TUCKING, PACKING, and BINDING: Trans Groomers Target the Children For Mutilation
By Ben Bartee - July 22, 2022

The state of pedophilic LGBTQ+++© grooming gets progressively (no pun intended) weirder and sicker by the day.

The ultra-trendy LGBTQ+++© lifestyle is rapidly becoming less of a sexual orientation or gender identity and more of a fashion statement. In addition to the normal aspects of accessorizing like clothes and makeup, the LGBTQ+++© aesthetic now includes innovative ways to mutilate and contort the genitals.

The University of California, San Francisco Gender Affirming Health Program explains “tucking,” “packing,” and “binding”:


“Tucking allows a visibly smooth crotch contour. In this practice, the testicles (if present) are moved into the inguinal canal, and moving the penis and scrotum posteriorly in the perineal region. Tight fitting underwear, or a special undergarment known as a gaffe is then worn to maintain this alignment. In some cases, adhesive or even duct tape may be used. In addition to local skin effects, this practice could result in urinary trauma or infections, as well as testicular complaints.”

(LGBTQ+++© “healthcare” advocacy group Pride in Healthcare recommends using tape.)

But if you don’t want to go the DIY rough-and-tumble tape route, check out this handy instructional manual to “achieve a comfortable tuck” by shunting the testicles into the anal cavity:

Above: the transgender explains how to “shoot those testicles up there” (“up there” being into the anus)

Above: the kind of well-adjusted individual children should consult for optimal lifestyle tips

Of course, all that tucking will, on a long enough timeline, result in injuries so extensive as to require surgical removal. But then the child eunuchs will just become even more transgender — falling even deeper down the liberal, loving LGBTQ+++© rabbit hole.


“Packing is the placing of a penile prosthesis in one’s underwear, giving both an outward appearance as well as reducing gender dysphoria.”


“Binding involves the use of tight fitting sports bras, shirts, ace bandages, or a specially made binder to provide a flat chest contour. In some people with larger breasts, multiple garments may be used, and breathing may be restricted. Prolonged binding may result in breast pain, local skin irritation, or fungal infections.”

“Urinary trauma” and fungal infections! How affirming. How liberal, and loving!

Not just for grown-ups! Portland, Oregon children’s hospital distributes tucking instruction manual

Here we have professional medical guidance on best tucking practices for children courtesy of Doernbecher Children’s Hospital:

“Tucking with tape: This method is more secure… But you have a higher risk of skin irritation. It is also harder to use the bathroom.”

Chalk it up to the price the child pays for beauty.

Of course, if taping isn’t the child’s preference, he can try “putting [his] testicles inside [his] body”:

The packing, tucking, and binding LGBTQ+++© cottage industry

A whole cottage industry – equal parts fascinating and foul – has sprung up to cater to LGBTQ+++© trans inductees. Children are increasingly the target demographic of such products designed to facilitate the liberal mutilation of their genitals.

Via Pink News:

“According to GI Collection, between one and three percent of children are affected by gender dysphoria, and the Carmen Liu Kids range of underwear will help these children feel like they belong in their bodies from a young age. The new range, which will target trans girls, features patented technology designed especially for the unique needs of trans girls and their bodies.”

Notice the pretentious “patented technology” terminology – as if to imply this is some Tesla-level engineering feat, as if there were some great medical need this innovative new product is servicing.

She Bop in Portland similarly offers “binder fittings” for children “after hours”:

“Although our shop is 18+ during regular business hours, we are able to accommodate before/after-hours binder fittings for youth with a prearranged appointment, as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.”


Ostensibly, as the propaganda narrative goes, the tucking and binding agenda is all about encouraging “transgender” children to “accept who they are.”

But, paradoxically and simultaneously, they’ll teach the children to hide or bind or mutilate parts of themselves every which way as if they were merely inconvenient biological accidents to be remedied.

How is instilling the mentality that body parts are alien entities in need of fixing supposed to treat body dysmorphia? It accomplishes the opposite, to fuel body dysmorphia.

That’s the real point, not “acceptance” or “tolerance” or whatever nonsense term plucked from the SJW word salad.


Of course, the whole packing and tucking thing is really just a prelude to the primetime event: the nip and tuck– as explained by LGBTQ+++© “healthcare” advocacy group Pride in Healthcare in Genital Tucking for Trans-Feminine Patients:

“Additionally, ask your patients about whether or not they want bottom surgery in the future. While not all patients will want surgery, for those that do, starting the process early will reduce the overall duration of tucking and the complications that come with it.”

First they reel the kids in with the tucking, like lollipops offered by ill-intentioned strangers. Then the long, dark van ride into the forest – and the real adventure – begins.

Via New York Post:

“The World Professional Association for Transgender Health said it was changing its advice on when teens should be able to get treatment because it is unethical and harmful to withhold early treatment.”

Long-term, largely under-appreciated, chronic negative health impacts resulting from experimental puberty blockers for the sake of gender ideology are liberal, and loving.

On the other hand, opponents of chemical castration of children too young to drive yet somehow capable of making life-changing decisions encouraged by ideologically possessed adult role models are “unethical” and “harmful.”

In the context of transgender ideology, moral depravity always masquerades as virtue, which is what makes it so pernicious and condemnation-worthy.

Ben Bartee is an independent Bangkok-based American journalist with opposable thumbs. Follow his stuff via Armageddon Prose and/or Substack, Patreon, Gab, and Twitter.

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