The Charade of World Depression
By Staff News & Analysis - December 23, 2010

Self-righteous Germany must accept a euro-debt union or leave EMU If Germany and its hard-money allies genuinely wish to save the euro – which is open to doubt – they should stop posturing, face up to the grim imperative of a Transferunion, and desist immediately from imposing their ruinous and reactionary policies of debt deflation on southern Europe and Ireland … One can sympathise with the German people. Their leaders in the 1990s told them "famine in Bavaria" was more likely than the preposterous suggestion that Germany might have to bail out countries as a result of EMU. But events have moved … Chancellor Angela Merkel (left) must know that the Spanish state, juntas, and banks cannot refinance €300bn (£254bn) next year at a bearable cost if the Tesoro is already paying a decade-high of 5.45pc to sell 10-year bonds, yet she continues to play for time she does not have. – UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme: Germany must grasp the nettle.

Free-Market Analysis: The problem of the EU seems simple, as indicated by this article excerpt above. The Southern PIGS are bankrupt but cannot devalue because of the euro contract. The wealthy North will therefore have to bail out the PIGS and in doing so, provide substantive oversight. Germany ends up being the guarantor of last resort and also the state providing the watchdogs, basically, since it is German money that will save the EU. It is a German EU after all, and the Germans will have to stop dithering …

This is one (fairly simplistic, we would argue) way of evaluating the situation that is currently evolving in the EU. But here at the Bell we have also argued that the Anglo-American axis is really behind the EU – and perhaps the average German won't have much say in the matter. The Anglosphere seeks world government and the EU is a basic building block.

The point we want to advance in this article is that there is perhaps a deeper subterfuge going on. Yes, we've suggested this before, but as the EU unwinds, as America quakes from unemployment and China shudders from inflation, we continue to explore the possibility. And so we ask, once more … Is the world being manipulated into an ever-more-massive depression? And how would that work exactly?

In order to explain it, we need to establish (for purposes of argument anyway) that there is an Anglo-American power elite composed of certain fabulously wealthy families that seek one-world government. There has been speculation, for instance, that these families have a hand in the recent saga of Foundation X which sounds more like the plot of a bad paperback novel than anything real. Lord James of Blackheath mentioned Foundation X at the House of Lords in early November.

It was his contention that 'Foundation X' had the resources to "bail out" the UK and that Foundation X's gold reserve was larger than what is considered to be the world's total mined reserves. Lord James of Blackheath was roundly derided as a "nutter." We don't find him so. We have asked if Foundation X was merely a cover for the financial interests of the Anglo-American power elite. It still seems a pertinent question. This kind of money is massive indeed, assuming Lord James didn't drop off his meds for a day. It reinforces the idea that what we are watching around the world is a charade.

We have previously argued that there is a level of behind-the-scenes collusion between ALL the powers-that-be. All of them, East and West, may be cooperating to bring down the current system with an eye toward instituting something in its place that will be mutually agreed upon. (The IMF's bancor comes to mind.)

For more on this, read: Global Depression Just a Dodge?.

Follow the logic, please. If indeed a family or group of families has now taken possession of more gold tonnage than people knew existed, then isn't the world's financial crisis perhaps less serious than it seems? A few tons of gold in the proper places would go a long ways to alleviate the debt problems of Portugal, Greece and Ireland.

Much has been made of the difficulties that the big banks face. But we believe the banking system worldwide, is owned outright by this clique of banking families. What do they care, really, if their banks are insolvent? How much difference does it make?

Are we witnessing a planned collapse? If so, the art of such an event will lie in its management. The collapse must be calibrated so that the people are made miserable without being brought to the point of total revolt. The progress that the elite has made in building one world government must not be compromised by the ongoing collapse, but must be supported by it.

This would make sense even within the context of the nuttiness of the Foundation X episode. The Anglo-American elite may be nervous about British unrest (and unrest in the EU generally). It may feel it has pushed too far, too fast. If one traduces what one has created (the current Western system of finance) then what, ultimately does one have left but a small group with gold and billions without? Not a good survival equation.

It sounds bizarre doesn't it, dear reader? The idea that a small group of elite families with a power-base in London's City has managed to accumulate all the wealth in the world and – like the hydra-headed leader of million-man orchestra – played the tune to which the world has danced for at least 100 years.

And yet … gaze at the 20th century without flinching (if that is possible) and take calm stock of history as it is commonly recited. Central banking – price fixing of the price and amount of money – spread throughout the world despite the ruin it inevitably causes. Two world wars were fought, neither one with very clear antecedents. One great depression engulfed the world, again without a very clear causation. Somehow the world drifted away from honest money – gold and silver – which people had depended upon for millennia. New ‘isms" sprang up, seemingly out of nowhere – Communism, Nazism, Socialism – and somehow, somewhere, found fertile soil and were adopted by governments.

Psychology – the science built on analyzing the ghosts of mentality – became popular. Modern art flourished despite the great distaste of the masses. Serial wars were continually pursued; and world government was suggested as an antidote. In fact, a global financial infrastructure sprang up shortly after World War II, one that included the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and a much-empowered Bank of International Settlements. Even today, couriers for the BIS apparently operate with absolute immunity. Not a single nation or extra-national group as we understand it is empowered to search a BIS courier or inquire about the contents on his or her person.

Does all of the above have a common denominator? Yes, it does. The history of the 20th century in almost every instance is one that seeks to reduce the self-reliance of the common man, to shatter families and to promote dependence on the state. It cannot be a coincidence in our view when everything from art to science, to literature, to history … education, economics, finance, etc. all promote spiritual nihilism and ever-expanding statist enterprises. There are even questions as to whether the "state" that people relate to in America is actually a corporation that sees inhabitants as assets rather than sovereign citizens.

Follow the money. Alternative history revealed on the ‘Net shows us that much of the funding for the 20th century "isms" came from Western financiers; much of the funding for the Red Russians came from Wall Street; Red China in turn received funding from the USSR. The Rockefellers, meanwhile, donated the land for the UN; David Rockefeller was intimately involved in the creation of the IMF, World Bank and even the BIS before the war. The royal families of Europe and Britain are mostly interrelated and own vast amounts of property and industry. Many nation-states are not nearly so independent as they seem. Israel is an almost personal project of the Rothschilds who engineered its creation and then physically provided the Knesset and the Supreme Court building with its all its strange Illuminati symbolism; Hitler's rise and Germany's rebuilding were funded by Western banking interests.

On and on, when one follows the money trail (and the Internet makes it easy) it leads back only to a few individuals and groups. And this is as it should be; through some sort of mathematical formula, resources are always distributed unequally, with one group of individuals ending up with the majority of assets and everybody else making due with the leftovers. But in the case of the power elite, controlling the lion's share of assets has not been enough.

In order to ensure their power continues and to gather even more assets if possible, the elites have pursued a horrible program of mercantilism. By using the color of government to justify and hide their activities, the powers-that-be have created intelligence operations, central banking economies and even whole armies that nominally belong to the state but in actuality are controlled by a shadowy handful of individuals and families standing behind Western governments.

This program came into full-effect in the 20th century when central banks became ubiquitous and the money generated enabled the power elite to virtually buy control of the Western world. Accordingly, many of the West's most significant sociopolitical events were compromised and perhaps pre-planned. Everything from the counter-cultural revolution of the 1960s to (possibly) the landings of men on the moon to the various Marxist-Leninist tides that swept the world in the 20th century were offered within the context of a larger script goading the globe toward a unitarian governance.

The world's levers of power are seemingly controlled only by a few, and they are not those that are "democratically elected." Given that there is plenty of evidence that this singular elite orchestrates world wars and even globally-convulsing socio-political movements, is it so much of a stretch to speculate that the current, deepening economic depression is in a sense a managed one? The elite well understands the outcome of central banking economies. What is happening in Europe, what has happened in America and what will happen in China are both evident and obvious. A continued degradation of the world economy can likely be forecast.

The only item that the elite in our view did not entirely anticipate was the Internet itself. The truth-telling of the Internet has literally blown-up the secrecy that veiled the elite conspiracy to rule the world. It has also illustrated the elite's lack of intellectual resources. When exposed, those behind the conspiracy have ignored the exposure and attempted to force through their plans with brute legislative, civil and military force – as if the popular approval they have stage-managed through their fear-based promotions no longer mattered.

It is astonishing to us that people (even readers and commentators at the Bell) do not see fully the disaster that has overtaken the power elite. For 100 years the elite operated behind-the-scenes, carefully orchestrating dominant social themes to promote ever-more-unified global governance. But now these plans are exposed along with many of those who promote them. For this reason we continue to point out these strategies may not be brought to fruition (no matter what prophesy vaguely predicts).

Investors, especially, should watch carefully. In the 20th century, those who understood the promotions being implemented were likely wise to help fund them. But in the 21st century, as we have pointed out, at least some of the high-profile themes that the elite had hoped to implement seamlessly have unraveled. The Chicago Climate Exchange just went out of business and we have the idea that much of the so-called Green economy may soon follow, (wind and solar power companies, electric car companies, etc.) just as it did in the 1970s.

After Thoughts

To orchestrate a global depression leading to a New World Order in these circumstances strikes us as foolhardy. Ordinarily such ruin would depress the world's masses and cause the requisite chaos. But too many understand too much of what is going on these days. When one wishes to cause maximum confusion, is it wise to do so with a target strapped to one's back?