1945 AP Report Shows Hiroshima Was Firebombed Prior to Claim of Atomic Bombing
By Daily Bell Staff - June 13, 2016

The memory of the use of the first nuclear bomb that brought the second great global inferno to an end continues to weigh on the collective consciousness despite the passing of more than 71 years since the tragic military intervention that obliterated the civilian population … Because of their massive destructive power, nuclear weapons represent a huge contradiction that surrounds the power of international politics: It is desirable to eliminate them, but their possession carries strength and status. Moreover, it is clear that weapons of mass destruction affirm what specialists have conceptualized as mutually-assured destruction. -Watching America

An AP article published in the Los Angeles Times on Aug 7th, 1945, shows that Hiroshima was subject to an incendiary bomb attack prior to Truman’s announcement of dropping an atomic bomb.

The article itself can be seen on Youtube HERE.

Photos of Hiroshima at the time seem to support a firebombing. For instance, wooden buildings burned but stone structures were left standing. You can see an article we’ve written HERE.

Meanwhile, the article we begin with, above – posted at Watching America – shows the importance of Hiroshima and following developments.

Because of their massive destructive power, nuclear weapons represent a huge contradiction that surrounds the power of international politics.

Indeed. President Barack Obama just visited Hiroshima and his speech, in which he declined to apologize for dropping an atomic bomb on the city, was debated worldwide.

Government derives tremendous authority and emotional heft from being the guardian and gatekeeper for nuclear weapons. The power of international politics was tremendously enhanced by control over a bomb that could destroy the world.

Government, in other words, took on a gravity and importance that it would not otherwise have had after the war concluded.

The advent of nuclear weapons allowed run-of-the-mill government and military officials to assume an almost godlike power.

Suddenly, corrupt bureaucrats were responsible for the fate of the world.

Also such a terrible weapon justified continuation of tremendous government security measures.

It justified continued, massive funding for the Pentagon.

Now all that was needed was an enemy that would also discover and refine the same nuclear technology.

This enemy turned out to be the Soviet Union.

Roosevelt was friendly with Stalin. In light of growing skepticism about the reality of mid-20th century nuclear weapons, there are those who speculate a deal was made between Roosevelt and Stalin.

The deal was that the US would create a fake atom bomb and the Soviet Union would acquire it later.

No doubt Stalin would have been amenable to such a deception, guessing that his countrymen would be impressed that they, too, had acquired the world’s most powerful death device.

Hiroshima was central to “endless war for endless peace” in the latter half of the 20th century.

Given all the recent coverage of Hiroshima, it’s amazing that the mainstream media hasn’t investigated further.

Not one mainstream media report that we know of mentioned the 1945 AP article and the surrounding evidence that casts grave doubt on the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear narrative.

When it comes to events surrounding modern technology, the mainstream media is almost useless. It simply regurgitates the official line.

Fortunately, there is the alternative ‘Net media.

Though we initially missed it, the video presenting the AP article on Youtube is not hard to find. In fact, the video reproduces the short article in full. Other Youtube videos mention it as well.

The AP article does not seem speculative. It reports matter-of-factly that trains had been stopped from traveling into Hiroshima.

As for the young men who dropped the bombs, they may not even have known the name of the city they were targeting.

They may simply have been given coordinates necessary to do the job. Further discussion would have been discouraged as both Japan and the US swiftly passed laws making it punishable by death to speak about any aspects of the bombing.

There are survivors of the nuclear attack in Hiroshima but who knows if they remember the attacks accurately. Or if they are not speaking the truth for other reasons.

AP reports Hiroshima was firebombed. Truman said it was atom-bombed. This apparent discrepancy dramatically reshaped the history of the second half of the 20th century.

We’ve commented on additional aspects of the West’s nuclear meme in other articles, including one  HERE.

Conclusion: Even given that wartime conditions prevailed, is a government able to perpetrate a seeming fraud of this magnitude to be trusted? Its actions now cast further doubt over other events of the 20th century – and now the 21st – including continuation of nuclear weapons programs themselves and NASA’s massively controversial “space” program.