reformation (and people like James Jaeger), much of it is being increasingly reclaimed.

Of course, we await the day when Tesla's theories regarding the electrical universe are finally made available to mainstream physics. As we've written many times, the idea of an electric universe is a most convincing one. Gravity is a weak force and electricity is a strong force.

Chances are, as Tesla apparently figured out, electricity is all around us in the atmosphere and even throughout the universe, built into the fabric of space/time. We just need to figure out how to tap it – how to gain access to it.

The same people we cover regularly, the power elite, probably know a lot more about Tesla's investigations than has been made public thus far. Or so we would speculate based on behavior patterns we've isolated elsewhere.

Mr. Jaeger can do the world a great favor by making clear what Tesla seemingly discovered and how it might show us the key to cheaper energy accessible to all.

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