Bird Flu Propaganda: Terror Rising Pt. I
By Ben Bartee - June 25, 2024

Originally published via Armageddon Prose

COVID scarf bitch issues demand: ‘We should be testing every cow, weekly’ for bird flu

I have a feeling a heifer holocaust is about to ensue, some PCR manufacturers are going to get rich(er), and Doctor Deb is going to get a fat kickback under the table and maybe some new board position.

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For the record, the method of “testing” Birx wants to inflict on bovine is the PCR, which as we know from COVID can be made to test positive for anything from any sample if the cycle count is merely turned up high enough.

Via CDC:

“CDC has developed diagnostic test materials to specifically detect the avian influenza A(H7N9) virus that was first identified in China in 2013.

These test materials include rRT-PCR reagents (primers and probes), controls, and an rRT-PCR test protocol.”

Remarkably, even the anointed “fact-checker” priests, while still hedging in service of their masters, concede PCR testing is a scam when the results are manipulated by ramping up the cycle count.

Via (emphasis added):

A PCR test is performed by repeatedly replicating target viral material in the sample to the point that it becomes detectableThe number of cycles before the virus is detectable is known as the cycle threshold (Ct). We have written previously about how PCR tests work, and how effective they are.

A positive test with a high Ct value may indicate a test from someone who had a very small amount of detectable viral RNA on their initial swab, and may not be infectious or have ongoing active infection

During the course of the pandemic, it has been recognised that positive tests with a high cycle threshold may be detecting very small amounts of viral genetic material or ‘non viable fragments’ rather than active virus.

There is concern that these positive tests may not represent people with an active infection*, or who are most infectious.”

*This “concern” of false positives is not shared by the Public Health™ authorities, who have a self-serving interest in promulgating maximum terror at all times for social control, power, and money.

Here’s how this plays out in the real world: a 59-year-old with multiple comorbidities kicks the bucket, the WHO goon squad swoops in and swabs him, kicks the cycle count up to the maximum, and calls it a bird flu death for their corporate state media lackeys to run hog-wild with ahead of a brand-new mRNA injection rollout for the normies to lap up.

Via Human Events (emphasis added):

Mexico’s Ministry of Health head Jorge Alcocer on Wednesday denied reports that a citizen had died from a strain of the bird flu, which had marked the first time that a human had died from the H5N2 virus.

Alcocer said that the WHO statement was ‘quite bad,’ according to La Verdad News, stating that the cause of death has not been confirmed. He noted that the patient suffered from type 2 diabetes, chronic kidney disease, and systemic arterial hypertension, all things that could have contributed to the 59-year-old man’s death.

Alcocer urged citizens not to panic, and said there was no reason to avoid consuming chicken or chicken products, as there was no evidence that the infection spread through food…

The WHO said that the case had been laboratory-confirmed, and the first case of its kind reported globally.”

To be continued…

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