Assange Fever
By Staff News & Analysis - December 20, 2010

So, Mr. Assange, why won't you go back to Sweden now? … In all the profiles I have read of the extraordinary Julian Assange, none has begun to convey the man's dazzling effect on his admirers, male as well as female. For the woman who last week flourished the placard: "Julian, I want your babies", his release from Wandsworth must have come as particularly welcome news. But his chief British benefactor, the former army officer Vaughan Smith, has shown that the Assange effect goes way beyond standard manipulation of the groupie-reflex. Smith's atmospheric account of the night before his hero turned himself in might easily have been set in the Tower of London, on the eve of a royal execution. "I feel that I am intruding," Smith writes, "but Julian smiles at me. He does that: brings you in and makes you feel you are important to him when most of us would feel too preoccupied to do such a thing.” … A similar, doting concern for Assange's physical wellbeing pervaded every pre-release bulletin from his lawyer, Mark Stephens, with his repeated emphasis on the privations of his client in the "Orwellian" and "Victorian" conditions in which, it was discovered, Oscar Wilde had previously been incarcerated, though without the benefit of Victorian TV. – Guardian

Dominant Social Theme: As charismatic as the Beatles.

Free-Market Analysis: It is fascinating to watch the evolution of what can only be called Assange fever. We have in previous articles theorized about how an Assange-like person could be built-up to the point where he offers an extra-national alternative to nation-states. While we have no idea if this is where Assange is headed, we doubt that Assange is what he appears to be. Yet in the article excerpted above we see once again, how attractive a figure he is becoming. The authority that accrues to one who is dominating the world conversation is almost indescribable. The power is like a magic suit.

We've written numerous stories about what's going on, starting with a fictionalization called “Comes a Blond Stranger” way back in July. We try to be attuned to such things. The Assange saga is turning into the single-most astonishing event we have ever witnessed. Just as we never expected in our lifetime to see a replay of the Great Depression, so we have never expected to see the second coming of the Beatles wrapped up in one man. We feel as if we are witnessing history-in-the-making of a sort.

The controversies continue as well. The very latest one to shake the web is whether or not Assange is Jewish; frankly this dismays us. Some of our elves have Jewish roots and the vituperation aimed at Jews generally – as the 21st century continues – is disheartening. There is no doubt, as we have acknowledged many times, that the Anglo-American axis is a familial one that has Jewish roots going back to Venetian banking. But to leap from this to the idea that “Israel” or the Mossad created and deployed Assange is most questionable to us.

In fact, the “blame it on the Jews” meme has been an arduous construction of the power-elite because it obscures their power and method of operation. There is no doubt, based on its history, that Israel itself is something of a project of the Anglosphere. When promotions are carried forth, the Mossad is no doubt involved along with the CIA, MI6, etc. But to maintain somehow that the Jewish government is masterminding anti-Western episodes by its lonesome gives Israel a global authority it does not deserve. It is a promotion of itself, distracting people from the real handlers.

No, to blame the great disasters of the modern era solely on Israel is illogical. The power-elite may trace its roots back more than 5,000 years and Israel in its modern incarnation is but 60 years old. There is plenty of evidence that the Anglosphere launched numerous false-flag promotions to frighten Jewish people into emigrating to Israel. The Jews, as always, are the primary victims of the power elite and the powerful Jewish banking families. And then of course, there is the issue of who is a real Jew, versus a proto-Jew, etc. Many Jews, according to some theories, may be converted Jews, and thus not “real” Jews at all.

In fact, such speculation only further complicates the plot line and makes critics of Assange sound prejudiced. (But that's the point?) Therefore we will not dwell further on this issue but will move on to what we consider is a more important piece of news having to do with the various denial of service attacks on various commercial entities that were launched on behalf of Wikileaks and Assange. There has surfaced recently the idea that those involved in the denial of service attacks were handing out easily traceable addresses. Is this so? Here it is from the BBC:

Anonymous Wikileaks attackers 'easy' to find says study … Working out who carried out web attacks in support of Wikileaks would be easy, suggests a study. The tool used in the attacks leaks the net addresses of everyone who used it, reveal Dutch computer scientists. In early December thousands of people downloaded the tool to aid attacks on Mastercard, Visa, Paypal and Amazon. The study found that the tool makes no attempt to hide a user's net address which would lead any investigator almost straight to an attacker. "What I do expect is that some people will be caught," said Dr. Aiko Pras of the Design and Analysis of Communication Systems department at the University of Twente who lead the study.

This story sounds like a sting. We hope it's not true. And we hope of course that Assange is all that he says is. But his story is almost too dramatic for words. It reminds us of a bad Hollywood plot. It's a trickster story as we've pointed out; or at least it has the hallmarks of one. The trickster is in fact, someone who brings “order out of chaos” – a figure who is not what he appears to be and is a polarizing but magnetic personage.

The trickster figure is tens of thousands of years old; it is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, narrative in existence. It has tremendous unconscious resonance for people, whether they realize it or not. The power elite, the Anglo-American axis that orchestrates these dominant social themes, is well aware of the power of such story telling.

Besides being dramatic, Assange is a puzzling figure in many ways. As we have pointed out before, Assange's leaks have preponderantly aided Western positions, especially as regards Iran. He provides various mainstream publications with advance information so they can "break" their stories, but this only adds anti-establishment credibility for failing mainstream pubs that are seen more and more as mouthpieces for the elite.

After Thoughts

The UK Guardian has been one of the newspapers that has been disseminating WikiLeaks information. They also recently ran an article on the further allegations of the women with whom Assange is alleged to have had untoward sexual relations. We begin to wonder if the sexual allegations were part of the plan – if there was a plan. Perhaps the sexual charges were NOT to be part of the narrative. On the other hand, perhaps a stint in jail will increase Assange's attractiveness and turn him into a full-fledged martyr. Over-all, Assange and WikiLeaks are no small story in our estimation. If the elite is purposefully reducing nation-states to ruin, it will need to offer an alternative. They will need to offer the world a Chosen One.