China: No Moon Landing Soon
By Staff News & Analysis - November 04, 2010

China 'zero chance' of moon landing in next five years … China has taken a giant leap forward, after launching its second lunar probe earlier this month. The Chinese rocket carrying a probe destined for the moon blasted off on October the first. Its aim is to test key technologies and collect data for future landings. If the mission succeeds, it will put China another step ahead of India in the race to become the second nation, after the United States, to land an astronaut on the moon. – ABC International

Dominant Social Theme: Nobody is as smart as Americans.

Free-Market Analysis: We return to the moon landings because it is important to establish (in our view) whether the Anglo-American power elite faked the Apollo flights. Let us say at the outset what we have written before that there is no way currently of stating decisively that America did not go to the moon. But our view on Anglo-American promotions generally has changed over the past two decades as we have covered these issues more deeply and in fuller context. As we have written before, we do not put anything past this arrogant bunch. It is a kind of mafia and anything they can get away with doing they will do – even making it a criminal event (or at least a taxable one) to breathe.

So even if we are not able to come up with a decisive answer, we think the US moon landings in the late 1960s and early 1970s deserve our continued focus, and yours, dear reader. It is actually an expanding field and we can see why. As in so many other areas, the Internet has shed new light on 20th century history – a century that we see increasingly as a kind of dark ages when the Anglo-American elite almost entirely controlled the Western press and in service of global agenda manipulated the West and the world into a series of violent confrontations while making up a variety of historical incidents.

When one looks at the 20th century from this point of view, the amount of historical malfeasance begins to make one's head spin. Begin with central banking itself – an economic impossibility. No single group of individuals can determine how much money to print, and yet even today the Western mainstream media and academic institutions will not point out this salient fact, nor the amount of ruin that central banks have been responsible for in the 20th, and now the 21st century. And there is more. Franklin Delano Roosevelt's intrusive and statist solutions did not haul the US out of the Great Depression – it was World War II and the subsequent rebuilding and repeal of many of his most harmful programs.

As for World War II itself, there is considerable evidence that Hitler was funded by Wall Street and American and British banks, including the Bush family itself. The idea in part was to induce Hitler to start a war against the USSR. Why the paranoia over the USSR? Because as with Hitler the Anglo-American elite had funded the Red Russians and supported their communist state when it came into being.

Still more. The Viet Nam war was set off by a false flag event; operation Gladio, a CIA initiative set off a wave of violent bombings and so-called leftist operations in Europe in order to move European political structures to the right. In the US, the powers-that-be knowingly inflicted a countercultural "revolution" on America and the West. And the "revolution" and other events were reported on by a mainstream media that had been recruited at the highest levels to support Western Cold War stratagems. This was known as Operation Mockingbird and affected the most important US media operations including TIME, Newsweek and the Washington Post.

At the same time the CIA was continually and regularly destabilizing uncooperative regimes in South America and the Middle East. A little later, the Iran-Contra affair showed that the US government and the CIA were deeply involved in drug dealing and used these profits to fund "black ops" operations. The journalist who uncovered these dealings later committed "suicide" – shooting himself twice in the head. (An "expert" testified this was not unusual.) And so the 20th century wound uneasily to a close, with a sudden war in Bosnia and a gradual consolidation of the European Union – once a trade-treaty but increasingly a re-establishment of the Holy Roman Empire.

The 21st century has proven even worse if that's possible. The Internet has thoroughly exposed (for thinking people, anyway, in our view) the fear-based promotions that the Anglo-American elite has used throughout the post-war era to try to move people toward acquiescing to an increasingly authoritarian vision of a one-world government. Global warming, scarcity memes such as peak oil and the war on terror itself have all been promoted in order to provide government as a solution – the larger and more all-encompassing the better.

But of all these promotions, the NASA "moon landing" meme would be the most outrageous, the boldest and the most arrogant, were it actually to have taken place. Only a few short weeks ago, this was not a potential promotion in our view (which shows just how dangerous meme-analysis can be!). But having begun to examine it (in a series of articles, now), we have come to believe that, if true, it would mark one of the seminal promotions of the Western power elite. It would surely go down in the annals of history as a kind of metaphor for the bold-faced manipulations of this small, intergenerational familial "enterprise."

Here, below, is a little more from the article excerpted above in interview form. Linda LoPresti is the questioner and the responder is Greg Kulacki, Chinese program manager for the Union of Concerned Scientist's Global Security program:

LOPRESTI: First of all how would you rate China's chances of putting a man on the moon in the next let's say five years?

KULACKI: I would say they're next to zero. China does not have an announced human lunar program and their two current programs, the Human Space Flight Program and the Chang'e Robotic Lunar Exploration program are set to terminate some time around 2020. So if China were to send a person to the moon, it would be sometime after 2020 in my estimation.

LOPRESTI: But does China have the ability to do that? I mean the US achieved manned lunar missions making some six trips from 1969 to 1972, but then the Soviet Union cancelled its program after a string of failures. So does China do you think have the capability?

KULACKI: China has the capability to do it or it will have the capability soon, they're building a new heavy lift launch vehicle and a new launch facility in Hainan Island in order to put heavier loads into space. And they would need to do that for a lunar mission. So within the next five years they would have the capability to send a human mission to the moon. They just don't have the plans to do that and I don't think that China's racing anyone except themselves. So if they do go to the moon it will be a very careful calculation and economics will certainly figure into that calculation.

We can see even from this excerpt that China is not by any means enthusiastic about travelling to the moon. This despite China's aggressiveness in so many ways – from building nuclear weapons to focusing on building a space-station to building, most recently the world's fastest computer. What is especially noteworthy is that compared to America's capacity in the 1960s, China looms as a technological giant. NASA was apparently able to send men to the moon and back – a round trip of 500,000 miles – with a totality of computer power that is less than is found in a single laptop. In fact, the vaunted network of computer terminals that some 400 NASA "scientists" sat at turn out to be television screens!

But there is more, as we have pointed out previously. The Van Allen radiation belt remains a formidable opponent of those who seek to go to the moon but NASA was apparently able to ward off radiation with a kind of gold foil wrapped round the lunar lander. On the moon, the astronauts lunge around clumsily, and there is actually one video of an astronaut seemingly being yanked aloft by an attached wire – and one can see what seem to be glints of wires (holding up the astronauts) on Youtube videos.

Still more Youtube. There are photos of the astronauts on the moon that appear to be photos actually of dolls and one can see impressions of the bases of these custom-made dolls buried in the moon's "surface." We recommend to anyone who wants to watch it, the first press conference of the Apollo 11 crew on returning from the moon. It is one of the single strangest event of public theatre ever filmed. Neil Armstrong seems to want to commit suicide (in the public eye no less) and the ambience of the vast room is best suited to a funeral.

There are so many other questions of course. Why has a lump of petrified wood shown up amidst the "moon rocks" that the astronauts brought home? Why have other moons rocks proven to be fake? Why can only 10 percent of the moon rocks now be accounted for? Why did NASA lose the original footage of the moon landings and much other technological back up including plans, blueprints, etc. for most every facet of the Apollo program?

Even more basic questions. NASA had succeeded on occasion in putting men in low-space orbit – say a few hundred miles out. But even these efforts were marked by failures and disasters. And throughout the late 1960s and 1970s NASA struggled to launch rockets for Pentagon related missions, achieving a success ratio of a little over 50 percent. How then did NASA suddenly manage SIX FLAWLESS FLIGHTS to the moon and back without losing personnel or suffering a single major disaster? NASA (which could not even keep track of the "original" footage of the most important trip ever made – Apollo 11's voyage to the moon) managed this feat in eight years (from the time when Jack Kennedy announced it) and with supreme confidence sent its astronauts on round trips of 500,000 miles through a radiation belt that today causes great concern.

We are raising questions in this little essay, not providing answers. We would urge those who are interested to do more investigations on their own. What we have tried to do above is to put the potential moon hoax into a larger frame of reference – one of dirty tricks and fear-based promotions of the Anglo-American axis extending back a century or more.

In the 1960s, confidence in Western governments was at an all time low and social chaos was climbing. The powers-that-be had every reason to want to impress on people the power and efficiency of regulatory democracy, and what better way to do so than to fool people into believing that America had been able to send astronauts to the moon. What power! What caretaking ability! Americans are in good hands, the moon-landings told us. Sit back and relax while we continue our larger depredations, draining your nation's productivity and wealth as we go. (See other article, this issue.)

After Thoughts

The "moon flights" only lasted until the early 1970s, about the time America began to disengage from the disastrous Viet-Nam war, and countercultural difficulties began to die down. America has never been back to the moon since. The Russians have never tried. The Chinese don't seem to want to. We won't conclude that NASAs efforts were merely a "moon meme" but it certainly does raise continued questions. And if true, it puts elite manipulations into an ever-starker light. What do they really think of us?