Hillary Clinton Declared Guilty by GOP Convention, but Story Is Even Bigger Than That
By Daily Bell Staff - July 20, 2016

Chris Christie Made a Case Against Hillary Clinton. We Fact-Checked. … … Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, whom Donald J. Trump passed over to be his running mate, was one of the stars of the Republican convention’s second night on Tuesday, delivering a detailed case against Hillary Clinton with a prosecutorial zeal … Like many indictments, the facts presented to the Republican jury were sometimes selective: not necessarily false, but often ignoring exculpatory evidence. Below is a closer look at Mr. Christie’s case.  – New York Times

The pro-Hillary mainstream media has been shocked by the GOP convention and often cited suggestions that Hillary Clinton ought to be in jail rather than running for president.

The New York Times even “fact-checked” Christie’s allegations and made a fool of itself doing so. But the GOP didn’t do much better.

Let us provide some disclaimers before moving forward:  We don’t necessarily agree that Hillary ought to be in jail.

Like the passport/visa system, the system of Western, precedent-based justice is a fairly new arrival.

Full-fledged authoritarianism, which involves jailing millions at any given time, is a modern invention.

We’d like to see the current US justice system jettisoned rather than applied.

Of course, Hillary ought not to be running for president either. In a normal society Bill and Hillary Clinton would not have been able to amass the power they have.

They would have been long ago exiled from positions of power – and maybe driven from the country.

On the other hand, the “national security” issues she transgressed (as opposed to the installation of the private, home-based server itself) are a proverbial “red herring.”

Western intelligence agencies have created most of the political and military tension in the world. If people’s lives are at risk as a result, the causes are usually artificial.

For instance, even most DC politicians will likely admit that the vast majority of US “classified” documents are subject to unnecessary classification.

And the Cold War itself was at least partially artificial.

As we often point out, G. Edward Griffin’s great book, The Creature From Jekyll Island, shows clearly that Wall Street funded and supported the creation and evolution of the USSR and communism generally.

There are even photos in the book of Wall Street tycoons dressing up in Red Cross uniforms to visit Russia covertly.

During the convention, the GOP’s Christie accused Clinton of fighting for two years to “keep an Al Qaeda affiliate off the terrorist watch list.”

In fact, the US and the CIA – with the secret support of Congress – helped create Al Qaeda. Clinton’s particular manipulation is simply part of this larger issue.

Christie “reminded the crowd that Mrs. Clinton had called President Bashar al-Assad a reformer and a different kind of leader.”

Hillary thus was involved in the deaths of the 400,000 people in the current civil war: “dead at the hands of the man that Hillary defended.”

In fact, the US has been interfering in Syria at least since March 1949 when a bloodless coup d’état supported by the CIA overthrew democratic rule. The Assads, father and son, are an outgrowth of this initial interference.

On Iran,  Christie delivered a familiar critique of the signature agreement of the Obama administration, though it was reached a year ago last week, or two and a half years after Mrs. Clinton left the State Department.

“She launched the negotiations that brought about the worst nuclear deal in history,” he said.

But Christie neglects to mention that the CIA has been directly meddling in Iran since the 1950s. In fact there are suspicions that the US put the current Iranian government into power. See HERE.

There is no doubt America under Jimmy Carter destabilized the secular regime of the Shah of Iran. [Then] Ruhollah Khomeini, stored in France, was put on plane back to Iran (where he apparently groused to reporters that he much disliked Iranians). This was not surprising either from our point of view as Khomeini’s father is reported to have been British intelligence.

On Russia, Christie accused Mrs. Clinton of giving President Vladimir V. Putin “that stupid, symbolic reset button,” and said she had harmed the United States’ security and sought instead to strengthen Russia.

But Putin has been exercising restrain in the face of Western aggression and has been complaining that NATO is aggressively pursuing a shooting war against Russia.

On Cuba  Mr. Christie said that Mrs. Clinton had “supported concessions to the Castro brothers” as part of the Obama administration’s outreach to Cuba.

In fact, there are emerging suspicions that the US actually was involved in overthrowing Cuba – predictably to create yet another US enemy.

Castro may have been financed by American interests and even received training in guerrilla warfare from US Army Special Forces. The Bay of Pigs invasion may have been engineered to fail.

We can see the above GOP national security accusations are far more simplistic than they should be.

A more hefty allegation has to do with the accusations regarding Clinton’s private email server.

This was an entirely egregious action within the context of current law.

Here the Times does an even worse job of justifying Hillary’s conduct than elsewhere in its article.

Instead of dealing with the obvious reality, the Times makes the argument that Clinton’s motivations for “setting up the personal server have never been entirely clear.”

She said it was for her “convenience,” so she would not have to use multiple devices, though the F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, said recently that she had used several devices anyway. The F.B.I. investigation did find that Mrs. Clinton sent email over the unsecured network while in adversarial countries, though it did not determine whether she “cared more” about protecting her own secrets.

This last statement is just another example of why the mainstream media and its most luminous facilities continue to leak credibility.

To anyone with even a cursory knowledge, Hillary obviously needed to preserve the secrecy of her dealings because she was reportedly selling state secrets and influence to the highest bidder.

The Clinton’s charitable foundation was then used as the vehicle, apparently to receive payments.

The Times article doesn’t explain Hillary’s seemingly massive and institutionalized criminality.

It also doesn’t explain her involvement in the wounding and murder of millions in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

It doesn’t explain the plan for Hillary to be the point person in the establishment of the upcoming technocratic – corporate run – globalist state.

Neither the Times nor the GOP cover themselves with glory. Christie never fully explains the REAL reason Clinton wanted the home-based server.

The result once more:US politics have literally nothing to do with the reality of the sociopolitical, economic and military stance of the US as regards the larger world.

Conclusion: The entire election, like so many before it, is based on easily disprovable rhetoric. GOP accusations are almost entirely removed from what the CIA has actually done to other countries. But a second, less embracing point – one the GOP’s rhetoric gets right – is that is that Bill and Hillary Clinton are ruthless and evil people who manipulate every part of the federal political environment for personal gain. Trump has not done nearly the damage to other people that the Clintons have. One can argue that alone makes him preferable within the current presidential context.

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