3 Steps to Get the Government Out of Your Life
By Joe Jarvis - October 26, 2018

Believe it or not, the best way to get a stalker out of your life is to ignore them. You don’t give them any recognition, and you don’t react to their threats.

That was the topic of yesterday’s article, If We Ignore Government, Will it Go Away?

Of course, I wasn’t suggesting ignoring IRS notices. That would clearly land you in prison.

I was talking about a more long-term strategy. Something along the lines of doing business outside of US dollars, whether that be cryptocurrency or gold.

Or even using services like Uber that buck occupational licensing, or moving, which throws your support behind better regional governments.

Let me explain how we can start doing this in three steps.

Step One: Stop Taking the Bait

Terrorist attacks are a classic example of government’s stalker-like behavior.

I’m not saying that all terrorist attacks are false flags. But there is no denying that they present an opportunity for the government to say, “You need me.”

On average 166 American civilians are killed by terrorists each year, worldwide. This includes the numbers from September 11, 2o01.

Without including 9/11, the average drops to 34 Americans killed per year in terrorist attacks.

Every death is a tragedy. But thirty times that many people are killed by on-duty police officers each year in the USA.

And 1,000 times as many Americans are killed in car accidents.

And yet fear of terrorism convinces us to hand over more than $16 billion every year, NOT including the TRILLIONS spent on the wars in the middle east.

Using the conservative $16 billion figure, that comes to about $96 million spent per victim of terrorism, including victims on 9/11.

Human lives cannot be reduced to cash values (although the FDA says each human life is worth just $7.9 million).

But there’s no evidence that this spending actually saves lives. For all the budget increases, the number of yearly terrorist victims before 9/11 was about the same as the current yearly tally.

And the government uses this money to harass us with intrusive surveillance, and unconstitutional privacy violations.

Elections are another stalker-government tactic. “If my opponent gets elected, we’ll get nuked.” That was LBJ’s message before sending tens of thousands of men off to die in Vietnam under his watch.

We feel like we must engage in elections because we fear the consequences of disengaging.

But we’ve empowered the government by falling for these tactics, and it has cost us in lives and freedom

The government is masterful at shoving events in our faces, looking for a reaction. Somehow, that reaction always seems to hand the government more power, and more of our money.

Okay, this isn’t something you can stop on your own. But what you can do it stop feeling the stress from it, stop allowing the government’s fear tactics to take up your valuable time and energy.

That way, you can focus on the following strategies.

Step Two: Ignore What You Can

When you get pulled over, calling the cop a fascist pig is only going to escalate the situation.

As unjust as forced interactions with the government are, staying calm and civil will get you out of the situation fastest and safest.

Yes, pay the IRS racketeers their protection money. But don’t pay a cent more than you have to. Use every trick in the book to legally reduce your tax bill.

It doesn’t make sense to call for violence against government officials. This only confirms to them that they need bigger budgets and more oppressive power to fight domestic terrorism.

That’s like responding to a stalker by screaming at them or sending someone to threaten them. As we discussed yesterday, that only emboldens their behavior.

But you can take comfort in using encrypted messaging services like Telegram and Whatsapp. You can rob the NSA of your search history by using Duckduckgo instead of Google.

You can use the Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. Never talk to the police, always consult a lawyer.

And of course, don’t call the police like a schoolyard tattle-tale.

Remember, there is a special place in hell reserved for people who rat out their neighbors–or even their enemies–to the government for victimless crimes.

And again, with the elections and two-party shouting match, it’s probably better just to not engage.

When you do want to discuss politics, it’s more fun to avoid the buzzwords.

See if you can get your point across without triggering a knee-jerk reaction from someone to identify you as a political foe.

I find that I can find libertarian common ground with almost everyone… as long as I never mention the word libertarian.

There are so many other things you can ignore from the government without repercussions. Add yours in the comments.

Step Three: Take Defensive Action

Whenever you can, use alternatives to government services.

Gavin de Becker, author of the book The Gift of Fear that I mentioned yesterday, actually owns a security company. They specialize in private security for celebrities and other high profile people.

They even advise and train certain government agencies and personnel.

And they have developed tools like the Mosaic Threat Assessment System to help law enforcement, private security, and individuals deal with stalkers and other threats.

What I found interesting is that the experts in the field of security and policing are not government agencies. The tools, the innovation, and the expertise still come from the private sector.

My taxes already pay for the police, FBI and so on. So it is hard to afford a service like de Becker’s.

But imagine if I kept my tax dollars and instead purchased crime insurance. I might never need it. But if I did end up with a stalker or a threat, the insurance would pay for private expert security and investigation, like de Becker’s company provides.

It would be so much more effective, and almost certainly less expensive than the current police state. Definitely better value, seeing as currently only 46% of violent crimes and fewer than one out of five property crimes are cleared by police.

By the way, “cleared” means they made an arrest or filed a report. It doesn’t mean anyone was convicted, or that the victim was compensated.

And there are actually organizations already working on tools for private law.

Ulex is an open source technology that governs private legal systems. You can learn more about it here.

This will further empower small governments and “startup societies” to offer better government to anyone who wants to move to their jurisdiction.

Although cryptocurrencies are in their infancy, these will likely become a powerful tool to challenge the government’s dominance over monetary policy and the financial sector.

If not cryptocurrencies, then private currencies, or competitive state currencies. (That’s also a good strategy for states to reassert their independence, and give us more choices to shop around for a government.)

Medical tourism is a great way to get away from the government regulated healthcare system. You can get high-quality surgeries, for a much lower cost.

But probably the most important step is to get your kids and teens far far away from public schools.

Public schools stomp all over young people’s freedom, destroy their aspirations, and indoctrinate them into a harmful slave mindset.

I can’t overstate the harm public schooling has done to our society. Countless individuals have been robbed of their potential because of these harmful institutions.

But you can withdraw your children from public schools.

And if you think homeschooling or private education isn’t an option for you… you won’t want to miss next week’s discussions.

You’ll find out why it’s easier than ever to divorce your family from the public education system.

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