STOP THE $DOLLAR$ Campaign: #UNRIG Elections and Flush the Corrupt DNC and GOP
By Ben Bartee - May 14, 2021

Join the fight to #UNRIG elections.

“Corporations are people, my friend,” says famed DC swamp creature Mitt Romney – the vulture capitalist-turned-politician who spent his career in service of the international banking cartel and, indeed, any entity willing to fund his political campaigns:

  • Zions Bancorp
  • Bain Capital
  • Blackstone Group
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Carlyle Group
  • Dominion Energy

DC is filled to the brim with politicians like Mitt Romney who have no moral compass. Their careers are spent in service to the donors who facilitated their election; one hand washes the other.

Rule by corporate cash is no conservative virtue, nor a liberal virtue, nor any kind of virtue suitable for a free society. It is theocracy by another name — worship at the altar of Wall St. and tech monopolies and weapons manufacturers that supply immoral, far-away, never-ending foreign wars.

Reagan-era “trickle-down economics” – the premise of which is that, if the American class funnels enough money into the coffers of multinational corporations’ treasures in a massive upward transfer of wealth, that the money will then “trickle down” onto normal people – has been an objective failure of nearly incalculable proportions.

The once-great American middle class – at one time the envy of the world over – is choking to death in front of our eyes under the weight of corporate governance.

Until Americans commit to withhold any support from corrupt, do-nothing politicians – regardless of whether they have a (D) or an (R) in front of their names — the death-spiral of the middle class will worsen.

2020 Lockdowns and the CARES Act: The ‘Biggest Upward Transfer of Wealth in History’

At this point, partisan tribalism is irrelevant to the survival of American democracy. The shocking events of 2020 — the year the US oligarchy made its big move to consolidate social control and crush local economies – draw the new battle lines along which the populist left and right must unite:

  • Unconstitutional economic lockdowns (which were never put to the American people or their representatives for a vote) have forced the closure of small, local businesses while multinational behemoths like Big Lots and Walmart stay open. Big Pharma has free rein to profiteer (aided by the FDA and CDC) under the guise of “public health measures.”
  • Nightmarish “vaccine passports” – ripped from the pages of dystopian science fiction — are already required to access vital economic services in many jurisdictions in the United States and the broader Western world.
  • As Dylan Ratigan, Richard Wolffe, and other populists on both the right and left have described, the forced shutdown of the economy and the unprecedented giveaways to the corporatocracy in the CARES Relief Act represent the “biggest upward transfer of wealth in the history of mankind.”

Capitalizing off of the lockdowns, the richest people in the US – and indeed, in the entire world – like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk stuffed their bank accounts to the tune of $1.3 trillion while millions of Americans struggle to eat and keep the lights on.

And what did you, the average hardworking American struggling to feed your family, get in that same CARES act bill? A paltry one-time $1,200 “stimulus check” – not even enough to pay the rent in a one-bedroom apartment in many major American cities.

21st Century Corporate Fascism: The Boot on Our Necks

In the seminal dystopian novel, George Orwell’s 1984, the agent of the ruling class, O’Brien, methodically explains the new reality of political power while he tortures the rebellious protagonist, Winston Smith, before his inevitable execution:

“If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.”

A powerful quote, wrongfully attributed to 20th-century Italian fascist Benito Mussolini but nonetheless poignant, sums up the new power structure:

“Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.”

Whereas the state and powerful economic interests once opposed one another – at least in theory – they have now merged into what can only be called a “corporate state” – a government run by and for corporations at the expense of everyone else.

Corporations Are Not People: Take Back the Power

Corporations, regardless of the utterances of politicians, are not people. They are amoral (neither inherently good or bad) entities with a legal mandate to generate revenue for their shareholders as their first and only priority (legally termed “fiduciary responsibility“).

In a free and just society, corporations are tools created with only one moral purpose: to serve real people, not the other way around.

To that end, corporations can be used to produce abundance and prosperity for the benefit of the entire population that is so inclined to produce. All too often, though, the profiteering predator class – anti-democratic and elitist to its core – instead uses corporations as vehicles for extracting a nation’s wealth and concentrating it into the hands of a tiny elite to be utilized for nefarious purposes.

Strike the Root: Removing Elite Control Over the Political Process

Corporations have no inherent rights. They are works of legal fiction, the machinations of capital. They enjoy no Constitutional protections, neither in the letter nor the spirit of the law.

We have the numbers. The loyal base of the DNC and GOP is only a small fraction of the overall American population. 35-60% of eligible American citizens don’t even cast a vote in any given election.

If you ask normal Americans why, they’ll tell you: it’s because they don’t trust the system. Even if they can’t explain exactly how US politics is broken, they nonetheless understand instinctively that it is rotten to the core.

We have the antidote to the poison of corporate campaign cash that rules DC. We will not rest until we #UNRIG the system, purge it of the politician pigs feeding at the trough of corporate campaign cash, and institute real structural reforms to restore control to the people.

Robert David Steele, alt-right white male and former US spy as well as founder of the Open Source Everything movement, has joined with Kevin Jenkins and others to launch ARISE USA! The Resurrection Tour, that will visit all 50 US states from 15 May to 6 September and could transform into a global movement, Arise.World.

In partnership with Sheriff Richard Mack, founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs movement that challenges federal and state abuse of power, as well as other icons of freedom, we are building the definitive organic pro-human movement from the ground up – the only way to build anything of value.

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Ben Bartee is a Bangkok-based American journalist with opposable thumbs. Contact him via Armageddon Prose.