New Meme? Corporate and Banking Elite Have the Most to Lose from NWO
By Staff News & Analysis - December 27, 2012

The world is changing dramatically, and the 'world order' is therefore changing too. The western powers of the United States and Europe are in decline, whilst China and Asia in general are on the rise. Many 'developing' countries, such as the BRIC nations of Brazil, Russia, India and China, are becoming more wealthy and more powerful than the established 'developed' economies of the west. Whereas the old international order saw the vast majority of power wielded by western powers, with America as the undisputed global superpower, a new multi-polar world is now emerging, with Asia as its power centre. This new order will indeed see the importance of international organisations increase. The imposition of Western rules and systems will be replaced by negotiated solutions reflecting the needs and desires of a much wider range of countries. Led by countries such as China, which has always opposed western interventionism, this new way is likely to emphasise national sovereignty and non-interference in other country's affairs. There is one group who has the most to lose from this change – the corporate and banking elite. – World News Curator

Dominant Social Theme: Big bankers are doomed.

Free-Market Analysis: For us, as elite meme trackers, articles such as the one excerpted above are interesting to identify and analyze. You can almost see the proverbial wheels spinning as Tavistock pounds out one dominant social theme after another, hoping to confuse what the Internet has clarified.

There is, from our perspective, an effort to create global governance and the only sensible conclusion to reach is that those who control central banks are behind it. Creating such a scenario demands not just consensus but the manufacturing of consensus on a worldwide level. That takes unfathomable financial resources.

The methodology is what we call directed history and like you we have been successful at predicting certain evolutions because we apply our understanding of current events to the evolution of power elite trends.

The development and application of such insights is useful in terms of understanding the world around us and also for practical purposes such as investment. Once one understands the central banking economy all sorts of possibilities emerge. Many who see the same reality we observe bought gold and silver nearly ten years ago and have reaped enormous gains.

Partly because what we call the Internet Reformation has been so successful at providing us with an overview of power elite activities and the directed history they use to realize their goals, these elites have been busy producing false flags. These false flags are meant to distract us from what is actually happening.

Julian Assange, for instance, is likely a false flag, in our view. WikiLeaks is what you call a "limited hangout" that allows the powers-that-be to control certain globalist messaging in a believable fashion. We predicted several years ago that his saga might include incarceration, a book and eventually a run for political office. Recently, he announced he wanted to run for office in Australia, his home country.

We were able to predict the potential outcome because we are aware that the power elite helped fund National Socialism and was instrumental apparently in the rise of Adolf Hitler. National Socialism is the preferred ideology for the coming world government, we've come to believe. Assange, a massive, handsome man (some say), has been positioned as a potential leader of whatever is going to take place.

Another prediction we made for a long time was that the Muslim Brotherhood was being deliberately empowered in the Middle East in order to create religious tension between East and West. This then allows for the further implementation of anti-terrorist legislation that is extremely invasive and drains freedom from the West. That's happening, too.

The idea is to generate increasing levels of control throughout society. The mechanism is mercantilism, which allows those at the very top to gain and keep virtually unlimited power, as they are exempt from the laws and regulations being inflicted on everyone else.

Those practicing modern mercantilism have MORE power than previous kings and queens, as no one can currently prove exactly who they are and what their standing is. Being unaccountable, they are literally untrammeled.

It is important to note, however, that the topmost element does not work in "jobs" as we conceive of employment. That is, these people are NOT bankers and corporate tycoons.

Using this context, we can see that the article, posted at World News Curator, is part of a larger dominant social theme that seeks to promote the idea of the "one percent."

This is a theme near and dear to the hearts of the elite as it allows them to point fingers at those who have succeeded within the system as it is but have no real power over it. Those who control central banks in the modern era have the power. A handful of enablers and associates are also empowered for certain purposes, and these constitute the inner circle, from what we can tell. Everyone else is basically just a gofer.

When an article like this postulates that Western banking and business elites "have the most to lose" from the coming "new" world order, we consider the concept most questionable.

Another meme that the article promotes is that China and the BRICs generally are rising up and diminishing Western power. But this is by design, in our view.

Europe and the US, from what we can tell, are being brought down while Asia and certain developing countries like Brazil are being raised up. The tool in use is the central bank that can create both booms and busts almost at will.

The West's topmost elites, the ones that control central banking, are as firmly entrenched as ever, in our view. Those who will be inconvenienced by the efflorescence of global government will be a secondary tier of political, banking, military and industrial types – those who may believe they are among the "untouchables" but actually are not. They may find this out over time to their dismay.

As for the emergence of China and other powers to challenge Western "dominance" … well, this also seems perfectly predictable and we don't believe that such an emergence is in any way an unforeseen or untoward development.

It is all part of what may be called directed history. The creation of global governance demands all sorts of stresses and strains. Only from fear and chaos can a new global society emerge. Enemies are necessary. The Soviet Union is no more, so new enemies have to be identified.

Terrorists are one such enemy. The war on terror is very useful because it is an amorphous one that can be used in any of a number of ways.

A terrorist, after all, is someone who has been branded as such by government officials. In the 21st century, many people who believe in freer, smaller societies will be labeled (ironically) as terrorists. And many bankers and industrialists will be labeled as part of the world's controlling "elite."

After Thoughts

As Ayn Rand would say: Check your premises …