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David Icke on Terrorism, 'Totalitarian Tiptoe' and the Coming Post-Industrial Technocracy
By Anthony Wile - February 05, 2012

Introduction: David Vaughan Icke is one of the most controversial and entertaining conspiratorial historians commenting today. Formerly a professional athlete and politician, David Icke underwent a kind of conversion in which he realized he was "a healer who had been placed on Earth for a purpose." Today, his focus is clearly on "who and what is really controlling the world." He has written numerous books that, in aggregate, have been dubbed "New Age Conspiracism" and has attracted a worldwide following. He regularly analyzes the setbacks and progress of the elite conspiracy to control the world in all its reptilian glory.You can see a previous interview with him here: David Icke on Earth's Artificial Moon and Why Humanity, Ultimately, Is One Big, Biological Internet.

Daily Bell: We've interviewed you before so now we'll try to update our readers. But give us some background for those who don't know.

David Icke: I was born in Leicester, England in 1952. I became a professional soccer player and my career ended at the age of 21, with rheumatoid arthritis. I became a journalist because it was always one of my interests, as well as soccer, since I was a kid, and worked for newspapers and then radio and then television with the BBC. I was a news presenter first of all, and then went into full time sport. While I was at the BBC I became the National Spokesperson for the British Green Party, which allowed me to see politics from the inside, and see that it was going to be an answer to nothing.

I then had some paranormal experiences which started this 22-year path of uncovering what is happening in the world and who's doing it.

Daily Bell: What are your main preoccupations?

David Icke: As I mentioned, I had some amazing paranormal experiences in 1991. They had started before that but they became really in-your-face then. But from that period, my life has been a series of constant synchronistic experiences and happenings, which has led me to information in various forms – books, documents, personal experiences,or other people – who have almost been handing me pieces of a puzzle, and they have been handed in a most effective order, to see how they fit, as quickly as possible. So this jigsaw puzzle has been put together, year on year on year, and goes on.

To use another analogy, I have been going deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole. In the early days, it was all about the fact that a network of families were manipulating world events – they controlled the banking system, the political system, the transaction of corporations, science and all the rest of it. Then it moved on into the realms that there were non-human entities behind this control system and they were orchestrating it from the shadows. And I continued my research deeper and deeper.

I have a new book coming out in the next couple of weeks, called Remember Who You Are, and that is a big area I have been focusing on, which is remembering who we are. It's my contention that humans are being manipulated on multiple levels, but one of the main levels is to sell us a false identity. So we think, I'm just little me, I have no power, I am just my body, my name, my job, my income bracket, and that's who I am, when that's just an experience or a series of experiences. That's not who we are. Remembering who we are – which is consciousness, having that experience – is the way to bring about dramatic change in the world, and to bring this control system down. This control system is fundamentally founded on billions of people living a false sense of self and identity.

Daily Bell: Tell us about "Truth Vibrations."

David Icke: As you know, I was a soccer player and a television presenter and right after I had a series of what you would perceive to be 'paranormal' experiences, compared to people's everyday sense of normality. This happened to me in 1991 and is detailed in my books. At that point, I came across a number of 'psychic' people and I had never met psychic people before. They all told me the same information: We are being told to tell you this information. The gist of it was that I was going to go out on the world stage eventually and reveal great secrets. I am paraphrasing here but humanity had to be told the story of what was really happening compared with what is really happening. The veil had to be lifted.

I was told at that time – and there's no evidence for it – that there was a vibrational information change – what I would call now a change in the information fabric in our reality – that was planning to have two major effects. The first one was going to act like a spiritual alarm clock to wake up more and more people from the amnesic state that humanity has been put into. Secondly, all that has been hidden from us is going to be brought to the surface, and happening in my life time. In 1991, there was no evidence whatsoever that would be happening in my lifetime. I looked at these people and said, "What are you saying?"

But as the years have passed both of those things have demonstrably happened. First, the number of people awakening now is amazing; it's an exponential curve. Going around the world in 2011, I traveled about 45,000 miles, and it is amazing everywhere. And the people attending my events – judges and politicians are turning up. What? This is how far it's gotten. If you look at how much information we know now that we knew nothing about 20 years ago, that has now come to the surface – look at what we've come to know this past year, 5 years, 10 years about what is happening. The information keeps circulating and now through all these walks of life people are seeing its validity.

So these truth vibrations are happening and it is what I was told was going to happen by bringing the truth to the surface. That's where I got the name. It can't be stopped. It's a matter of how painful this transition is going to be.

Daily Bell: That was a big discussion in your last book, Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More. How is your latest book doing? Tell us about it.

David Icke: What I have noticed for a number of years now, and is becoming more and more obvious, is the number of people, all around the world – I flew 45,000 miles in 2011 on speaking tours, literally around the world – who are asking the question, "What's going on in the world? I don't like it. I feel uneasy about what's happening. What is going on?" So I wrote the new book to connect the dots and to say this is what's going on: Additives in food, bombing countries, the banking crash, etc., all connect, and when you see how they connect then you can really see the game that is actually being played.

What we call the global conspiracy is a vast tapestry of different strands that all connect. You can see onerous ones, like taking over country after country after county, through grotesque violence or manipulating the population to do it for you – but they are going to make sure the people know who the leaders are at the end of it. And then you see things like life being made near impossible for small farmers to function. There are more and more attacks on the ability of people to grow their own food. All of these things can be shown – smart groups and smart meters, all of these things can be shown to be part of one tapestry, not operating individually. They're a tapestry of effects and attacks on human society to create something that would make even George Orwell wince.

Daily Bell: You have been traveling and speaking extensively since we spoke in February 2010. Give us an idea about how you are being received, the numbers of people in attendance and what has changed for you.

David Icke: Quite a lot has changed, really. When I started out in 1991 I couldn't fill a phone booth with people who wanted to listen, although I could have filled the biggest building in the world with people who wanted to ridicule and abuse. As the years have passed, more and more people have started to ask questions. The biggest thing for me was 9/11, when a lot of people instinctively and intuitively knew something wasn't right but they couldn't put words to it. That was a big change, in terms of interest in my work. Then, after the invasion of Iraq and no weapons of mass destruction were found, that was another big leap.

But as I have said for a long time, there will come a time when this whole conspiracy theory has to break the surface. You can manipulate covertly up to a point, but there will come a stage where you have to start laying the bricks and mortar, buildings of this society you have been heading towards. When it breaks the surface, people can see it. We are receiving numerous confirmations daily, that the Orwellian state is being introduced, and that human freedom is being deleted at an amazingly fast pace, it has become very obvious. So we are now at this point where it becomes tangible, and as people have dismissed it in the past because they didn't want it to be true, they are now having it put in their face. They can go into deep denial but that's becoming more difficult because it's so blatant.


I was in Australia, and they are introducing legislation in the summer that will cause people to lose state benefits for their children if their children don't have all the vaccinations that the government wants them to have. These things are happening all over the world. It's a globally coordinated operation.

The other interesting thing that I found, and not just in terms of the numbers, is the kinds of people who are attending my speeches. People from all walks of life are starting to attend. You know, everyone gives off a certain energy and in the past, I would know where I was speaking, if I was in England, Germany or America, because depending upon where I was I could sense the energy and I would speak to that specific place, West Coast or East Coast, for instance. Talking around Britain, I would speak to that certain area, based on the nature of the audience and what energy I was receiving. But that has fundamentally changed in the last two years.

When I went around the world this time, all over Europe and Australia, America and the rest of it, they were the same audience. When I was in LA in the spring it was an LA audience – that energy, that feel. Then I went to Bavaria, same energy. Croatia, same energy. All over Australia, same energy. New Zealand, same energy. There is an awakening going on. People are starting to tap into the same collective awareness and expanded awareness. The energy is the same because they are tapping into that same source. It's a very exciting time, and at the time this is happening, you've got this control system throwing everything at us, more than ever before, and as quickly as it can.

Daily Bell: We've asked you this before. Is your work a metaphor – an allegory – even though it's not understood that way?

David Icke: I don't do allegory except when I'm using it to symbolize a concept. I am certainly not using allegory when I'm talking about what's behind the conspiracy and the nature in which the conspiracy works. I only use allegorical symbolism when I'm trying to use symbols that people can relate to, to understand deeper concepts of stuff, but absolutely no allegory otherwise.

Daily Bell: Have you become more radicalized? Is that possible?

David Icke: No, that's not possible but I am learning more and going further and further down the rabbit hole. I am the same in that sense as when I started out, absolutely. I am much more informed now, though. We learn from our experiences all our information and our sources of information. In terms of radical – absolutely not. We need a fundamental transformation of human society and that will only come with a fundamental transformation of humanity's perception of itself and the world.

Daily Bell: Is the New World Order becoming a reality?

David Icke: Yes, it is becoming a reality by the day, quite demonstrably. The projections of the plans that were in my books in the 1990s, like And the Truth will set you Free, which I wrote in 1994, are playing out on the television news now. It's kind of surreal to me to watch it. So yes, it is happening.

But at the same time, the awakening is providing more and more potential to challenge it and to prevent it reaching its goal. But if we are going to do that, people have to disconnect their backsides from the sofa pretty damn quick, open their minds and see what's going on. What's interesting to me is that this whole New World Order is playing out from the page, if you like, into human society in such a predictable way. Everything we've been talking about for years, about what was planned, is happening on all these different levels.

And why shouldn't it be when from time to time people on the inside have spoken about what the plan was with audiences they thought were quite safe, though some of them weren't. So what was reported as being said back in the '60s is now happening. So this is a very long-term plan that is playing out. This is why I say to people that if we are going to understand how this great tapestry, this tsunami of inter-connected happenings across the great spectrum of life and society, are happening together at the same time, all dove-tailing together, are we really going to say or believe that all that is being orchestrated by people in dark seats, sitting around the table, charting their next move?

I have said that if you are an expert on 9/11 or an expert on banking scams and political scams and manipulations of that kind then that's fantastic. But if that is all you are doing you're still walking around the outer edge of the rabbit hole. You haven't entered it yet. This is much, much deeper than most people perceive, even for those who are fully aware that this New World Order is happening. It's only when you get to the deeper levels that A) you can see more clearly how it's being done and B) see how it can be brought down. This new world order can be unraveled, which our world depends upon us doing. But with all the diversions being thrown at us, we must understand how we keep our power in the process, because very few people in full knowledge of what they are doing are behind us. The current population is 7 billion, and I think I see a way out of this, but we have to get informed, and once we are informed we have to act upon that information.

Daily Bell: What can be done to stop it? Where do things end for the world?

David Icke: There are two ways to respond to a situation. You can try to find a solution, and we are drowning in those, or you can address the cause of the problem. And the cause of the problem is that humanity in general has been manipulated – and I understand why, because the programming runs from womb to tomb constantly, through what we call education and the media and what we call sources of so-called information. Humanity has been programmed into a completely false, fake and fundamentality limited sense of self. It's constantly given diversions to keep its attention occupied so it can't see what's going on, and has focused on individual dots in daily life rather than seeing how they connect.

So what we need to do is this. First off, people need to open their minds because while people have closed minds they can perceive only the possibilities they have been programmed to believe in, which is about the size of a pea. They are not even going to look at what is really going on because they are going to dismiss it with reflex action. So you have to be open-minded and allow other possibilities, however outrageous and bizarre, to have their say and make their case instead of being dismissed by reflex action.

Then we need people to start to really evaluate who they are. They are consciousness, infinite awareness having an experience. What the system has done has manipulated people to believe that who they are is the experience. So you sweep the roads, you read the news. Oh, you're more successful than him but if he never read the news for a month or he never cleaned the streets, whom would we miss most? Secondly, it puts labels upon people. You are a newsreader, you are a street cleaner – it's the collective version of the Indian caste system. We relate to each other because you're a road sweeper and you read the news but these are just experiences. If we stop self identifying ourselves with these labels and stop perceiving and responding to other people on the basis of a label that they've been given – oh, you're a queen; oh, you sweep the streets – then we can start to break down these fault lines that divide and rule based on status, color, race, income bracket, culture and all the rest of it. They are just manufactured fault lines, used to divide and rule the target population.

Whether you are dealing with the number disparity between those who in full knowledge are doing the manipulating and those who are being manipulated, then those who are manipulating have to divide and rule the target population. Even more than that, they have to recruit from the target population. They need enforcers in uniform, they need administrators in government, the dark suits to run the system, because there are not enough of those in full knowledge of what they are doing.

So there is a stream of things we can do. First, open our minds to possibilities and let possibilities have their say. Secondly, we re-evaluate who we are, realize we are not limited but rather we are limitless, so then we can re-evaluate the power that we have to make a difference in the world. When you do that you realize that the whole conspiracy to enslave us is only possible because those being enslaved cooperate with their own enslavement. Then we can start withdrawing our acquiescence from the system that's enslaving us.

If someone comes out of the White House or Downing Street and says, "We've had a meeting and we've decided that ABC is going to happen," that will only happen if the population in general acquiesces to that happening. If the population says, "No. We are not doing that," then the person in the White House or Downing Street has no power. They do not have the numbers. The answer is staring us in the face. It's basic mathematics – seven billion being manipulated and a handful in full knowledge doing the manipulating. We need to start activating these numbers.

Now, with the Occupy protest, that was a start, it was a stirring, but we need to move this on to beyond a simple protest to non-cooperation with these people or these forces of manipulation. Here's a simple thing. Look at house foreclosures and people losing their jobs. People who are foreclosed upon by banks should not leave their homes. They have a moral right to those homes and the banks are the very entities that have caused the foreclosures. We need people to take a stand. They should not be leaving their homes. The banks have created these foreclosures and have lead people to lose their jobs based on circumstances the banks themselves have created. People need to refuse to leave their homes in vast numbers. If you do it one or two or a handful they will pick you off. We need to do it in large numbers. We need organizations created that way, so people are organized and stay in their homes when they are foreclosed. People are in the streets, people homeless, people living in tents. This is ludicrous while all these homes sit empty. If we accept it we will experience it. If we don't accept it, we'll stop it.

Daily Bell: We've been arguing lately that people ought not to use the word Zionism but should call the elite a mafia, even a Jewish Mafia – one that hires 'Jewish' people the way that the Italian Mafia hires Italian Catholics. Why is it that the alternative news media is so intent on the using the word Zionist? What is a Zionist? Doesn't using the word confuse the issue? Isn't the issue really one of organized crime?

David Icke: Well, this is a very big area and one I am happy to speak about because I have been speaking about it for a long, long time. There are many people in the alternative media who won't go here but they need to big time, to understand what's happening, mostly they are frightened of the consequences. I am not interested in consequences; I'm interested in what's happening. Consequences will take care of themselves.

What has happened is that there has been a massive mind manipulation going on that has caused people to acquaint the word Zionist with Jewish, as if every Jew is a Zionist. Now, quite demonstrably that is nonsense. There are significant numbers of Jewish people who not only don't support Zionism but venomously oppose it, but because they have equated in the public mind that Zionism equals 'the Jewish race,' then if you challenge Zionism, you must be anti-Semitic (which actually means anti-Arab but that's another story).

Anyway, I call it, whenever I use the term, Rothschild Zionism, because I want to closely underpin that which created it, and that which controls it to this day for its own ends. Zionism in its public persona is a political philosophy that believes its own things should happen. But at its core it's a secret society, as much a secret society that anyone could name. The Rothschild's control it.

So when we see 1.7% – 2% of the American people being Jewish, and significant numbers of them oppose Zionism, so then you have a smaller number of people who support Zionism, then you've got an infinitely smaller number, that are Zionists – who only support Zionism because they've been sold the idea that Zionism is the belief that Zionism should happen or be. Which brings us to the core of Rothschild Zionism, which are those people who are members of the secret society, and who are operating in full knowledge of what they are doing. They're the people that end up in such ludicrous ratio, of the Zionists who in the population to Zionists in power are the forms of people like Rahm Emanuel, the handler of Barack Obama; people like David Axelrod, who ran Obama's election campaigns and oversees the words on the teleprompter to this day; people like Paul Wolfowitz, who was the main power in the Pentagon at the time of 9/11; people like Dov Zakheim, who was Comptroller at the time of 9/11; people like Michael Chertoff, who was the co-author of the Patriot Act and the second head of Homeland Security. The people running the lies and ludicrous climate change and global warming policies in the Obama administration are Rothschild Zionists. You look at the head of the Federal Reserve through Reagan, Father Bush, through Clinton and almost to boy Bush, Alan Greenspan, Rothschild Zionist. Here is the man who orchestrated the destruction of checks and balances that lead to the collapse, manufactured and engineered, in 2008. He was replaced just before all that happened with Ben Bernanke, who is another Rothschild Zionist.

Then you look at the people in the Clinton administration, the Secretaries of the Treasury, etc., and people who followed with them, who massively imposed the destruction of checks and balances that Greenspan was working for and you get Robert Rubin, Rothschild Zionist, you get Larry Somers, Rothschild Zionist, you get Timothy Geithner, Rothschild Zionist. Then Obama comes in to solve all the problems that they created with their destruction of checks and balances and the crash, and he appoints Timothy Geithner, Rothschild Zionist, as his Secretary of Treasury, his number two of economic policy, Larry Summers, and so it goes on.

The ratio is absolutely fantastic. Then you look at the fact that a country of eight million people is the biggest recipient of American overseas aid and arms support and funding. What on Earth is going on? Why?

Then you look at a useless, despicable man called Benjamin Netanyahu, who's treating Palestinians just as bad as the bloody Nazis did, comes and speaks to an assembly on Capital Hill and he gets standing ovation after standing ovation for talking total nonsense. It's because the Rothschild Zionists have taken over American politics, American foreign policy and American government, at all the different levels.

They took over the British government a long time ago; it's just more obvious now. In Britain we have David Cameron, the prime minister, Rothschild Zionist, and the opposition party, the Labor Party, a guy called Ed Milliband, Rothschild Zionist. There are less than 300,000 Jewish people in Britain compared with a population of more than 60 million. What's going on?

I went to New Zealand late last year and the Jewish population in New Zealand is not even a point percentage but Prime Minister Key is a Rothschild Zionist. It's an elephant in the living room. If any of these people were Chinese or Arab or South African people would be asking, "What's going on?" But people are frightened about pointing out the elephant in the living room because they're frightened of the consequences and the reaction. If we don't want to live in a world of total and utter Orwellian control we better start acknowledging the elephant in the living room pretty quick.

Daily Bell: Give us your opinion about 9/11? We ask this question almost weekly but would like to hear form you.

David Icke: I published one of the first books on 9/11, called Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Centre Disaster – Why the official story of 9/11 is a monumental lie. It's my view, that this was a combination of American military intelligence – we talk about the CIA but it's all military intelligence, whatever they may say. That includes the Israeli military intelligence, which is actually the enforcement arm of the House of Rothschild, it doesn't represent the interests of Jewish people or Israel, it represents the interests of the Rothschilds. And somewhere, without question, British military intelligence would have been involved, it always bloody is.

The idea was to create a massive outrage that could be used to justify what's been in the plan for a long time before that and to justify a war on terror. Of course, the War on Terror is George Orwell's "war without end." If you have a war between two or more countries, at some point someone is going to overcome the other. But when you have a war on terror, how can you say the war on terror has ever been won? You can't. Thus you have a never-ending war – not a real one, but a fake one, but non the less, one that justifies ongoing changes in society.

When you look at the 3,000 people who outrageously died on 9/11, and you see the people who were offering the solutions, and the responses were invading Afghanistan – in truth, invading Iraq (I am actually saying that is the reason) – but justifying the war on terror to do it, and all these other invasions that have taken place. When you think that the people who were behind 9/11 were the people who engineered it to get the outcome they wanted, then you see all the other terrorism that's gone on, like bombing Baghdad and the tremendous loss of life in Pakistan, Libya and what these unmanned drone bombers are doing in Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan – I mean, the number who died in 9/11, as horrific as it was, is dwarfed by the vast, vast numbers who have been slaughtered and maimed, in the name of fighting terror.

The people fighting terror are the terrorists, of course, and they were the terrorists behind 9/11. But then you look at what you might call real terrorism, genuine terrorism which comes from people who are trying to make a statement and are not connected to these hidden forces. When you add the numbers of people who have died from genuine terrorism, and you compare those against those who died from unofficial state terrorism, it is laughable, the numbers of one compared to the other. 9/11 was pivotal. 9/11 was the trigger that has been the driver – first of all constantly mentioned, and now in the background more – but the driver for everything that has gone on since. Tony Blair has said little in his life that I have ever agreed with, but he did say after 9/11 that the world changed on 9/11 and that was true. Why? Because it was meant to. So 9/11 cannot be overstated in its importance to what has happened since.

Daily Bell: What do you have to say about the NDAA?

David Icke: These are expressions of what I call the totalitarian tiptoe. It is where you introduce the totalitarian state, not all in one go, because then people would see immediately what is happening, but you do it in stages and you claim that each stage is connected to the other stage. Of course, this has been going on now for decades and decades but what happens, of course, is that the further you go along this road towards your goal, the more extreme these different stages become because you are getting closer and closer to your ultimate extreme, which is this global, fascist, communist dictatorship.

This is what we are seeing now, more and more blatantly outrageous destructions of even the most basic freedoms, and this is an expression of them. So obviously, this is appalling. At least it is having an effect among some people and it is showing them just how far we have gone, and sitting on their hands on the fence is not an option any more. We are getting to extreme levels with all of this. Also, the way that Capitol Hill, with a few honorable exceptions, is just nodding these things through just shows the scale of control of these puppet people that now exists.

Daily Bell: What do you have to say about Ron Paul and the way media is ignoring him during the primaries, etc.? Will Ron Paul be elected president in the US? Would that be a good thing?

David Icke: Well, that was always going to be the case. I can certainly relate to Ron Paul's situation because of how the media in Britain tried to slaughter me over the years. What is interesting is that they went for the ridicule and abuse in the 1990s and proudly walked away from the corpse, and now the corpse is talking to thousands of people, and they have rediscovered me in the last two months and are hurling more abuse at me. It's hilarious, really. Of course, the media is owned by the very people that we're talking about, thus the people who work within the media operate to the blueprint of those who are writing the checks. So the whole drive about journalists being intellectual prostitutes is absolutely right – I just disagree with the intellectual part.

In terms of Ron Paul, it's up to the people to not allow that to happen and I am seeing more and more people starting to get behind this. I am sure if I sat around a table with Ron Paul, on many things we wouldn't agree. But in terms of the candidates on offer in the Republican Party, and Obama and his Democrats, this guy is light years ahead of every one of them. The rest of them are all the same and just on the payroll of those who have controlled every president in living memory.

Daily Bell: What's happening with the EU? How about the euro? Give us some insight into living in the United Kingdom on this front.

David Icke: Oh, my goodness me, it's bloody hell. I have been campaigning against the European Union for a long, long, long, long time, even before I got into this stuff. It's one of the great totalitarian tiptoe stepping-stones to the world government. Once upon a time, humans lived in tribes and the tribes decided what happened in the tribe. Then we came to a pivotal time, when the tribes were pulled together under what we call nations and now there are a few people at the center of the nation who are dictating to all the former tribes.

Now in Europe we are massively into the next stage, which is to pull the nations together under a centralized bureaucratic dictatorship. The European Union is the Soviet Union under another name. The only real difference is what they want to create. They have this farce, this joke called a European parliament, which has no power whatsoever, and they say that therefore the European Union is democratic because we have a parliament. But we have people with no power. The real power is in Brussels and in the dark-suited, appointed bureaucrats in the bureau under another name, the European Commission.

One of the things I have been pointing out now for the best part of 20 years is they obviously want a world government, they want a world central bank, they want a world army, they want a world currency and they want a microchipped population. So if you look at the world currency, what they were faced with were vast numbers of national currencies. So in the totalitarian tiptoe stepping-stone, they needed to get rid of those currencies if they were going to have their single electronic currency, which is what they want. I call this technique problem-reaction-solution. They need to have a constant series of problems, to which they can offer solutions to advance the agenda. This is why there is constant chaos and problems in the world – because that's what's needed to generate and justify the solutions that will transform society. 9/11 of course, is a classic example. The euro was never, never going to be an end in itself. The end in itself is a single, global, electronic currency. The euro is a stalking horse, which is mucked up, all those former individual currencies of Europe, like the Guilder, the Franc, the Deutsche Mark, the Lira, and has pulled them under one currency which has created quite a situation, it's a bit like the Titanic and they've done it on purpose. The story of the Titanic says it sank because the hole was not compartmentalized into watertight compartments; thus when one compartment filled, then the next compartment and the next. When you have national currencies, there usually is some kind of firewall to some extent, that you're controlling your currency, but with the euro, when one country is in trouble with the euro, then that immediately knocks onto the other compartment or other countries and they start getting effected by it. It's all been calculated. The euro will end and I am not saying it's going to end tomorrow, but it is in the plan to end. They want to replace it with electronic currency and in order to replace it they have to make sure it doesn't work. When you are trying to change society in fundamental ways, if society is working and what you want to change is working, you are going to get big-time resistance to the change, so you have to make sure it's not working so you can justify the change. In my opinion, the euro is being systematically undermined and America is in the final round, too. It's already unfolding in America.

They are bringing what they did to what we call Third World countries, developing world countries to Europe and North America. What I mean by this is that what they did, in theory, was give independence to the former colonies in places like Africa, etc. They decided they were going to massively hike the price of oil, which they did after the Arab-Israeli War in the early 1970s, which was orchestrated by people like Kissinger. They then went to the other oil countries, covertly, and said, 'We are going to hike the price of oil and we'll give you an excuse, but you invest those vastly increased revenues in certain banks in the West,' which the oil countries did. These were the banks that then sent out representatives all over the third world offering them enormous amounts of money in loans to develop their country. Of course, what they did was seek out the most corrupt leaders and the money went to these leaders and did not positively affect the people, but they were left with the debt, which is what we call Third World debt. Then you have people like the IMF and the World Bank going into those countries and saying, 'Well, you have to have austerity programs, health, education, food and all the rest of it for us to lend you more debt to get you into more financial catastrophe, i.e., control.' And so we have this situation where physical occupation of the former colonies was replaced by financial occupation, and the wars they sold to these countries was part of the deal. 'To bail you out of these debts you can give us your resources. And we're not going to let you forget. You have to let Western corporations come in, you have to sell us you state assets for cents on the dollar, our taxation.' And in this way they took over the Third World.

They are doing that in Europe and in North America. It's exactly the same. They have created a situation where the banks, or those who control the banking system, crash the banking system, creating a banking crisis. They then make it a government crisis by getting the governments, which they also control, to bail out the banks with copious amounts of borrowed and printed money. This then goes from a government crisis to a people crisis because the government says, 'This is what we've done and we have to cut back.' We see what's happening in Spain, in Greece, in Portugal. Now they are doing exactly the same thing to the West as what they did to the Third World countries before, and they are taking them over.

People like Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was a major insider, Jimmy Carter's former National Security Advisor, co-founder of the Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller – he has written in books, going back to 1970, that what was coming was a technotronic society. Instead of elected people running countries and deciding things, Technocrats would – experts, bankers and academics. And now, because of what happened in Europe (problem-reaction-solution), we now have Technocrats in charge of the economies in Europe and in Greece. The Technocrat Prime Minister of Italy has a whole technocrat bunch in his cabinet now, a man named Mario Monty, who is the European President of the Trilateral Commission. We have this guy in Greece, Lucas Papademos, Prime Minister of Greece, who's a banker. And Brzezinski predicted all this because he knew it was coming.

So anyone who is doing their homework is seeing this whole agenda unfold, in the most blatant way, and what they they have secured for Italy and Greece is what they want for every other country. There is no democracy. There are training organizations – there's one in Britain that operates worldwide called Common Purpose – that train the bureaucrats, the administrators and the police administrators and the police hierarchy in leadership and in management. Talk about preparing for the post-industrial, post-democratic society because places like Common Purpose are fronts for the same organizations, the same networks. So they are preparing people for this because that's what they want.

PEOPLE, WAKE UP! This is much bigger than you think, even for most of the people who realize that there is something going on.

Daily Bell: Has the Internet made a difference in exposing the one-world conspiracy?

David Icke: Well, this is a paradox, really, because the answer to that is we would be so far back on the road of human awareness of this without the Internet. We really would. See, the Internet, the control system, is a two-edged sword. It has extraordinary benefits for them. You can get a profile of someone very quickly just by following surfing habits, email and such, which makes it a cinch to keep track of someone so it's very useful to them. It is also a very good mass-programming device.

But the drawback for them it that it serves as a vehicle for information about them they don't want circulating. So what they are trying to do now is to keep the best, from their point of view, and they will try as hard as they can to censor the rest. For me, the Internet now is very much the genie out of the bottle. There are people out there now that are more computer, Internet savvy than what the controllers have. So it has been a tool that has exposed them and they realize that it is happening more and more.

Daily Bell: David, you are scheduled to speak at Wembley Arena in October. Are you going to fill the place?

David Icke: Well, we are going to make an attempt at it. I did it for two reasons. First of all, my intuition said, "Go for it! Go for it!" That's what has driven me for 22 years so I am going for it. Intuition has lead me to do a lot of things that my mind would have questioned – "What are the consequences for that?" I speak in Britain once every two years and I don't speak in the same place until I have new things to say. The interest was such the last time that we had to do two events, which were both about two and a half thousand people. We were talking about the Royal Albert Hall, which holds about 4,000 people, but they refused to have me. So we couldn't find a place unless we took a major leap to Wembley Arena so I thought, go for it! How many are there are how many are there.

The major reason that encouraged me to do it was, I wanted to put on an event that would make a massive statement, that could not be ignored. There is a big awakening happening, which is affecting vast numbers of people. So look at what's happening here at Wembley, and we're not having it anymore. That's what my statement at Wembley will say. Of course, there's never been an event on these subjects any time, anywhere in the world potentially as big as this one and that makes this enormous statement. Something's happening here. What it is ain't exactly clear – but actually, it is becoming clear. Humanity is waking up and remembering who we are. The control system cannot survive an awakened humanity, because their very existence depends on a sleeping, comatose one.

It's Saturday, October 27, 2012 at Wembley Arena. Don't miss it. We are not completely organized with travel agents, etc, but tickets can be bought at this time. We are also a very small group organizing and we have taken on a considerable financial risk with this. With venues like this, the venue is paid in advance. But I feel it's going to be a massive, almost pinnacle statement that we've reached a new stage here. Don't forget – when you've got mass numbers of people at Wembley, that makes a statement with all those people there and what's going on. It won't be ignored.

Daily Bell: Any other books or articles you want to recommend?

David Icke: Just my new book, Remember Who You Are. I write all my own books and do all my own research because when you are connecting dots, it's easier for one mind to be doing that work. When I write my books, I have to include certain dots; otherwise you can't see the significance with the new dots. When I write a book, I also keep in mind that whomever is reading it knows nothing about what is going on, in terms of research; maybe they have not read previous books. I write every book to stand alone so someone can pick up any book and get the picture. I write so everyone can understand what I am saying. If you hit them with too much intellectual superiority, many people will switch off. To me that's not communication; that is intellectual arrogance. So I write books for everybody. They're available at my website, www.davidicke.com.

People ask me, how do we make a change through politics? WE DON'T. Politics change because the people change. How do we make a change through this or that? WE DON'T. All change comes through human perception. As Einstein said, you cannot solve problems with the same level of consciousness that created them. Thus, we have to have a consciousness shift and then we will have a world society shift. One cannot come without the other. People like Ron Paul and what they are saying in politics is great. It's so refreshing to hear someone standing up in the political arena and saying many of the things that he is saying. But politics is not going to make the change. People are going to make the change and what we call politics – and that's going to have to fundamentally change – will change as a result of that; it won't be the other way around.

Keep in mind … Poly= many, tics = blood sucking creatures.

Daily Bell: Good one. Thank you for sitting down with us.

After Thoughts

David Icke can speak for himself, and if you read this interview, you'll see he does in great detail and with great passion. We will therefore take this opportunity to thank him for an extremely detailed interview and move on to another point, having to do specifically with "Zionism."

We mentioned the word Zionism to Mr. Icke and received a complex answer having to do with how he uses the term Rothschild Zionism because he finds the word Zionism insufficient. This gives us the opportunity to re-emphasize a point we've been making for some time: What is taking place (in our view) is at root a criminal conspiracy, not a religious one.

One of the reasons that "normal" people are often so confused by what's going on is that those trying to expose what's taking place often continue to use the word Zionism, or even worse, Jewry, to describe the current situation.

The current criminal conspiracy is evidently and obviously a medley of different organizations and groups. It includes corporate, military and religious entities, including the Vatican, which is not Jewish so far as we know. In fact, try to pin down who and what is a "Jew" and like Alice, one descends into a rabbit hole.

There is plenty of controversy over Jewishness and whether or not most Jews are related to a tribe that CONVERTED to Judaism centuries ago. If this is the case, then the over-riding qualification for being Jewish is that one's mother, too, was Jewish. This, of course, only begs the question!

Here is another way of figuring out what is going on. Strip away the central banking and financial elements of the conspiracy and see what you are left with. The New World Order, without its financial component, would rely on various kinds of promotional majik, Illuminism, New Age religion and a number of other spiritual practices and prophetic symbols. Would this be sufficient to drive forward the conspiracy to create a one-world government?

To ask the question is to answer it. No.

What is driving global governance is the multi-hundred-trillion-dollar purse of central banking, which those at the top of the one-world conspiracy seem to control. Without money (funding) and mercantilist strategies, the New World Order is nothing but a "pipe dream."

Money is the "mother's milk" of conspiracy (to paraphrase an old chestnut). To pretend that the religious paraphernalia is paramount makes little sense to us. What matters is the money, and keeping it flowing.

That's why, at its heart, the conspiracy is a criminal one that USES religion, black majik and other elements of human spirituality to confuse the issue. In aggregate, we'd argue, these are a kind fear-based promotion, a set of dominant social themes. They are akin to the Masonic symbolism used by NWO types.

We've called this a "signaling compulsion." The idea is to intimidate, but intimidation is not necessarily a belief structure. We don't believe the top people necessarily believe in Illumism or free-Masonry. They USE these elements much as they use the Jewish religion itself (and other religions as well).

These people PLAY with belief systems in our view. Even now they're setting up a war between Islam and the West. One can see the pieces of the puzzle being put into place. Religion is a tool for these people. To constantly harp on the idea that these people are OF religion seems to us a kind of naive perspective.

It is also a confusing one. We've offered this exercise before. Try to explain the Italian mafia from a religious point of view. Tell people that ROMAN CATHOLICS engaged in the exploitation of Italian-American neighborhoods. Tell people that ROMAN CATHOLICS were responsible for intimidating small businessmen into paying protection money, etc.

See how the explanation collapses? See how weird it gets? Now tell people that ORGANIZED CRIME was responsible for mid-20th century exploitation of Italian-Americans. Suddenly … clarity!

We can't stress it enough. By explaining that what is going on in the world is "Zionist," one perhaps opens the door to confusion. What is a Zionist? Why are Zionists doing these things? Who is an Illuminated one? Why are they using black majik to gain their goals? Etc.., etc.

Strip away the mumbo-jumbo and one ends up with an impossibly wealthy group of people that hires within its cultural nexus just as the Italian mafia did (and does). This group works in concert with enablers and associates of all races and creeds, and from elements of Western military, religious and political groups.

It's a big mafia. it uses the techniques of organized crime. It even has deniers around the world who, like J. Edgar Hoover did for the Italian mafia, maintain that it doesn't exist!

But it does. The New World Order is a vast criminal conspiracy. In fact, those at the very top of this criminal conspiracy probably like nothing more than a good expose about how Jews are responsible for everything that is wrong with the world. Immediately, the individual or group involved is labeled "anti-Semitic." Case closed.

We know it's not popular in the alternative media as it is currently constituted to make the point that what is taking place is multi-generational CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY. (We know even Mr. Icke may disagree with this.) But look … the motivating force of the New World Order is MONEY not RELIGION. There are people and organizations involved from every part of the globe. That's how big it is.

And that's why we should be clear. At the very heart of the current conspiracy, the driver is MONEY. Central bank, fiat/monopoly money. And what surrounds the extraordinary privilege of controlling this counterfeit global currency is murder, mayhem and malevolence. These are the attributes of sociopathic people intent on retaining their grip on power.

Murder, mayhem and malevolence. The signifiers of organized crime.

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