Kidnapped Doctor Rescue Was Probably Black Op After All
By Staff News & Analysis - December 11, 2012

Covert Ops and Black Ops and Special Ops. And SEAL Team Six. And Homeland on TV, too! … Guess what? Ops are in … Ops even have their own trade show! But they are not usually meant to be photo ops…except when they are. Whether or not "The Op" is meant for public consumption, they do have a tendency to pop up in the news cycle. In fact, there are many news stories that are really just cover stories for Ops. You have to look hard at the reporting to see through the cover story or past the fluttering rhythms of a false flag. And you have to listen closely to hear those catch phrases or odd details that fit the well-worn pattern of Ops dating back to those halcyon days of CIA coups and assassination plots and sparkling disinformation campaigns. It just takes a bit of background research and a little practice. Luckily, we've got a teachable moment hanging right in front of us. It's just drip-drying after coming through a quick rinse in mainstream news cycle. You know that kidnapped doctor rescued by SEAL Team Six over the weekend? … – My FireDogLake

Dominant Social Theme: Another capture of a deserving innocent. Yay, SEALS!

Free-Market Analysis: When we read about the good doctor's rescue, the thought flashed through our collective pointy heads that it was probably not exactly what it seemed to be.

Well, now a fellow called "JP Sottile" has done a devastating analysis of what probably went on (see excerpt above). Not only that, but when we looked at other articles he was writing we were quite impressed. He's analyzing memes right and left. Got the real goods on Beck, Peter King and many others.

This is happening more and more, in our opinion.

Sure, we're being a bit repetitious in pointing it out but we tend to believe such repetition is important. It's not like the entire mainstream media is in full cry and analyzing dominant social themes and the like …

We've been at this business a decade now. And when we began to write about the Internet Reformation and the end of the mainstream media – and even the exposure of the one-world agenda of the power elite – people thought we were deluded, even deranged.

But our paradigm is both sound and predictive. The whole fake power elite narrative is gradually collapsing. And now individuals like Sottile can sit down, go online and penetrate the entire CIA/Intel apparatus in a couple of days.

It's astounding. And it's happening. Here's some more from Sottile's article:

Well, Dr. Dilip Joseph worked for a non-profit called "Morning Star Development." That's an odd name for a relief organization. So, you type it into Google and up pops a slick, well-designed website for an NGO that was founded just ten years ago. Hmmm, what happened ten years ago? Anyway, you click around a bit, fail to find a list for the Board of Directors and then stumble on this mission statement:

… It sure doesn't sound like the mission statement of an NGO that sends doctors out as aid workers. It does sound a lot like a smokescreen for a "front operation." It's the sorta misdirection-causing sidestepping that you'd expect Spooksters to use as a cover for covert shenanigans. In fact, doctors and aid workers have a long history as operational covers for covert operators. Quite recently, a vaccination program in Pakistan was used by Spooksters as a cover story in the hunt for Bin Laden. It has also led to widespread suspicion of all Western aid workers in Pakistan.

There was another little factino about the good doctor that stands out. Dr. Joseph was "based in Colorado Springs." Funny, but Colorado Springs is a lot like Tampa–an epicenter of military activity and various defense constituencies. You might have heard of the Air Force Academy or NORAD or the Air Force Space Command at Peterson Air Force Base or Schriever Air Force Base or the Army's Fort Carson. But wait, there's more! Colorado Springs also boasts defense industry beneficiaries like Boeing, General Dynamics, SAIC, ITT, L-3 Communications, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman.

And it is also home to a P.O. Box number for Morning Star Development.

Go figure.

Was it just a coincidence that this doctor was kidnapped by the Taliban, along with two other as yet unidentified "aid workers?" Their identities will remain secret to protect them from retribution. Makes sense. What doesn't make sense is why they were released, but the good doctor wasn't. Nor were there any ransom demands. But make no mistake, the U.S. commanders in Afghanistan weren't going to wait around for a hackneyed note made from random letters cut and pasted from leaflets dropped by NATO on illiterate villagers. No, they unleashed a rapid response to this kidnapping. In fact, the raid was conducted by the same Navy SEALs who were sent in to pull the plug on Osama…and the operation was ok'd by Gen. Allen himself!

That's a pretty impressive response for a "doctor" working for an "NGO" out in the desolation of Afghanistan.

The temptation is to quote the whole article because it is so good. It's the type of analysis that the top mainstream publications claim to do – but never actually accomplish.

It's pretty satisfying to read, too. For too long, top people of these covert operations have run roughshod over whatever is left of the Jeffersonian republicanism on which the US is founded. The operators themselves continue to operate in secret, funded by the very drugs they put people in jail for using.

The contempt is corrosive, of course and increasingly violent. Over a million men (mostly men) reportedly work in US Intel operations these days and Lord knows how many the Pentagon employs.

Meanwhile, Homeland Security buys a billion hollow point bullets. The IRS claims the entire world is its tax catchment; Marines poison Iraq and Afghanistan with depleted uranium; politicians at the beckon call of Money Power bankrupt entire countries and lie about every aspect of the globalist agenda.

As we've pointed out elsewhere, national security has nothing to do with it. The Pentagon, CIA, Mossad and MI6 all support the agenda of world government and are actively working to implement it – the social contract be damned.

Throughout the 20th century (when this conspiracy was most active and anonymous) plebes – civilians – were manipulated in their tens and hundreds of millions. That was all they were good for. In all others ways they were merely an impediment to the march of elite supremacy.

Yes, these days, in retrospect, one can almost hear the mocking laughter. From the "moon landings" to the '60s "Love Revolution" to the Cold War itself, what we call directed history was practiced at the highest levels with incredible violence and lethal contempt.

Not anymore. It's EASY to see what's going on. And one can spot the concern. There is genuine worry on the part of our overlords and the smug young men and women who do their bidding. You can see one of our analyses here regarding the ridiculous "Lesbian in Syria" ops that unraveled suddenly – to the shock of the silly young men behind it:

Gay Ops of American Intel?

Sottile is very good at it. And he's not the only one. But his analysis should be read. In a very few words he penetrates to the heart of yet another excrescence of this trillion dollar conspiracy … concluding that the doctor's extraction involved a "a high value individual" and that "sensitive stuff was in play."

This was, in all likelihood, a special op designed to rescue a covert operator involved in a black op. And, unfortunately for one family, the death of a young man is being turned into a national photo op. That's the final trick of the trade. Turning the downside into an upside in the propaganda war they are waging on us all.

After Thoughts

Bingo, baby …