The Deep State and Its Memes
By Daily Bell Staff - January 22, 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio Slams Corporate Greed and Calls for the Elimination of Fossil Fuels … “We cannot afford to allow the corporate greed of the coal, oil and gas industries to determine the future of humanity.” – TIME via People

Dominant Social Theme: The same greedy corporations that pay me millions must divest themselves of their oil and gas interests. Oh, and coal, too.

Free-Market Analysis: We’ve watched Leonardo DiCaprio’s career with a kind of awe. The man has an innate sense of what constitutes an elite dominant social theme and is abundantly enthusiastic about reflecting them on the Big Screen.

We first became aware of his predilection this regard when he acted in the mid-2000s movie “Blood Diamond.” Like so many Hollywood movies, this one had an overt purpose as well an underlying agenda.

Just as gold has been demonized for poisoning poor people who damage their health in order to mine it, so Hollywood discovered and presented in this movie the idea that certain diamonds were drenched in the blood of impoverished innocents and ought not to be marketed.

This may be true and the sad plight of such innocents is a larger commentary on the wickedness of our world. But even so, we ought not allow emotion to entirely overrule analysis. There were other reasons to present this movie.

In fact, in retrospect, “Blood Diamond” was a precursor to the current “cashless society” meme. Elite globalists among us will seemingly not stop until they justify tracking and quantifying every single item of wealth remotely available.

Diamonds are small, valuable and easily transportable. It is difficult to make them illegal simply because they are expensive. Thus they provide a store of wealth that is virtually untrackable.

However, if one can justify setting up a facility to certify which diamonds are “white” and which diamonds are bloody, then tracking diamonds becomes a good deal easier. One has essentially created a justification for registering diamonds. Another form of wealth stripped of anonymity …

“Blood Diamond” is by no means the only politically correct movie that DiCaprio has made. “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “Django” are two more that come to mind. One is about evil bankers and the other about evil slave owners.

You see? DiCaprio is surely not averse to mining the rich, simplistic vein of authoritarianism that infects increasing numbers of Hollywood blockbusters. Hollywood rarely lets facts get in the way of a good story.

In the case of DiCaprio, his statements could signal publicity for yet another politically correct movie or maybe he was simply unburdening himself of anti-energy beliefs for personal reasons. There is yet another possibility that we’ll get to at the end of this analysis.


Leonardo DiCaprio wants the world to say goodbye to fossil fuels. While being honored for his philanthropic work at the World Economic Forum in Davos the Revenant actor and devoted environmentalist, 41, praised the recent progress that’s been made in the fight against climate change, but stressed the work that still needs be done.

“Last month in Paris, world leaders reached an historic agreement that provides a concrete framework to reduce carbon emissions,” he said. “This was an important first step, but we are a long way off from claiming victory in this fight for our future – for the survival of our planet.”

According to the People article, “DiCaprio pointed to the elimination of fossil fuels as the next big step to be taken,” and “friends” were quoted as saying, “This is something close to his heart. He truly cares about this.”

He is certainly reinforcing his beliefs with his wealth. We learn that the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation has “announced another $15 million to environmental projects.” DiCaprio is also partnering with different conservation and sustainability groups.

DiCaprio is often known as an “A list” star and his words have a lot of clout. But does one really need to “campaign” against fossil fuels? If they are truly disastrous wouldn’t people reject them over time? Certainly absent government support fossil fuels would be subject to supply and demand.

In fact, there has been a firm partnership between Big Oil and Big Government and if DiCaprio is sincere, he might want to launch a campaign against the petrodollar itself.

This re-emergent is certainly worth paying attention to because it seems to us that the further demonization of oil and gas at a time when oil has slumped to US$30 a barrel may be aimed at a continued undermining of Middle East oil power and Saudi Arabia in particular.

In a number of articles we have already pointed out that it seems to us that Saudi Arabia is being deliberately attacked to undermine the reserve status of the US dollar. The idea is that the dollar must be weakened in order to integrate it into a larger basket of currencies that will provide the basis for a worldwide currency.

To this end, Saudi Arabia, which supports the dollar reserve, must itself be weakened and the House of Saud damaged or even overthrown.

Perhaps DiCaprio’s increased enthusiasm for ridding the world of oil and gas may be seen as part of this larger campaign. For people aware of elite memes and their dissemination, such an analysis is certainly speculative but not necessarily unrealistic.

The Daily Bell has been founded on the idea that elite memes are regularly disseminated and circulated in society and that they color every part of our existence, belief structure and behavior. The more you understand about such memes and how they work, the less susceptible to such manipulations you may be.

Conclusion: The way that memes are disseminated and the mechanisms surrounding their propagation are complex and in some sense all-encompassing. In the modern era, the connections between various parts of society – industries and regions – run deep. The more you are aware of this matrix, the freer you can be.