Why the LGBTQ+++™ Social Engineers Desecrate Western Cultural Artifacts
By Ben Bartee - June 24, 2023

In the decadent West, every June from now until forever has been handed over to an orgiastic celebration of transgenderism. It’s impossible to not notice the propaganda, which is ubiquitous and as subtle as a nuclear bomb.

The social engineers are particularly keen to infiltrate and desecrate foundational, often sacred, institutions and structures that epitomize Western culture. It’s a highly multinational effort.

Let’s briefly survey the casualties:

Watch the British flag tossed to the curb like an old piece of trash, supplanted by a rainbow flag:

A beautiful cathedral in New York was inundated with rainbow colors.

In Germany, a preacher from the pulpit declared that “God is queer.”

In France, the Arc de Triomphe, arguably the country’s most iconic cultural landmark next to the Eiffel Tower, was digitally defaced by an activist in celebration of “pride.”

They’ve successfully turned the military and intelligence agencies into a de facto intersectional Social Justice™ cult.

It’s now standard operating procedure at US embassies worldwide and the White House to fly the “pride” flag for the entire month of June.

The White House itself – the symbol of American political power recognized worldwide – is currently enveloped in rainbow-colored Social Justice™ excrement.

In Orange County, California, a woke teacher removed the American flag and replaced it with a “pride” flag. When a student complained that there was no flag to pledge allegiance to, she encouraged him to pledge allegiance to her “pride” flag.

On all fronts, the symbols of Western culture have been hijacked and reappropriated.

It’s no exaggeration to say that what we are witnessing is a modern-day Cultural Revolution with numerous parallels to the original Chinese upheaval of the 1950s.

The original iteration of the Cultural Revolution, which I have written about previously at The Daily Bell, is best summarized as a top-down, state-facilitated assault on what the communist party, headed by Mao, termed the “Four Olds”: Old Ideas, Old Culture, Old Habits, and Old Customs.

It was a very successful campaign.

You will appreciate its success firsthand if you visit China today, or have the misfortune to interact with mainland Chinese tourists. I personally have met Thai tour guides, who otherwise never turn down a chance to make a buck, refuse to work with mainlander tourists on account of their abysmal personal behavior. Contrast them with Taiwanes and Hong Kongers, who were spared the Cultural Revolution, and the cultural damage it inflicted becomes obvious.

What you will come away with, upon encountering mainlanders, is the undeniable impression that they have no homegrown culture. Chinese traditions were replaced with a very ostentatious, superficial, global, consumption-based monoculture.

They retain no discernible vestiges of Confucian or Taoist philosophy that underpin traditional Chinese culture because the Party successfully purged those elements from society back in the 1960s and replaced them with its own philosophy, such as it is.

Malcolm X, in a different context, explains what happened to them:

“Who are you? You don’t know. Don’t tell me Negro, that’s nothing. What were you before the white man named youa Negro? And where were you? And what did you have? What was yours? What language did you speak then? What was your name? It couldn’t have been Smith or Jones or Bunch?? or Powell. That wasn’t your name. They don’t have those kind of names where you and I came from. No. What was your name? And why don’t you now know what your name was then? Where did it go? Where did you lose it? Who took it? And how did he take it? What tongue did you speak? How did the man take your tongue? Where is your history? How did the man wipe out your history?”
-Malcolm X

History is cyclical. But what the social engineers are planning for the West may well dwarf the atrocities of the Cultural Revolution given the vastly superior technological capabilities at their disposal.

Ben Bartee is an independent Bangkok-based American journalist with opposable thumbs.

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