Now Greece Goes? Bad Decade for Elite Memes
By Staff News & Analysis - May 23, 2012

Exclusive: Eurozone tells members to make contingencies for "Grexit" … Euro zone officials have told members of the currency area to prepare contingency plans in case Greece decides to quit the bloc, an eventuality which Germany's central bank said would be "manageable". Three officials told Reuters that the instruction was agreed on Monday by a teleconference of the Eurogroup Working Group (EWG) – experts who work on behalf of the bloc's finance ministers. "The EWG agreed that each euro zone country should prepare a contingency plan, individually, for the potential consequences of a Greek exit from the euro," said one euro zone official familiar with what was discussed. – Reuters

Dominant Social Theme: This is just another one of those things …

Free-Market Analysis: The top elites that apparently want to run the world are not having a very good year, or even a very good decade.

What we call the Internet Reformation has taken its toll … in a big way. We try to keep track of this unacknowledged war because it is the CRUX ISSUE of our time.

As it is the biggest issue, it is NEVER discussed (well, very rarely) in the mainstream media. Certainly not in the manner that we frame it, as a struggle between elites with their dominant social themes and everyone else.

It is the Internet, in our view, that has evened out the so-called playing field. It has allowed many who had absolutely no idea of the elites' directed history to get a taste of how all-controlling the memes and subsequent actions of top people could be.

Who today, following the news, can deny that active globalism proceeds apace? And who can deny that it has been exposed to millions?

Who can deny that the Internet has been of great value in providing that exposure? This is our paradigm and we see it vindicated every day.

Elite memes continue to collapse, along with the facilities they support. Centralization, generally, is one such meme – and now the EU (at least Greece) seems on the way out. Here's some more from the article above:

The news comes at a highly sensitive time, just hours before EU leaders gather to try to breathe life into their struggling economies at a summit over dinner on Wednesday … Greek officials have said that without outside funds, the country will run out of money within two months.

For the first time in more than two years of debt-crisis meetings, the leaders of France and Germany have not huddled beforehand to agree positions, marking a significant shift in the Franco-German axis which has traditionally driven European policymaking.

Instead, new French President Francois Hollande met Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy in Paris to discuss policy, before the pair travel to Brussels for the 1800 GMT summit … After meeting Hollande, Rajoy said he had no intention of seeking outside aid for Spain's banks.

Hollande's election victory has significantly changed the terms of the debate in Europe, with his call for greater emphasis on growth rather than debt-cutting now a rallying cry for other leaders. That has set up a showdown with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who supports growth but whose primary objective is budget austerity and structural reform.

Reuters chooses to make this story partially about the shifting relationship between France and Germany. But the bigger story is that an elite facility of the utmost importance is foundering.

And it is not the only one.

The elites' "green meme" is in tatters, with "global warming" so contentious that carbon capture and carbon exchanges (ways to monetize global warming) seemingly have no chance of being incorporated into the larger social fabric on an everyday basis.

The Afghan/Pakistan war that was supposed to consolidate globalism and prime the world for global governance hasn't worked out. NATO countries are on their way home and so is the US. The Afghan Pashtuns remain relatively independent, as do the Pakistani Punjabis.

The current economic system, especially within the context of central banking, is increasingly questioned by those who are exposed to its truths on the Internet. Even a formal gold standard might be difficult to impose right now.

These are just a few of the "activated" memes that the elites are struggling with. Granted, those at the very top have ways of dealing with setbacks – and indeed, society is so thoroughly controlled by certain elite visions that the very act of throwing them off creates chaos that the elites can then utilize to reinforce other agendas.

But setbacks are setbacks. There is no doubt, in our view, that the alternative media has played a great part in shattering the matrix of elite control that was so very effective in the 20th century.

This is not to predict that the surge toward world government is over or that elite control itself is ending in any fundamental way.

After Thoughts

But the 21st century is not the 20th and the Internet is a process not an episode. If the 20th century was a kind of Dark Ages, the 21st century promises a good deal more brightness – or at least continued illumination when it comes to elite methodologies and how they affect everyone else.