The DNC Biden Dilemma: Hoisted on Its Own Retard
By Ben Bartee - July 04, 2024

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

The Brandon entity, from the start of its career in the executive branch, has been a synthetic creation of the corporate state, sponsored by the donor class, foisted on the American people with no due consideration to their will.

(The reason, incidentally, Biden has always been a useful tool for the donor class is because it has publicly acknowledged that it is a prostitute in very clear, literal terms — subtlety not being a personality trait it is known for.)


Via Washington Free Beacon (emphasis added):

Former Vice President Joe Biden said during a 1974 discussion on campaign finance that he tried to ‘prostitute’ himself to big donors during his first run for U.S. Senate but failed to get their money because he was too young.

His youth, however, was what enabled Biden to raise enough money to win, he explained.

‘I’m like the token black or the token woman,’ Biden said. ‘I was the token young person.’”

Unlike bona fide party stars like Barack Obama and Bernie — who, whatever one might think of them, have legitimate grassroots bases of support — Biden never had and never will have any significant popular support.

The only reason it ascended to its current position is because Obama’s handlers handpicked it out of obscurity in 2008 for VP — an avowed segregationist racist to balance out the first black top-of-the-ticket — after having run two failed campaigns itself, the first of which in 1988 it had to abandon because it was discovered it had plagiarized an entire speech from a British politician.


No matter: a proven liar multiple times over — that was rejected by the voters and would have languished in obscurity until the unceremonious end of its career — was named VP anyway.

In 2020, it was again Obama who swooped in to salvage Biden’s failing campaign, at which time even then it was obvious it had dementia, to prevent Bernie Sanders from clinching the win.

Via CNN, April 8, 2020 (emphasis added):

Former President Barack Obama played an active, albeit private, role in the Democratic presidential primary that effectively ended on Wednesday when Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race.

Obama and Sanders spoke multiple times in the last few weeks as the Vermont senator determined the future of his campaign, a source familiar with the conversation tells CNN. Sanders’ decision to get out on Wednesday paves the way for Joe Biden, who served as Obama’s vice president for eight years, to become the Democratic nominee.

Obama’s eventual endorsement of Biden and fulsome entry into the campaign, whenever it occurs, will signal a new phase in Democrats’ efforts to defeat President Donald Trump.”

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After it was announced as the nominee, the message was disseminated publicly and privately that pointing out Biden’s dementia was verboten, which I have previously written about, and so the team players in the party and the corporate state media never brought it up again until last week when the lie became unmanageable.

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You will note that in all of the discussions currently afoot regarding Brandon’s replacement — Michael Obama, the Michigan governor-whore, the American Psycho manikin with the great hair from California — never does anyone ever mention Brandon’s vice president, the most obvious and most diverse choice of them all.

This is because Karamel-uh entity is less popular than its boss and there’s no time to rehabilitate its image to get enough votes to rig 2024, if its image can even be rehabilitated at this point.

Likely, too many people have witnessed its horrifying cackle for that to work.

By the time Karamel-uh dropped out of 2020 contention, after being relentlessly promoted by the corporate state media as the next Obama but even more diverse (being both Indian and black) and with a vagina, its support in its home state was in the single digits and even worse nationally.

Via CNN, October 2019 (emphasis added):

“In yet another sign of trouble for Sen. Kamala Harris in the 2020 presidential race, the California Democrat has slid from an enviable front-runner position in her home state into the single digits in a new poll of likely voters in the Golden State.

As the state’s March 5 primary draws closer, Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts (23%), former Vice President Joe Biden (22%) and Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont (21%) are now tied as the leaders in the field among likely voters who are either registered as Democrats or identify as Democratic-leaning independents in the new Public Policy Institute of California poll, which was conducted in mid- to late September after Harris’ uneven performance in the last debate.

Harris tumbled from 19% in July to 8% in the new poll by the institute, failing to sustain the momentum she sparked with her first debate performance in June. She lost significant ground over the summer, while her chief rivals all solidified their standing among California voters.”

No matter: for its remarkably poor performance and total rejection by even the citizens of its own state, the Karamel-uh entity was crowned VP.

In this election cycle, the party of Democracy™ canceled all primary debates — despite Brandon essentially pledging to be a one-term president back in 2020 — that would have exposed its dementia much sooner, perhaps in time to swap it out before hitting the current crisis point.

Via ABC News, June 2, 2023 (emphasis added):

Democrats have so far opted to tune out the primary challenges levied against him, with the Democratic National Committee throwing its support behind Biden. And while some in the party have criticized the organization and Biden as ‘un-democratic’ for presuming he’s the de facto nominee, there’s precedent in sitting it out: No incumbent president has participated in a primary debate since the first modern debate was held in 1948, even when presented with high-profile primary challengers.

As former President Donald Trump sought re-election in 2020, the Republican National Committee didn’t hold primary debates, nor did former President Barack Obama during his second bid. The same pattern can be traced as far back as Gerald Ford.

And Democrats today show no signs of changing course.

Biden’s candidacy is being challenged by two Democrats, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Marianne Williamson, who have remained critical of the DNC’s expected decision to unite behind the incumbent president.”

None of this, you will further note, has anything whatsoever to do with the will of the voters. In fact, appointing the Karamel-uh entity and the Brandon entity to their posts was in direct contradiction to the expressed will of the voters.

To the extent there are any card-carrying Democrats left out there with any self-respect who still believe in advancing the party’s political agenda — whatever that is at this point; child trannyism and state-funded abortion drive-thru service, I guess — the extraordinary anti-democratic lengths to which the party went to rig the political process up until this current date should enrage them.

This is what comes from making lying and gaslighting and manipulating and rigging the political machinery the modus operandi.

I know from personal experience, as the Soviet Union leadership also learned the hard way: on a long enough timeline, dirty deeds come back to haunt you.

All things come to light; it’s only a matter of time.

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