A Century of Infamy?
By Staff News & Analysis - December 07, 2011

Leon Panetta Marks Pearl Harbor Day … Defense Secretary Leon Panetta will commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor Wednesday at a wreath-laying at the U.S. Navy Memorial in Washington, D.C. In an earlier message to survivors of the Pearl Harbor attack, Panetta praised them as "the greatest generation." … "We treasure you. You have brought everlasting credit to your fallen comrades. The men and women in today's military stand on the shoulders of your individual and combined sacrifice and service to our nation," said Panetta, according to the Department of Defense. – Politico

Dominant Social Theme: Let this day live in infamy – for the reasons WE give.

Free-Market Analysis: Today is Pearl Harbor Day, the day that will "live in infamy." From our humble point of view, the mainstream narrative of Pearl Harbor Day is nothing more than an elite dominant social theme – the dastardly "Nips" attacked a peace-loving giant, and 'lo the titan awoke, enraged …

Probably not so. There are literally hundreds of timelines on the Internet showing that FDR either knew – or suspected – a Japanese attack against Pearl Harbor and was content to let it occur in order to engender the entry of the US into World War II.

Of course, if one looks at the mainstream media today, as any other day, not even lip service is paid to the idea that FDR could have known what was about to happen. Even the merest breath of foreknowledge is dismissed outright.

It is like the "magic bullet" that hit JFK and others in his tragic motorcade about a dozen times before coming to rest. Never mind that the theory is ludicrous. The Warren Commission decided on its relevance and fidelity.

In fact, once one has made up his or her mind to the reality of directed history, a lot of confusing events snap into place. The Internet, of course, has been very helpful in this regard.

The mainstream may continue to mumble about "conspiracies" but for anyone who chooses to look, the evidence is increasingly clear. The Anglosphere power elite seeks global government and will seemingly inflict any amount of economic and military chaos on the long-suffering world in order to get it. Out of chaos … order.

Only we're not supposed to know. And without what we call the Internet Reformation, we probably WOULDN'T know. But there it is. The Internet exists. The knowledge is available. The ones who seem not to have gotten the message are the elites themselves and their bought-and-paid-for mainstream media. Here's some more from the article:

"We treasure you. You have brought everlasting credit to your fallen comrades,' Panetta said."You are the veterans of that greatest generation. You have lived full lives and witnessed years of great prosperity because of the freedom you helped to secure for America and her allies."

The Defense Secretary drew a parallel between the survivors of the attack on Pearl Harbor and survivors of 9/11. "I know you take great pride, as I do, that your legacy lives on in today's men and women in uniform, who have borne the burden of a decade of war, and who are truly this nation's next greatest generation," said Panetta.

"The 9/11 generation, like you, has stepped forward in your image of service and sacrifice, volunteering for military duty after another sudden and terrible attack on our shores." Panetta added that the sacrifice of veterans allowed for them to pass on a better world to their children and their grandchildren."

In fact, the veterans did NOT leave a better world for their children and grandchildren. What the militarized vets of World War II did was to compromise. The vast scale of the conspiracy was known even then. Rather than fight it – or refight battles already conceded – they looked the other way.

Yes, many knew of FDR's general perfidy. And many knew that the Federal Reserve itself had been responsible for the Roaring Twenties and then the Great Depression by printing too much money. Many despised FDR's "New Deal" and believed he was subverting all that was good about America at the time.

Many did not want the US to go to war with Germany and Japan. Many did not believe or trust the warmongers and were proud to be called "isolationists." In fact, Pearl Harbor was the proximate cause of America's entrance into "World War II" because Roosevelt likely needed a bloody, justifying event.

Yes, history records that FDR, himself, had said it would take an attack on American soil to move Americans to war. Given everything else that Roosevelt did to the nation, why is it so difficult to imagine that he would be willing to sacrifice several thousand seamen and a few relatively old boats?

And here's another point, before we forget: It is not actually true that NO mainstream press has covered FDR's apparent perfidy. The BBC apparently has done so. In fact, one can find (via Google) an in-depth program on what FDR knew and when he knew it. It's a damning documentary, though US media sources seem unaware of it.

In the process of its reporting, BBC writers dug up an immense amount of evidence that proves quite substantively that not just Roosevelt but those around him knew the attack was coming. In fact, Roosevelt was apparently following the whole campaign so closely that American intel sources were able to alert British overseas bases, but not (for some reason) American ones.

And then there are statements supposedly made by the FBI's head honcho, Hoover. He is quoted as saying definitively that many in FDR's administration were aware of an imminent attack but FDR chose not to pass on the information to certain military generals, who were then used as scapegoats and forced into retirement.

One assumes the BBC, like other mainstream reporting organizations, is being forced into this sort of limited hangout because there is so much information on the Internet about the power elite's directed history and the Way the World Really Works. Better to shape the escaping narrative before it gets away from you entirely.

The Greatest Generation, sad to say, settled for a mess of pottage after World War II. The republic was in ruins. American exceptionalism was merely a vanishing dream. In its place was a militarized empire straddling the globe. Over the next 75 years, all the elements of one-world government would be put into place: the UN itself, the World Bank, the IMF, the International Criminal Court, etc.

Of course, the elites had to tread lightly. The veterans returning home from World War II in Britain and the US were not exceptionally malleable. They were, in fact, scarred by a childhood lived during the Depression and toughened by their hellish experiences in the war. An uneasy, unspoken deal was struck, perhaps. The vets didn't complain about their putative loss of civic freedom. The Anglosophere empire provided increased prosperity.

But now that social construct seems no more. Or perhaps there is merely less to fear from the West's Baby Boomers. Now the elites seem to be rushing pell-mell toward world government. Of course, it may also be because of the elites' tendency toward the directed history that the Internet has exposed.

FDR's apparent manipulations to involve in the US in World War II were it seems not an exceptional event. When the REAL history of the 1900s is written, it will likely be seen that almost every major event was in a sense plotted and planned to produce an ever-strengthened global governance. That's what the elites want and they do not seem about to settle. What is left to us is the swelling of knowledge of just what occurred over the past 100 or so years … not just a day of infamy.

After Thoughts

But a century.