Honoring the Unifying Power of National Symbols, #UNRIG Rolls on to Mount Rushmore July 4th
By Ben Bartee - June 29, 2021

What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?”

-Thomas Jefferson

Are you tired of abuse at the hands of a tyrannical, unrepresentative, rapacious federal government? So were the Founders, and so is #UNRIG founder and retired CIA operative Robert Steele! Join the #UNRIG movement on Independence Day at Mount Rushmore to reclaim political control over your own community from authoritarians in far-off lands.

“Yes to powerful American communities, no to DC Deep State despotism!”

-The rekindled revolutionary spirit of America, #UNRIG 2021

July 4th – beyond an occasion for fireworks and Jack Daniels consumption (both fun, although not well-mixed) – symbolizes a turning critical flashpoint in Western political history: a rejection of Empire, the ignition of hope of self-governance, and a reclamation of the right of a people to self-determination.

The American experiment has always been far from perfect, but the Founders envisioned the closest thing to political perfection in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, erected on the backs of the Renaissance and Enlightenment.

Why Mt. Rushmore? Why July 4th? The Unifying Power of National Symbols

You know intrinsically what social science proves in spades: cultural/political symbolism is a powerful force that is indispensable for national unity:

“one shared reality, once established [through symbolism], may help promote other shared realities and other relationships.”

Astroturfed efforts to denigrate the symbols of Americana that have historically glued this multi-ethnic, multi-religious pluralistic society together have intensified greatly in the past year:

“Many have called for the removal or destruction of said monuments, saying they glorify violence and racism, and make minorities feel unwelcome. Some have taken matters into their own hands, knocking down or destroying statues themselves.”

This is the reason why every icon of American nationalism — including the American flag itself — is under assault by the multinational elite that has hijacked the levers of power.

Where is this headed?

“Countries under foreign command quickly forget their history, their past, their tradition, their national symbols, their way of living, often their own literary language.”

-Slobodan Milosevic

Cui bono? Who benefits from vitriolic division along racial, political, and cultural lines? The ruling class, a la the tried-and-true divide-and-conquer tactics of various regimes in word history, most notably perfected by the British Empire:

“[Divide and conquer] refers to the attempt to fracture a large, unified opposition, rendering the fragments too weak to overpower their collective enemy.”

Neighbors are pitted against neighbors, former friends against friends – even one family member against another.

Again, who benefits? None but the ruling elite that continues its extraction of the US economy while we the people fight for scraps among the ruins of a nation defeated from within.

We are here to push back, to advocate American ideals, and to reverse course before the hard-fought freedoms of the past 250 years are lost forever. That includes defending our national symbols against those who would desecrate them.

Mt. Rushmore is a towering symbol of American capital-H Hope, a uniquely mammoth vision of the pioneering spirit of America carved into a mountainside in the heart of the nation. There, it illustrates the storied history of this young nation that has – so far, though blood, sweat, and tears – endured through all of its perils.

#UNRIG’s July 4th event marks an occasion to continue that legacy through the rebirth, revitalization and, ultimately, the preservation of everything decent and admirable about the American project.

Naturally, #UNRIG can mean different things to different people:

  • For some, it could mean fixing the broken electoral system
  • For others, it could mean ending the forever-wars overseas (financed on the backs of the American middle class but benefitting only a tiny handful of elite interests)
  • For still others, it could mean decoupling altogether from the corrupt DC neoliberal elite running the economy and society into the ground.

#UNRIG stands for all of those revolutionary proposals to restore power to the people – and more. The Founders would not have tolerated the abuses of the government to this point, and neither should we, the inheritors of the American Revolution.

Check out the 5-minute rundown of #UNRIG’s central ethos delivered via founder Robert Steele.

Support the #UNRIG Movement With the Mount Rushmore Independence Day VIP Package

This is a clarion call for all patriots to converge on Mount Rushmore this July 4th, 2021 for the Location 35 and Location 36 stops of the national #UNRIG tour.

All patriots are welcome. If you have the funds available to support the work we do, we do have +/- 50 All-Access VIP passes left available for $1000 donors to the cause.

With the VIP All-Access pass, you get 100% unfettered access to all the behind-the-scenes works of the tour. We’ll also start each day (the 3rd and 4th) off with a Cowboy Open Church Service at 0800 hours.

If you can’t swing $1,000, don’t worry! Any amount that you can supply will help fund our efforts to spread the word. All of our other stops are totally free to the public, no strings attached. You can make your donations of any amount here.

“We need to raise $15,000 a day for 111 days to pay all the bills, or $40K per state. While sponsors may emerge, this tour is Of, By, and For We the People.  On behalf of our 25 person permanent party, and the 90+ joining us on stage across 84 stops, I thank you for your PATRIOTISM!”

-Robert Steele

See you at the Mount on Independence Day!

Also, for all of our partners and Founding Citizens across the nation, check the latest #UNRIG calendar updates for the upcoming stop in your slice of the country. We’ve got more than 50 stops after Mount Rushmore as we crisscross the landscape before the tour concludes August 28th.

Ben Bartee is a Bangkok-based American journalist with opposable thumbs. Contact him via his blog, Armageddon Prose.