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By Staff News & Analysis - November 17, 2011

"When you find issues/controversies which people love to debate endlessly, which are emotionally inflammatory and which divide the masses into oppositional stances/groups – it is a pretty strong possibility that the controlling elites might be busy behind the scenes, fomenting these quarrels and keeping them alive." – Daily Bell feedback via Kenny's Sideshow article intro …

Dominant Social Theme: Is it the fault of Zionists and Jews?

Free-Market Analysis: Hey, talk about irony. We'll get to that in one minute. We have to "set it up" first. Here we go …

Rense and some other websites used to pick up some of our articles on occasion, but we figured that might stop once we started writing how people might think twice about referring to "Zionists" and "Jews" – at least in aggregate – when talking about the coming new world order and Money Power generally.

Sure many alternative websites do this nowadays, but it's a trend we've tried to call attention to (even with Rense, whom we admire for his pioneering media work). In fact, we've written a series of articles on it and intended to stop, but what happened today was a little surprising and we think it puts a final exclamation point on what we've been trying to say.

Zionism refers to those who support a Jewish homeland, it's true. We also recognize that Israel apparently displaced Palestinians who owned the initial land. That's really horrible, though it has happened before. In America, people live on land stolen from Amer-Indians, but Israel, for various reasons, gets more attention. Israel's leaders should try to make amends as best they can; and then Israel, in our humble view, should become a secular state. But that's another story.

The larger point we've tried to make is that not all Zionists and certainly not all Jews are part of a one-world conspiracy. And by using language that lumps all Jews and Zionists together as part of such a big conspiracy, people may be making analysis of what's going on MORE confusing.

In our view people should try to find language that explains what is going on in the most basic terms. And it seems to us what is going on is a classic mafia-type situation. The high-powered Western mafia we're talking about (an Anglosphere/Jewish elite) seems to run central banking around the world, including the BIS, and uses people of similar backgrounds to perform various duties pertaining to that dominance.

People ought to DESCRIBE what's happening. What's going on is the result of a kind of organized crime. Central banking is a racket that makes everything else possible. The operative outfit is a mafia, a CARTEL.

Which leads us to the irony that we have experienced today. Today, we've received Rense referrals! (And we're grateful, to be sure.) That only happens when the site picks up an article of ours. But we checked and they hadn't.

So what happened? Well … The website has been featuring an article that uses one of our articles on Zionism as a jumping-off point to make a larger point … "We're Always Being Set Up" is the name of the article.

It appears over at Kenny's Sideshow and he's a person who seems to understand what's going on (as does Rense, a courageous person like Kenny). Good for him. Maybe some messages are meant to be heard …

Divide and conquer! That's what's REALLY going on. We've written about that, as well, most recently here: Lost in a Yemen Jail: A DB Staffer Speaks About His Long Strange Trip and the Secret Gulag America has Built in the Middle East and Africa.

The excerpt is actually from Bell feedbacker Tawny, an erudite and committed person who understands what's going on as well as anyone, in our view. We're pleased she corresponds with us. Here's more from her feedback:

Posted by Tawny on 11/09/11 03:26 PM

Divide and conquer; and get people OUT of the rational mode and INTO the emotional mode. So part of what the Jewish question is all about is just that, those two strategies. Judge only by results. Israel is so heavily funded by the US that it to a large extent IS the United States. Without US dollars, how powerful would Israel be? Keeping the whole Jewish meme alive is also useful for manipulating US Khazarian Jews into supporting the putative 'State of Israel' …

It is plausible that one reason WW II and the Holocaust were fomented was to be able to create a NWO stronghold/presence in the Mid-East. The Mid-East has an important geographic location, a lot of oil wealth, and a bunch of intransigent Muslim countries which are most emphatically not NWO-friendly.

So, viewing Israel as a de facto part or outpost of the United States and therefore of the NWO power bloc … what are the benefits of Israel existing there in the Mid-East – what are the benefits to the NWO clique whose puppet/tool/'enforcer' the United States (and therefore also Israel) at this point pretty clearly does seem to be? … Also, the populist enemies of the NWO power bloc are divided and conquered and spend huge amounts of time, emotion, and energy quarreling over Israel and the endlessly inflammatory 'Jewish question.'

Edited on date of publication.

After Thoughts

The Money Power that wants to be in control of the world is not merely a "Jewish" phenomenon. It is a PARTICIPATIVE PROJECT. The real issue, seems to be one of SYSTEMS and the Money Power they generate (at least in the modern era). And as the Internet Reformation continues, language will become even more important. So, please, (probably for the last time!) think hard about the words you use. The Internet is an important educational tool … and we're lucky to have it.