Tory Hypocrisy Over EU
By Staff News & Analysis - October 19, 2011

David Cameron fears EU referendum revolt as MPs' vote looms …Cameron fears EU referendum revolt as MPs' vote looms. The historic House of Commons vote on whether the UK should pull out of the EU is set to take place in three weeks. If the vote is in favour of a referendum David Cameron will come under huge pressure to offer the British public a chance to say once and for all if they want to grab back powers lost to Brussels. William Hague has added to growing pressure on the Prime Minister to act on the issue by admitting that public opinion has changed dramatically since 1973 when Britain joined the Common Market, as the EU was then called. – Washington Post

Dominant Social Theme: We don't want a vote because it is so troublesome and anyway it's difficult to organize and quite inconvenient and the results are unpredictable and …

Free-Market Analysis: For a number of decades now the leaders of the Tory wing of the British electorate have been playing a kind of game in which they pretend to be against British involvement in the European Union while secretly supporting it.

Over and over, the Tory leadership has pledged to separate Britain from the Union, or at least give the electorate a chance to do it. David Cameron, the current prime minister is only the latest Tory leader to have pledged a full-fledged referendum and then reneged. Why should this be? Evidently and obviously, there are powerful forces at play BEHIND the political scene. This is fairly apparent when it comes the EU and the debate in Britain over membership.

Why should the British conservative political elite have acted in such a contradictory manner, assuring the public of their skepticism when it came to the EU but undermining any serious attempt to separate Britain from Charlemagne's looming empire? In fact, Margaret Thatcher was unceremoniously dumped from the prime ministership because she opposed the EU.

It is Money Power that stands behind the EU, and it is our theory that the Anglosphere power elites controlling Money Power not only support the EU but also have been in charge of the program from the very beginning.

It has been advanced, for instance, that the EU is a German product and the outcome of a devious plan by the remnants of the Third Reich to control Europe. But this makes little sense. Germany was thoroughly defeated and shattered at the end of World War II. If the Anglosphere had not wanted a unified Europe it simply would not have occurred.

And why would the elites have unified behind a one-Europe concept? Because it aids in the quest for the Holy Grail which is, in one way or another, a unified WORLD government. The idea is to build a one-world order out of regional agglomerations.

This is why Cameron is suddenly dead-set against the EU referendum he promised. This is why, in fact, the break-up of the EU would be a specific and certain setback for the powers-that-be in our view. They spent 50 years constructing the EU and they don't want to see it crumble.

Of course, crumble it may. And if it does, then the elites will simply use the chaos that results as an excuse to move ahead even more quickly with their plans. Perhaps, there will be calls for an immediate world currency and increased bureaucratic centralization of all sorts. There already have been.

We tend to believe that the Occupy Wall Street movement is the first move in this initiative. The elites that want to run the world always seem to have several strategies in play at once – like secrets within secrets, riddles within riddles. In the meantime, those of the British political class like Cameron who apparently serve at the discretion of the elites will continue to fight for the continuance of the Union. Here's more from the article:

The powerful Commons Backbench Business Committee, which meets on Tuesday, is expected to make a formal demand to the Government for a debate on a referendum. Sources say the debate is likely to take place in the next three weeks – it will be the first major Parliamentary debate on the issue for a generation. The result is not binding on Mr Cameron but if MPs vote for a referendum it will put him under enormous pressure to give the go-ahead for one.

Many Conservative MPs are already committed to severing Britain's current links with Brussels. One Tory Minister is understood to have threatened to quit if ordered to oppose the referendum move … But well-placed party sources predicted that the Prime Minister will order Tory MPs to vote against the plan. One said: "Cameron will move heaven and earth to stop this.

"The last thing he wants is a Commons vote demanding a referendum. He can ignore Tory Eurosceptics banging on about this but ignoring a Commons vote is another matter … So although there'll be plenty of our MPs who'll vote for it come what may, I'd be astonished if the PM didn't order Tory MPs to vote against."

This, then, is the dénouement. After literally years of dodging the issue, the Tory establishment may finally be forced to acknowledge the obvious: The British ruling class is solidly behind the EU and will be pried away from it only reluctantly, like an oyster from its shell. Except that what remains is merely a grain of sand and not the promised pearl.

It is by these patterns that we discern the sluggish, malevolent movement of Money Power. The dominant social theme widely dispersed throughout Britain is that the nation stumbled into the EU by accident and that the "conservative" party would remove the taint if only it could.

In fact, the Tory part, at the top, evidently and obviously serves two masters – the electorate and the shadowy Anglosphere elite that makes its home in the square mile of Londondinium and recognizes no other authority, not even the Crown.

We have always hoped for some sort of vote that would expose the Tories's real, top-line agenda. These are new days and the liniments of power are being eroded by the "Internet Reformation" and its generalized truth telling.

After Thoughts

If the Tories under Cameron do end up rejecting a call to place EU membership before the British electorate, their actions may actually hurt their cause considerably, and undermine not only what is left of an EU consensus in the UK but also the legitimacy of the Tory Party itself. One can only hope.