5 Reforms That Would Save the US Empire from Decline
By Joe Jarvis - August 24, 2022

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The United States Empire has existed since the end of World War II, after global infrastructure and manufacturing capacity was destroyed, and the US was the last man standing.

This, along with securing the dollar as the global reserve currency, allowed the US to prosper.

And while I’m sure you know I have plenty of criticism of US imperialism, it has also kept the world relatively peaceful for quite some time.

By being on Team USA, countries agree not to go to war with each other. The USA keeps the seas peaceful enough to facilitate cheap international shipping, which allows countries to trade. And countries which mutually benefit from trade have a great reason not to go to war.

But there are many signs that the US Empire is in terminal decline:

  • Weakening position of US dollar as a global reserve
  • Failure of military intervention in the Middle East
  • Priorities which have nothing to do with freedom and prosperity, and are contributing to the exact opposite

Here is how the USA could rebrand and restructure to become a powerful global force for good:

  1. Strip down to an organization focused solely on defense, foreign affairs, and interstate infrastructure (NOT interstate commerce).
  2. Leave everything else to the state governments, and act as mediator/ facilitator to broker treaties, trade agreements, and voluntary cooperation between states
  3. Allow states to join freely if they want to be represented internationally and defended by DC, and if they value the union with other states
  4. States pay taxes to US based on the services received. Citizens are not taxed by the Federal government and have almost no interaction with DC
  5. Float the currency and interest rates, print no more dollars

Of course, the chances of any of this actually happening are slim to none.

And it can be pretty dangerous to live within, or within reach, of a crumbling empire.

They tend to become more confiscatory, issue more regulations, debase their currency, and get into more conflicts internally and externally.

  1. The first step is to make sure you don’t rely on any “services” that will collapse.
  2. The second step is to make sure you have the strength to survive in the vacuum, or in an era of increased corruption.

And the way to do that is build a parallel economy, so we have structures to rely on. And build a strong community, so we have strength in numbers.

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