June 2021 Update: Attempted Coups, Corporate Media Gaslighting, and the Fight to #UNRIG
By Ben Bartee - June 23, 2021

PATRIOTS: Join retired CIA officer Robert David Steele in the fight to #UNRIG American elections and sever the corporate state’s unconstitutional deathgrip on American government.

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Beginning on June 1st, a frenzied corporate media — in a typical carefully choreographed, collective uproar  — demonized an off-handed comment by a retired general with no institutional power who appeared to wistfully encourage a Myanmar-style coup in the United States.

Meanwhile, the same outlets outright refused to report on the most flagrant violation of Constitutional executive authority, arguably, in modern American history.

According to multiple accounts of the silent coup of December 2020, as Trump prepared to abdicate the White House, he made one final effort – after years of failed attempts – to fulfill his campaign promise to get US troops out of the illegal and unnecessary 20+ year Middle East foreign wars that have killed  2,312 of America’s sons and daughters and drained $815 billion from the US treasury in Afghanistan alone.

For what?

Trumps’ list of orders (which he campaigned on) – as passed to Pentagon brass through aide John McEntee – read:

1. Get us out of Afghanistan.

2. Get us out of Iraq and Syria.

3. Complete the withdrawal from Germany.

4. Get us out of Africa.

The president’s agenda was clear, obvious, and easy enough for even the treasonous generals under his command to understand:

“For all the feverish media speculation about the president’s secret agenda at the Pentagon, the ultimate goal was simple: Steamroll the generals and extract America from its foreign engagements, leaving behind a done deal that could not be easily reversed by the next administration.”

Article II, Section 2, Clause 1 of the Constitution of the United States reads in black and white:

“The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States.”

There is no equivocation here: “Commander-in-Chief” = ultimate decision-maker on all US military affairs, full-stop.

In a functional republic as designed by the Founders and described in the Constitution, the Pentagon underlings would have received the duly elected Commander-in-Chief’s December 2020 order and executed it.

Of course, the United States is not a functional democracy: the elites just do what they want, and what they want is more war, forever and always – even if they have to perform a silent coup to achieve it.

Under federal military law, the penalties for violating or failing to obey a lawful general order or regulation include:

  • Dishonorable discharge;
  • Forfeiture of pay and allowances; and/or
  • No more than 2 years of confinement.

The generals who disregarded Trump’s orders – in this instance and in countless others throughout his four-year tenure – deserve to be court-martialed and punished accordingly for their dereliction of duty.

Instead, though, the generals ignored Trump’s rightful demands, maintained their hefty salaries and benefits at taxpayer expense, and, most devastatingly for average Americans, continue uninterrupted the forever-wars to this day.

The Deep State’s running list of crimes against US representative democracy from 2015-2021 is difficult to tally in totality, but, briefly, they have:

  • Spied on and attempted to sabotage Trump’s 2015-16 campaign, using dubious Clintonite FBI “sources” to create a phony (now discredited) Steele Dossier making unfounded allegations of sexual impropriety and resulting compromising blackmail from foreign adversaries
  • Relentlessly pushed an evidence-free conspiracy theory (colloquially called “Russiagate”) that the Kremlin secretly controlled Trump
  • Repeatedly threatened to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove the democratically elected US President using the pretense of mental illness (as diagnosed unscientifically via video by corporate media hacks)

The central question is: Why does the Deep State – loosely defined as a permastate consortium of weapons contractors, multinational banks, intelligence agencies, military brass, and the corporate media that retains its grip power from administration to administration — leave no stone unturned in its quest to demonize Trump, Flynn, et al.?

The answer: they hate everything #MAGA because a true, independent grassroots populist movement threatens the viability of their ongoing project to expend American blood and treasure in forever-wars in the Middle East and elsewhere — not their own blood or treasure (or their children’s), mind you, but yours, the average American family’s.

Projection: The Favorite Rhetorical Technique of the Dying Corporate Media

The Flynn coup hypocrisy is just the latest documented case of projection in a long line of establishment media gaslighting – if they accuse populists or anti-war activists of a supposed crime, it’s a virtual guarantee that they have committed the transgression themselves. Examples from recent history:

  • Accuses grassroots right-wingers of racism while cheerleading race riots and racializing every aspect of American politics – including the crucial issue of the source of the COVI-19 pandemic — themselves

  • Spends four years undermining the 2016 election results by claiming Russia hacked the voting systems without ever acknowledging their failures to produce any substantive evidence, then accuses #MAGA supporters of doing the same thing in 2020

  • Spends a year unscientifically discounting legitimate questions into the origins of COVID-19 as “racist” and “conspiracy theories,” then ironically accuses the American people of not “respecting the science”

#UNRIG: Send Lying Corporate Media Out to Pasture, Deep State Traitors to Prison

Through #UNRIG and affiliated populist movements to restore rule of law to a lawless and bloodthirsty elite, Robert David Steele and company plans to get the politicians’ ears — whether they want to listen or not.

Join the #UNRIG fight to foster the growing movement for the People and by the People (national summer tour headed to a locale near you).

Ben Bartee is a Bangkok-based American journalist with opposable thumbs. Contact him via his blog, Armageddon Prose.