Elites Blow Up Greece on Purpose?
By Staff News & Analysis - February 21, 2012

Can a return to the drachma save Greece as unemployment soars? … The latest best-seller is the Greek translation of Heinrich Winkler's "Weimar 1918-1933: History of the First German Democracy", narrating how an indebted Germany pursued the same deflation policies under the Gold Standard as Greece is now pursuing under EMU – with the same results. The book culminates in the Reichstag elections of July 1932 when the Nazis and Communists between them won half the seats, and Weimar died. In November alone 126,000 Greeks lost their jobs in a country of 11 million, equivalent to three and a half million Americans in a single month. The unemployment rate jumped from 18.2pc to 20.9pc. This has not yet fed through into social breakdown. Greeks receive unemployment support for an average of thirty weeks, with a ceiling of €454 a month, according to Professor Manos Matsaganis from Athens University. Those with civil service tenure are placed on labour reserve for two years at half their basic pay, or a third of their actual pay."The voices of the desperate, the voices of Greeks are being provocatively ignored. Fear is giving way to rage and the risk of a social explosion can no longer be ignored by those who give orders and those who execute their lethal recipes," he said. – UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme: The Germans are just being fair.

Free-Market Analysis: Germany continues to push the Greeks to the brink. For a publication such as ours that tries to analyze elite dominant social themes, the maneuvering is interesting indeed, though the cost is one of blood, tears, agony and death.

Which is why when commenting on this issue we should remember it is more than theoretical. There is no doubt that Southern Europe is being squeezed in a tight vice. Nor is there any doubt, as we have pointed out numerous times, that this "austerity" is a false one.

The Telegraph article (excerpted above) points out that the policies that the Greeks are pursuing are the same ones that Germans pursued during the Weimar Republic. This only confirms our suspicion that the Gold Standard, as the elites use it, is a kind of weapon. It is an instrument of policy.

So why are the Germans now doing to the Greeks what the French once did to the Germans? After the First World War, the elites set up a situation that resulted, eventually, in World War II. In our opinion, World War II may have been planned all along.

That's the way the elites operate, after all. They set up a plausible historical scenario, activate it and then, after the fact, they report it. Those who actually understand what happened die off and a new generation accepts the elites' "directed history" as fact. Here's some more from the article:

The EU-ECB-IMF troika is imposing a further 150,000 public-sector job cuts in Greece over three years, without any offsetting Marshall Plan to rescue private industry … Dimitra Noussi, who runs two homeless shelters and a soup kitchen for the City of Athens, said the crunch comes once people have been unemployed for five or six months and cannot pay the rent. Most fall back on the kinship network but there comes a point when critical mass overwhelms even this cultural backstop.

"I'm afraid we're going to see an unbelievable increase in numbers. We're suddenly starting to see people in their fifties coming in, and even families with children. They feel humiliated and desperate. I never thought I would see such a thing in my country." It is against this backdrop that the EU-IMF Troika is (rightly) imposing a further 150,000 public sector job cuts over three years, without "wrongly" offsetting measures to prevent the collapse of private industry. The EU "Marshall Plan" promised last June never actually happened.

The Greek state is €7bn in arrears to companies; manufacturing contracted at 15.5pc in December; and a further 50,000 small firms are expected to go bankrupt by July. The Labour Institute thinks the economy will contract by another 7pc this year.

This is "austerity," then. It is turning Greece into a hellhole of starvation and depression. Eventually, the riots that have occurred in Greece are bound to get bigger. Spring and summer are coming and so are elections. And the elections may bring to power those who want to remove Greece from the EU.

Why there should be anyone left in Greece who WANTS to stay in the EU is a good question, so far as we are concerned. There seems to us no doubt that Greece is being treated as a kind of object lesson. Others in the EU are supposed to see that the Eurocrats themselves are in control of EU member states.

This is obviously the plan, and we reported on it just yesterday in our article on Romano Prodi's admission that those in the EU knew the euro would spark a political crisis. You can see it here: EU's Prodi Admits Leaders Knew Euro Would Cause Ruin but Hoped Political Union Would Follow

What are the European elites trying to do? Bear in mind that the Anglosphere power elite is ultimately behind the EU – and that this most powerful of all elites seeks global governance, a New World Order.

It may seem for instance, that the Germans are behind what's going on, but this is a kind of shadowplay, an elite dominant social theme. The Germans were thoroughly defeated in World War II, and their economy shattered. What we consider the Anglosphere, with outposts in the City of London, Washington DC, the Vatican and Tel Aviv, are focused on world domination and intend to realize it.

But it doesn't make much sense that they are willing to tear down the entire EU; therefore we have advanced the idea that some of what is going on is taking place as a reaction to forces beyond the control of the elites.

We think what we call the Internet Reformation has something to do with it. British Prime Minister David Cameron's confrontation with the EU is just one example. We think the dialectic in the EU is being driven partially by the Internet itself.

We don't think the power elite is entirely in charge of its EU experiment anymore. They are being, perhaps, reactive instead of proactive. It seems to be squeezing Greece in order to illustrate to other countries what will happen if they rebel against this onrushing union.

Will it work? We think this strategy is borne, perhaps, of desperation. We do believe the elites anticipated the current euro depression, but it is questionable from our point of view as to whether they had in mind peeling off parts of the European PIGS.

This is a strategy fraught with risk. Will it stop with Greece? What about Portugal, Spain and even France? One can argue that the elites own the banks that are so intent on being made whole by European taxpayers. Thus the entire "crisis" is in a sense "directed history." The elites are PRECIPTATING the crisis.

They are doing so in an increasingly brutal way. And the entire manipulation, if that is what it is, is taking place in front of the all-seeing eye of the Internet. People are increasingly clued-in to these manipulations.

It was certainly the elite plan to consolidate the EU using the inevitable economic crisis, as Prodi has admitted. But what if this thing spins out of control? Are the elites so very confident they can finish what they've begun?

Those who are concerned about such things, either for political or investment reasons, should be watching closely to see what happens to Greece and how bloody it gets. They should also pay attention to the reactions of the rest of the PIGS. The elites may be miscalculating with Greece.

After Thoughts

In crushing Greece, will they crush the euro as well? And perhaps even the EU?