The End of Social Security and Medicare – or Just Dreamtime
By Staff News & Analysis - June 13, 2011

Social Security and Medicare Need Reform Now, Say Trustees … Chuck Blahous and Robert Reischauer, the two independent trustees of the Social Security and Medicare Trust Fund, had a sober warning Friday: act quickly or the nation's two most popular entitlements are in serious danger. "The earlier we act to deal with these problems, the better off we're gonna be, certainly better off the vulnerable populations are gonna be," said Blahous, referring to low-income seniors and those already receiving benefits. The Medicare hospital trust fund will be unable to pay promised benefits in 2024, five years earlier than previously thought. "The fact that we are now looking at the future that involves nothing but years in which the program costs more than the income flowing into it is a new development," Reischauer says. Additionally, the Social Security trust fund will be exhausted in 2036 and under current law, seniors will face a 23 percent across-the-board cut in benefits. If lawmakers wait until then, the magnitude of the problem is exponentially bigger. – Fox News

Dominant Social Theme: Take it easy. Dream on. Everything's under control.

Free-Market Analysis: The idea that government is good and wants to look out for YOU is a main staple of Western regulatory democracies, and increasingly democracies being imposed around the world. It is certainly a major dominant social theme of the power elite that rules the West from behind the veil of these political memes.

In the early 21st century, however, this major theme, like so many others in breaking down thanks to what we have taken to calling the Internet Reformation. It is a kind of unstoppable buzzing, occurring in what Marshall McLuhan called the hive mind.

People are often easily manipulated (in quantities), which is why there are suddenly "youth revolutions" around the world, as the Anglosphere elites are sponsoring and supporting them through organizations like the AYM. But what the Internet is increasingly showing us is that the painfully created mythologies of Anglosphere elites are breaking down as the hive mind buzzes and more people figure out what has really happened to them over the past century or so.

The death of bin Laden was probably an arranged fake; he was perhaps dead for some 10 years of Marfan's Syndrome. The White House was deluged by cynical responses and announced after three days that it would no longer talk about the putative triumph. The US Congress adjourned without voting any honors to the SEALS involved. The fear in Washington is palpable and must be very thick indeed. This is how police states operate.

What does this say about many of America's triumphs over the past century? We have already expressed our newfound skepticism about America's NASA trips to the moon. But generally speaking, most every major event that occurred in the 20th century had some farcical content. The power elite of the day totally controlled Western media. It was not until the Internet came along that people started to understand (in larger quantities) what was really going on. You can read a NATO article here: NASA Admits Photo Retouching.

What seems to be true unfortunately for the West and especially for America is that the system itself was a kind of phony evolution. We've pointed this out in the past, calling it Dreamtime. In the 21st century economic Dreamtime continues to play itself out. People are STILL informed they can get rich owning a home, that they can guarantee themselves a good retirement by investing in equity markets and all-knowing regulators and policing authorities will keep them safe and protected.

It is apparently important to the Anglosphere power elite to keep Dreamtime operative for as long as they can as they need their central banking economies (which create nothing but ruin) to last until a worldwide governmental consolidation can take place.

Yet, they are obviously in a race against time. Things are souring in the West, economically, politically and culturally. Thus, a variant of this Dreamtime meme has emerged – that government has stumbled in the West, but well-meaning bureaucrats are now involved in fixing what's not working.

We can see this meme being applied in the above article excerpt from Fox News. "Trustees" are warning about the demise of two major American welfare programs – Medicare and Social Secure. The problems are supposed to intensify by 2036, when "if you wanted all benefit constraints to apply only prospectively, you wouldn't have a system in balance even if 100 percent of those benefits for new retirees were cut off," according to trustee Chuck Blahous.

While it is important to look concerned, another way of dealing with the elite-engineered collapse of the West is to minimize the problems. This promotional element is available in this article as well. "The president's budget director told Fox News that even when the trust funds run out, both Social Security and Medicare would still have some income. 'We have a little bit of time,' said Jack Lew, director of the White House Office of Management and Budget. 'We do have a challenge, but it's not that we fall off of a cliff.'

Then there's Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Fox reports that he believes there's no crisis in Social Security and it needn't be fixed until 2030 or later. Having sounded off on these positive notes, Fox returns to the "responsible bureaucrat meme" to conclude the article. "In 2036, if we were to delay a resolution of the problem until that date, we would have basically – and I would go so far to say – almost insoluble problem," Blahous said.

The article also points out that some members of Congress want to take immediate action as well. How will they do this? "On Friday, independent Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut wrote an opinion article in the Washington Post making the case for raising the Medicare age from 65 to 67 … and raising co-pays and premiums … 'Bottom line, Medicare is hurtling toward its demise – our government is approaching a cataclysmic fiscal tipping point – while Washington is busy posturing for the next election,' he wrote."

This is how the elites work. They will simply ignore previous promises – designed to create ever-more government control – and create new ways that purport to patch a sinking system. Dreamtime is to be extended for as long as possible, even as the "safe and well-regulated systems" fail serially.

The article ends with this observation: "Younger Americans should worry too, because in 20 years, there'll only be two workers for every retiree, so any tax increases would fall hard on working-age Americans." Does ANYBODY really believe that these massive government programs are still going to be in existence (effectively) later in the 21st century? The elites in our view are thus introducing "austerity" into Europe and America as a way to distract people from the many promises that cannot be kept.

After Thoughts

During the Depression, the Anglosphere elites were able to blame the crisis on "evil bankers" and corrupt "captains of industry." This took the blame away from the real culprit, which was the elite-sponsored central banking economy. Because of Internet education, this ploy is not working so well in the 21st century. It is a big problem for the elite. If people do not believe their many laboriously produced promotions , they will have to impose a pending New World Order by force. The world is a big place and that may prove hard to do as the Internet Reformation moves forward.